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NEW official team incomming - Snotling Team

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Info from official site (links below):



Is Blood Bowl too easy for you? Are even your Halfling and Goblin teams stomping all over the opposition? Time for a new challenge…


No, you’re not hallucinating. Those are Snotlings. A team of Snotlings. Sure, they have a Pump Wagon, and sure there are loads of them, but, you know, they’re Snotlings. They make Goblins look fierce and Halflings seem thoroughly athletic by comparison. 

We’ll level with you – you’re probably not gonna win all of your games with them, but you are going to have So. Much. Fun.






So what you think?

Is there any chance we will get them in Blood Bowl 3 (if we ever get Blood Bowl 3 ?)

I wonder what stats they will have.

For sure I see here "normal' snotlings as main players, there is some git on stilts, one with bomb or something (he is throwing this, standing on the left). One riding something (is it ball or squig?) and of course Pump Wagon. I am not sure what it will do but I need one.


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