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AD Invitational New season


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Hi all,


For it’s first participation, OCC is moving on to playoffs on season 4 of the AD invitational, and determined to get back home with a win!

@Mongloom, @Kazman29, @RTSD, @Larkstar, @bob152 and myself are thrilled to play here. 
Next season we will need a few renew coaches, so check this out!




It is an inter-league tournament starting it’s season 5 in March, lasting approximately 4 months, with 2 weeks match days.


The ruleset is quite complete, with rules looking to favor race diversity, so the team would need all types of coaches.


League teams (i.e. warbands) are made of 6 coaches and a captain. Captain’s role is to plan the 6 matchups for each round, which will be determined in an alternate manner : A-B-B-B-A-A, thus introducing some nice strategic discussions.


So if you are in for this type of adventure, please sign in right here. We will chose on a first-come-first-serve manner and considering coaches involvement in OCC.

Currently we need at least 2 more coaches.


This tournament already involves many different warbands from many leagues (already 8), so full commitment to the whole tourney will be mandatory, with classic OCC rules in case of drop out.

Do remember though, that MDs last for 14 days each.


Complete ruleset can be found here:





Any questions feel free to PM me or on discord.


Hope to see you soon on the pitch!


Expected start date March 1st, rosters to be submitted feb 23rd.


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Ok cool guys, that is good news.


i suppose @Bouffon would be a great captain ?

if needed I will keep captains role but I’d rather leave it to someone else and have it change every season!

i will gladly play as a coach, but will also leave my spot if there are enough motivated coaches.


@Dimmy Gee @dolbain @juvesak @Bouffon

that is 4 coaches, 2 more to go.

once you guys have read the rules, can you post here what would be your race choice?


also, once we have a full warband of 6 coaches and a captain, I will send invites to the discord specific channel

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They call me "Mad Captain" elsewhere, they are right about the mad, not the captain. So, no.


As for the race, well, there are so many to choose from. Let's say this is my order of preference, neatly showing what categories I like best too:


  1. Kislev (Flex)
  2. Bret (Flex)
  3. Human (Flex)
  4. Helf (Flash)
  5. Delf (Flash)
  6. Chaos (Power)
  7. Necro (Power)
  8. Dorf (Smash)
  9. Khemri (Smash)
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21 hours ago, brocCooLi said:


lol, everyone is better than @Mongloom, dont let the placement of the team trick you into thinking "oh, thats a good coach that knows the game really well". its just khemri luck.

I dont call it "khemri luck" I just call it LUCK!

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WE ARE IN A BIG SITUATION TO WIN THIS COMPETITION!!! It is a great team competition, I completely recommend IT!


If you are interested in being the captain for the next season just let Ozone know. It would be a shame not to play this tournament after winning it but, Ozone did a great job as the captain and now RL is taking him out of the team, some of us will be out for the next season so you can take the seat if you want to!!


I would recommend @james cook ... could you be interested in becoming our captain? 

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What are the captain's tasks?
I want to participate first and be captain in another season, however I don't mind if I have to be captain, I just need to talk to Ozone.
Is the OCC warband setup and defined for this season's participation?

I'm asking because, when I first read about Chaos AD, I was under the impression that this season's OCC warband was already defined.

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