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Rulebook and Code of Conduct updates: discussion thread

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The OCC Rulebook and Code of Conduct have been updated as per the announcement. Details of the updates can be found in a response to each topic. Both of these documents are required reading for OCC Coaches.


The rule changes were triggered by various cases of coaching behaviour that detract from their opponents experience - soft concedes are a hot topic, but aren't the only issue.


Quitting a match attracts a big penalty. Some coaches avoid that by simply hitting end turn, but it's effectively the same thing - denying their opponent the enjoyment of a complete match. However, there are perfectly good reasons to play passively, and so we have decided against trying to define the grey areas. They remain grey, and will be adjudicated on a case by case basis.


A key facet of the adjudication will be attitude, which comes down to: 

  • respect for your opponent - you both chose to set aside time for a game of Blood Bowl
  • respect for your division - match dodging or conceding has implications for the leaderboard
  • respect for the league - the OCC is a community


Hence the accompanying updates to the Code of Conduct.



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Forgot to add:


TL DR - Don't be asshole policy. ;)



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