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2 hours ago, Aeric said:

I´d like to join if there is still time.


New Coach

Coach Name: Aeric Lionheart

Team name: Machucantes Anonimos

Race: Chaos

You will be included in the reserves list, every season START have dropouts and you could have a seat before the kick off.

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On 2/2/2020 at 8:25 PM, SADBOY said:


New coach


Coach name: SADBOY

Team name: Les Corts Infectors

Race: Nurgle

ZekeTV ingame name?? If that is correct we need to change your forum name to match with your ingame name... please confirm.

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28 minutes ago, Aeric said:

Sorry, Am I not in the reserves list?   I saw there were two searches for replacements but I was not included in the ping



You are on the reserve list.

It could be because your name on the forum is different from your ingame name. Which I can sort (or any greensuit really) but not from my current location.

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