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RK's Neverending Pidpad Challenge

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I know, I know. I started this four times before (or is it five?) and the furthest I got was around 100 matches.


This may end the same way. But this is strictly a lifetime achievement type of challenge, i.e. the goal is to finish before I bite the dust.


I'll play CCL then switch to COL when the season ends.


Total Statistics


Matches played: 269/1200 (22.25%)

Overall record: 128-61-80

Beginning: January 9th, 2020

End:  ?


The Teams


(1) The Rat Revolution

Race: Skaven

Record: 29-8-13 (DONE!)


(2) Dorfs o' Fury

Race: Dorf

Record: 29-7-14 (DONE!)


(3) Redacted

Race: High Elf

Record: 23-13-14 (DONE!)


(4) Delicious Defeat

Race: Dark Elf

Record: 21-11-18 (DONE!)


(5) The Waagh Conglomerate

Race: Orc

Record: 18-17-15 (DONE!)


(Total of completed teams: 120-56-74)


(6) Themiscyra Panthers

Race: Amazon

Record: 0-0-0 (0/50)

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Finally met some 400k tv higher chorfs with my rats. I would have been fine if the dice hadn't gotten me literally every single time I had a decent chance at stealing. Even so, they barely got by with a 1-0 win against me, so I guess that's something.

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It seems I figured it out this time. After the CCL comp closes, you can "join a competition" again, without having left the old one. That lets you join the new COL season with your experienced team. Neat. So that's what I'll do from now on.

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Argh, boring match. Orcs took out both my cage divers with lucky hits in the first few turns, then stole two of my touchdowns with very lucky rolls (blitz with dodge, 2xGFI, and pow needed first time, then a bloody intercept). But all my gutters live, so I'm good. Past the half-way point and COL is still giving me quality matches.

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The first concession against me and it was by a dorf coach who had the most insanely tweaked team -- guard on everyone, mb on nearly everyone, and three +STR, and against whom I was rolling 1 on dodges constantly. Dunno if it was some sort of server error if they were upset for not having killed any of my rats after the first half, but they were in the lead.


Anyway, lots of SPPS and a shiny new rat ogre for me, named Mr Huggins.

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Mostly evenings as I try to stay away from long gaming sessions in the day.


The urge to roll a few more teams and spin them all is definitely there -- but I know that I can easily get a bit too hooked then. I'm playing a little less than one match per day now, and I definitely don't want to go above that. But from a practical standpoint, I suppose it's good to have a few teams at different TVs, as you're more likely to get evenly matched.

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I don't know about that (being more evenly matched).


The team selection always seems random - i spin around 5/6 teams and there is usually a "better" matchup with a lower differential in TV that the one that is picked.  It's probably confirmation bias but I always seem to be the one giving away TV too!

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50 matches in an average of one match per day, though there's been a few early concessions (all in CCL, not a single one in COL yet) that meant I played a second and even third match in a day (which isn't allowed otherwise). Enjoying my chubby little dorfs. In honour of elfdorf (ag4 runner), I named my new runner Elfdorf. Let's see if that helps.

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Randomised a new team for new CCL (now: Ranked) season, ended up with posh elves -- first time I'll play them for any serious amount of time. A skaven coach conceded against me on t3 after having left their ball-carrying gutter runner open for a blitz on t1, then turning over twice with the rat ogre. Free stuff for me!

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