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Willing to be a Blood Bowl tutor?


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Hey fellas, can definitely be a mentor if needed. Already doing mentoring in another league, but i have plenty of spare time for one more.

My mentee is winning his division with dark elves, if that counts for anything.


Teams i know in-depth: Woodies, Dark elves, Dorfs, Chaos, Halflings, Lizardmen, Undead, Orc

Teams i have experience with: Anything that is not Kislev, Goblins, norse or berts.


My mentoring boils down to going over mentee's game and analyzing it with him, giving pointers etc. and playing a practice game against their team as the team of their next opponent while giving advice on the match up.


I like being aggressive with fast teams and play control with slower ones such as orc or dorf and bully unsuspecting opponents with my massive amounts of guard or overwhelming amounts of elf bs.


Edit: Got about 800 hours in-game with around 400 matches played. Was always on top of my division in several seasons (rebbrl, rebbl and HOLI), but never touched TT.

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forgot to include experience
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