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A Definitive List of BB Guides


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This topic will collect Blood Bowl tactics resources. I will add a few of the ones I know of, but feel free to help out by suggesting others so that it can actually live up to its name! lol


General Tactics

Cage Basics - how to set up a proper cage

The Art of Blocking - Shorter guide focused on blocking.

A Thorough Discussion of Skills And Their Synergies - What it says.

The 2-1 Grind - A brief guide on how to time your touchdowns.


Other Useful Material

1000 Losses - Comprehensive (113 pages) guide to everything Blood Bowl.

Five Things To Do When Blood Bowl Kicks Your Ass - What it says, by yours truly.

A collection of articles on BBTactics - some of which are also linked here. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Star Player List - this list of all the star players on FUMBBL, if you want to put together an inducement strategy ahead of time.

One Turn Touchdowns - also on FUMBBL, a very comprehensive list of one turn touchdown guides.

Armor break and injury table - If you want to learn more about the percentage chance of a certain armor break/injury happening

Stadium Enhancement Guide - Want to know what enhancement are good for which race? Look no further!


Team Guides

The Orca Cola Cast - 13 podcast episodes of Blood Bowl tactics by Juriel, each with a guest and focused on a specific team!

LRB6 Playbooks - VERY in-depth guide, recommend for any person who wants to learn more about specific teams.

Team guides from FUMBBL - Short guide and summaries of every team in the game.

And another team guide! - quite in depth reddit post, positional and starting roster analysis. Includes following teams: Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Goblin, Nurgle, Underworld, Vampires, Haflings, Ogre, Bretonnians, Undead, Norse, Khemri, Dorfs, Chaos Dorfs, Pro Elves and Kislev


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