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Client crash and validation 3a md 6 Hauptmann vs sataric

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Dear Board.


I had a clint crash at the post sequence of the game i played leauge 3a md6.

I would like to validate the match.

I have written this to whom I thought was admin for group 3 a.  Javelin and Suido., but have had no answer from either.


Where can i see who is my admin?


Happy new Year.








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We have a validation forum:




Who your tier admins are you can find in your Tier Information forum, which you of course follow diligently like a good coach. And for an admin to be able to validate your match, they need confirmation from your opponent, best given in the above forum. Or, you can just wait until the end of the MD.


If your admins haven't responded yet, it's likely because life is keeping them busy. They can't be expected to sort everything out immediately. Don't worry, it will get sorted.

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