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My Goat, My slowgoat, my supergoat my superslowgoat

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Hi All.


Im in a pickle.


I play Nurgle, Nufflers of the past 3a. My dedicated ballcarier. block, dodge, surehands, strong-arm, extra arms. just got a - move.

Hes still really strong but its a fcking bummer that he mises the 1 move. 


I have another goat(the surfing goat) with ag+ but then Frenzy and block. He is about to have a level up. Dont know yet what the roll will be as match is awating confirmation.


So my considerations. 

Should i fire the super slowgoat and give the ag goat surehands?

Should i just accept that i have an even slower team. 

Should i fire the superslow goat and try to make a new balcarier and give my surfinggoat mb.


I really dont like the frenzy on the ball carrier, and im realy sad to loose blodge on the ballcarier. But if i am to take a new goat it should be now, before i start in an even harder leauge next seson. as i lokks lik i will if nuffel allows it.



Praise Nuffle.






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21 minutes ago, BallztotheWalla said:

fire him, ma is everything on a ball carrier. When you move the cage a square a turn its a whole extra turn needed to get in range.

and then go for a new goat as the ball carrier or the frenzy goat with ag+ ?



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Frenzy goat should keep specialising. Having +AG suggests to me adding two heads/dodge, will allow it to get into interesting positions to create surfing opportunities. Juggs obviously.


And yes, start working on a new ball carrier.

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