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This program is still in its cradle, and as we go along I intend to formalise the structure, put up guides, etc.. But if you're eager, there's no reason not to get started!


If you want to try your hands at mentoring someone, make yourself heard in this topic. And feel free to offer you help to students whose needs seem to fit your skill set!


If you're a student looking for a mentor, sign up here, telling us a little about yourself and your Blood Bowl experience, as well as what you might be looking to learn (tackle zones? blocking philosophy? skill synergies of Amazons? how to defend against elves? etc.).


And feel free to share your experiences with us, either telling us how your mentoring experience worked out or maybe even put up an instructional video in the other tactics forums!



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@Ynwe, who has done a good work running this thing for its short existence, is taking a break from running it. OCC admin team wishes him well and hopes he comes back soon.


But until Ynwe returns, I am going to be in charge around here. Some minor cleanup will follow, like hiding all the non-informative posts in this thread, but nothing substantial should change.

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