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Society of Evolved Rats

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Ah! Here I am, about to start my second team in BB2 OCC (and fourth in OCC total). This time, I've somewhat surprisingly gone for skaven, after having had quite a lot of fun with them in the Pidpad challenge. We'll see how long I last in a somewhat harsher environment. Or rather, how long my rats do.


Here's the team:




(That's an awesome starting roster btw, tyvm.)


And here's my starting division:


Tier 6 6C


:skaven:  Rymdkejsaren - Society of Evolved Rats - Skaven

:orc:  jrpeart - Colorcful Phrases - Orc

:chaosdwarf:  Augmented_Beard - Manlet Athletics - Chaos Dwarf

:skaven:  Bloodsplatter - Rattus Foetidus - Skaven

:vamps:  Mark_B - Bitecelona ABBC - Vampire

:necro:  The Darkstar - Minneslaughter Malice - Necromantic

:helf:  efcstef - Legio Asur - High Elf

:orc:  Leffe75 - Prime Cuts and other Meat - Orc

:undead:  Bodo Bogdal - Classic Kooglers - Undead 

:undead:  Bambalachacha - The Deadlighters - Undead


It could be a lot worse. We have plenty of teams that are going to be suffering from a serious lack of utility skills, and while I'll be suffering from the same, my team will have gutters who can run hopefully run some circles around those block and tackle-less players and score some touchdowns.


So, that means everything will be fine and I'll be 9-0-0 and none of my rats will die. Yup. Yessiree.



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