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50 Shades of Leap


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Yuriversal Studios presents you: 50 Shades of Leap




On our leading roles we present you best of the best and they are:


Jaromir Dvorkin as Christian Grey

Ludomir Gajovic as Elliot Grey

Dimitri Jalowetz as Anastasia Steele (uhm. excuse me mr. this is womans role)


(Okay nevermind, moving on)

Wait where are rest of our cast?

Welp, seems that oligarks didnt sponsor us enough.


Well, we gotta improvise from now on. Lets introduce rest of our staff!


Producer Brodsky


Writer Masur

Makeup Artist Bondar

Editor Gurow

Director Jastrow

Costume Designer Bogdan

Camera Tecnician Bjerno

Music Editor Arseneyev


Seems like our chief of security is missing, among with few other crucial members.


We also managed to pinch in our budget amazingly 3 re-takes or as you common folks use to say "rerolls".


But before we leave you all moaning for trailer we got a last major statement.


We aint doing Bloody Bowlywood film here!

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Dwarfs of the Golden Hill vs  50 Shades of Leap



"Okay, first scene is finished! Ludomir fantastic stuff, you will earn raise at that rate. For the rest of you.." Director Jastrow says and pauses his speech for a moment. "More effort for next take! Those Star Player Points ain't free!"


Who won the match you might ask?

                                                 Tip number 1:


"I had faith in us and nuffle whole time" Arseneyev said in post game interwiew.

"Just follow the script and let no room for improvising. It's a masterpiece" Masur said and smiled


"What was the secret of your triumph?"

BRIBED NUFFLE Faith in our script and amazing LUCK tactics.


                                                                     Tip number 2:



Answer to question above: Editor Gurow. May he rest in peace. But only for 1 game, we cant lose our staff members this early!


Our goblin spies reported that our next opponent might be something orc related...


Who will triumph?

Will there be blood?

Will our special effect guy (aka wizard) join our cast next week?

Will i stop writing this? (Nope, im laughing to myself you cant stop me)


Answers to most of my your questions will be probably answered soon enough.

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On 5/10/2020 at 11:45 PM, Kjelstad said:

I watched your game.  Good stuff.

Thanks! Depends really which side you were supporting and if neither well attleast there was quite a bit things happening each turn so it wasnt boring attleast.


Luck really saved my guys there, but cant complain. My blitzer managed to level himself up and of course the bloody bastard rolled 11 for first level up. I really need block for my guys so rolling +agility couldnt come at any worse situation. But now i have 2 agility 4 guys!

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Watched the replay. 


I have to say, you had some good luck there, especially on the early turns, but you also took some good risks there with excellent payoff. Only major thing I would've done differently is that I would've stalled before scoring the 1st TD. Anyway, good show and I wish you luck in the future, you need it in T5 as Fresh Kislev.


And early AG4 on a blitzer is pretty good. Now you can pass additional levels to him spp by spp. Inaccurate pass to a catcher from 1 or 2 squares away is still likely caught by their diving catch. No spp from that, but it must be sacked from you before it can be picked up.

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Yeah on first TD i was pondering should make it or stall longer. I decided that deathroller is too big threat to me and while opponent dont have bribe its sent off. For good.


And yeah. Luck i really need against orcs and khemri right after.



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Yeah, I would have sent the Roller off as well.  I play vamps though so stalling never crossed my mind and pushing luck is a way of life.

You had the first game of the season so I was glad to see there was something to watch; then when I saw this thread I thought the name looked familiar. (Oh, and I wasn't really rooting for anyone so much as rooting against dorfs)

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9 hours ago, Kjelstad said:


How many seasons do you have and how is that in T5?  I miss BBM about now.


Did you start in T5 Ratamo?

Yeah. I was brave volunteer due i figured id have hard time against so many dorfs and chorfs in t6

Then i noticed that first 3 matches are dwarfs, orcs and khemri. 


In 5B there is another fresh team but schedule put us against in MD9 :D


Our main goal is not be worst team in 5B and probably get block skill.


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In a very secret meeting somewhere far far away. 


"Good new everyone!" Producer Brodsky greeted everyone and continued "Editor Gurow has recovered from his injuries and will join our next episode!"

Cast greeted Gurow with warm smiles and few cheers.


"Next episode we will be filming is against pyramid builders. Game plan goes like this.." Brodsky said but stopped for a moment. He squinted his eyes bu couldn't find Writer Masur anywhere. "Umm. Anyone knows where Masur is?"

"He's taking sick days. Smashed hand i think." Director Jastrow answered and rest of the cast started murmuring.

"Oh my ice queen! Any plans on any of you?" Brodsky asked silently.

Cast went silent. Air felt thick, so thick that it could be cut with a knife. Crickets started playing their songs. Wild tumbleweed appeared in meeting room.




"Oh man. I should have gone into that HBOOOOW's Cherno Bull project instead." Dimitri Jalowetz sighed, breaking the silence.

"Im pretty sure they needed beastmen in those roles. Main part is mutations. I dont see two heads or tail on you." Costume Designer Bogdan smiled.

"ENOUGH!" Ludomir Gajovic yelled and leaped on table. "Let me tell you what we gotta do and that is:


Any better ideas?"


Cast started murmuring, but quickly went silent.


"Should we watch our opponents earlier play or study their players?" Camera Technician Bjerno asked shyly.

Cast went silent for a moment, but bursted in hysterical laughter. "Simple no would sufficed..."


Is it bird? Is it plane? It is.. Falling Kislev.


This Thursday two forces clash. Who will win? Which coach pulls smaller straw? Who will keep them in hand in first place?? Whom will foul themselfs into penaltybox?

Answers to all above will be answered. Probably.


Old finnish idiom says: Pessimist won't be dissapointed.


@Gobas will probably win this one. But our goal is to have attleast 3 SPP to blitzer!

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In a emenergency meeting, somewhere closer than last time..


"Who's idea was to skip tier 6 and go straight to tier 5?" Music Editor Arseneyev asked while tapping his feet on astrogranite."Do you guys have any idea how hard it's to make solid soundtrack with your dying screams in background? Im looking at you Makeup Artist Bondar.."

"I think he is dead." Ludomir Gajovic shrugged.

"My point exactly. RIP in peace i guess." Arseneyev said and spat on ground.

Dimitri Jalowetz rushed into room all sweaty and gasping "Guys, guys wait up! I got terrible news!"

Crew stood there silently for a while. So long that it was almost awkward.




"Well?" Arseneyev asked frustratedly.

"Finally somebody had manners to ask." Dimitri said slightly offended but continued "Jaromir Dvorkin said he's not gonna come for next set. He's MNG but i have no idea what it means."

"For the love of queen. Who will pose as Christian Grey then?" Producer Brodsky asked and groped his beard. Crew waited for an answer from Director Jastrow but answer never came.

"I think Jastrow is MNG too.." Dimitri said silently.

"Who will call the shots then?" Writer Masur asked.


What resulted next you might ask? Dont forget to hit that like button and subscribe this channel for more amazing posts like this. There is also link below which gives you  +20% more price for Leap-Tronic 3000. It really helps us grow, so make sure you click the link when if you order it.




Dang this wasn't YouTube or TikTok chanel.


If our romanian soothsayer hasnt messed up everything we will be facing @favouredzpv  and his (yngh.) necros.


First he will face (ALLMIGHTY, GLORIOUS, BOOOOORING) bretonnians and for the first time EVER we are rooting for another human race. KILL. THEM. ALL.


Who will call the shots? Will our cast pet those wolfs? Will those wolfs pet us? Will there be room for one more meme?




Rest of questions will be answered sooner or later. At the latest in the trailer. Gotta buy one first.


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Typos, Typos everywhee
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They received. We got chance to knock the ball loose, but pows didnt appear this time.

On turn 7 they scored and we actually got decent chance to equalize! BUT real life events came in our game and RIOT took that 1-1 chance from us.


AAAAAAND in second half wasn't that great either.


Like in real life, after rioting and pillaging there is some guys who suffer. And it looked like this.




What a way to start our glorious second half. So onwards we will recover from this!


But as you all probably knew, truth was:



So we lost. Again. So our record so far:





As there were goals against us this match.


Next stop, lizardmen.

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We did it. All our hard work in smack talk worked so well that those lizards had 0 chance against us. And that is lesson 1.01 from psychological warfare.


But because 450px-I,_Too,_Am_Extraordinarily_Humble.  we will tell you our secrets and how we did it.


First thing we had to do was thin the field slightly We know it might be hard, but that's why we made plan. Which basically was:





Then they had some diving tackles and prehensible tail on the field. We knew that if we dont react quickly it might hurt. Thats why we had our ultimate weapon:




Fireball did the rest, hitting 3 of 3! And so we had to chance to taste some lizard meat!


Bad news (or good, it depends) that i rolled snake eyes on winnings (yay) and snake eyes on my lineman aswell. Like we needed another double now? We still dont have block, nor wrestle, nor dodge. But we got guard now.


Thanks @Igralius for the game! Best of luck in match against orcs, yikes. 

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Well MD6 went as well as we can hope. Erm, scratch that. But anycase, here's quick summary how our glorious match ended against PUNY elves.


It is hot in here, and it sure were hot on the pitch also.


We won coin toss and pondered should we receive or kick, well we received. What happens next will blow your mind...


Their kicked kicked in shallow kick and.. BLITZ  happened. Their first block managed got our Music Editor down and after referee counted 10 it was decided as KO. What a play! Elves got loose cage around ball and managed to catch it. We fought hard to get ball back and managed to get ball carrier down also. GLORIOUS WIN FOR OUR COMRADES! Shame that we rushed bit too much, and wasnt aware of guard elf which resulted both downs for us turnover. Well elves did some agility magic and managed to go for 1-0.


Our Kislevs decided it's too hot to play. So 3 of them decided to take a nap while only one lazy elf did the same. We got this. I mean angry spectator got this and by this i mean rock. Which landed right on our agility 4 blitzer and with that accurate throw it could only mean KO. Like Mc'Donalds old phrase went: Im loving it. On turn 6 we decided it's our time to get the TD. Bad thing that nuffle didnt like the idea, so made us fail our GFI to score. Classic! Elves recovered and on turn 8 with 0 RR left all they had to do is dodge and gfi into TD. Nuffle tought that was a great idea. 2-0 to elves. We are dying inside.




This is pretty accurate how our guys felt. So again 4 of them decided it is good idea to take nap! BUT this time 2 elves did the same. So on turn 9, they receiving situation was 8vs8.


On turn 10 we did what Kislevs do best.



So we jumped and managed to intercept the ball. SUCH MAJESTETIC!

We tought that we could block few of elves near midfield and then give the ball to our agility 4 blitzer aka Ludomir Gajovic. Sadly bear decided it is easier to roll double skulls than do anything pow related. We tried to reroll, but without it's loyal rider our bear is loner. Good thing is that another elf got hurt! We count that as succeeded turn!


Elves reclaimed once again and even that we fought hard and managed to screen those players they did once again that agility voodoo, and managed to score. again. 3-0 to elves. Game was set, all we wanted was to get one touchdown and probably few SPP. Sweltering heat took only one player away from us and 0 from elves. How delightfull!


We managed to get that 1 crucial SPP for our blitzer so this game wasnt that bad! We decided to push towards On turn 12 we called in air support and fireball downed few elves. Hi's catcher were ar deaths door even, but apotechary tought that its easier to revive soon to be dead elf into perfect shape. (Where is that apotechary when my guys get torn in pieces?) Turn 13 we decided to push for touchdown, nuffle tought making double skulls into double skulls would amuse him. So he did, and i cried.


Once again elves reclaimed. (Okay, lift hand if you were suprised..) but they couldnt score 4th time. We wanted punish them and pushed his sidestepping elf off the pitch, but crowd were under sweltering heat i suppose so they didnt want to smack that elf. We had idea! If we could just pickup the ball, dodge out of one elves grasp and just make glorious pass attempt on turn 16 we could get our (worst) lineman chance to score and get level! Fun fact: This is first game that Writer Masur isnt injured at all! Well we couldnt even make it that far cause nuffle wants us to feel bad. Well done nuffle!


We got our first block player now! What a time to be alive! Next up we get chaos against us! Our team record is 2-0-4 at the moment and i doubt it will go any better for next match..Thanks @Wainaja for the game, i hope your next opponent slaughter your elves. Just kidding, we dont want to see you lose. YET.

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In not so secret meeting at Yuriversal Studios basement.


"Tomorrow is big day for us!" Producer Brodsky acclaimed. "We will face cast of Tserno Bull project! I expect nothing less than win from that game."

"I saw shooting star yesterday!" Sound Techinician Kobylov interrupted Brodskys peptalk. "And i wished for my first win!"

Whole cast of 50 Shades of Leap clapped, but they didnt know the truth behind that shooting star.



Is the tale of shooting star just legend? Will Yuriversal Studios win over HBOooooow? Will we fire our storyteller? WAIT A MINUTE, i didnt sign up for thi....


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Match went well as everyone can expect.



We took wizard, as our special effect guy hasnt been hired yet. And a bear. A BEAR.


We received and managed to score quickly on turn 3. Amazing job guys! 1-0 Yuriversal Studios takes the lead.


First half was even. Our camera technician managed to take photo from first half. Care to take look?



Well they didnt give it. And why the hell did that guy even take photos in middle of the game. Well..

Our bear suffered and went to keep injury box nicely warmed up for us. Good lad.


With little help from nuffle we managed to survive first half with 1-0. Tserno Bull project, ya aint got another season ahead of you.


Second half started, but our cast werent ready for it. 2/4 decided to wake up.




With less players on field we decided to lure them closer and hurl fireball on them. As they played classic cage it would hit 5 players and we could retreat with the ball.


Except fireball wasnt prepared to do anything. Solid 0/5 and Hbooooows film crew walshed into easy touchdown. 1-1 Like it should be. Every movie needs cliffhangers and suprising turn of events.


Our crew decided it is counted as TKO and they wouldnt wake up. Lovely, just lovely.


Our Producer Brodsky decided it is good time to fail simplest dodge there is and hit his head that it resulted KO. And you all know where this is going.


In turn 16, serie makers made touchdown leaving our film makers begging that fast footed Brodsky and other komrades would come to try last turn push. They didnt like the idea.


2-1 to @Tsarcastic and his crew. Thanks for the game! Im not even sure should i cry or laugh right now.


Will 50 Shades of Leap rise on leaderboards? Will goblins chainsaw them into bits? Who decided putting so many pictures into this was good idea?

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MD8 50 Shades of Leap - OCC Hools


Goblins had lower TV, but they had to use their own bank to get even 1 bribe. Our masterfull plan succeeded there.


Match started slowly and goblins decided they want receive. Riot game to fasten the pace up and by slowly i mean first 3 blocks and only 1 stun for me! And thats when we know there was nothing to stop us!



Expect first possible foul with armour roll of 12 which i gotta admit im very good at rolling those! But on bright side referee wasnt feeling happy for his kinsmen and sent that goblin off. And second possible foul was another 12! And it meant using that "lonely" bribe to keep referee happy!


We smashed those goblins, we punched those goblins, we kicked those goblins. But most of time they managed to evade our blocks. Everyone else but not that chainsaw goblin, first possible block and after counting to 10 it was counted as TKO. Few times on first half we managed to kick other goblins onto ground, but AV7 is strong in those ones. Even our diving tackle didnt work against these fast goblins, but we werent giving up. With leaping manouvers we screened ball carrier and kept our fingers crossed that they wouldnt run away again. Turn 7 we managed to block the ball carrier, but pushes is all we got there. Nuffle is siding with goblins here.

By miracle we realized that without amazing luck those goblins couldnt score against us! And by miracle i meant Pro troll failing to be intellectual.



Goblins couldnt do it and failed passing the ball! They aint no elves, why nobody told @Breschdleng that earlier?

Ball landed close to our deadlies weapon (in theory) so we calculated all we should do is Leap, pickup the ball, dodge away and pass it to another guy who could run to score. So basically all we had to throw was 2+3+2+3+3 and easy score. Sometimes they work aight? But i totally forgot Kislev Catchers aint no elves either, they dont play the ball so they fumbled picking it up. So first half ended 0-0, defensive victory for us!


Nuffle realized he had been favouring goblins and returned the favour. We prayed for nuffle that we could inflict casualty on goblins. Turn later we KO'd one! Brutal game! First KO against goblins, it only took us 9 turns! And all it took was failed dodge. Turn 10 we got drive going and KO'd another one! And another on turn 11! One by one, they shall fall! And it carried on when goblins got their first injury and yes not by my block.. This time GFI did the job. But finally on turn 12 we managed badly hurt one goblin! And while we were celebrating we scored. 1-0 Leapers keepers.


Turn 12. 3 Goblins + 2 Trolls against 8 glorious leapers.

Kick dropped middle right next to our line of scrimmage lineman, but that didnt stop them from retrieving the ball. Blows were exchanged and another of our komrade limped towards injurybox. We managed to dive towards goblin named DodgeHard (oh the irony) and he fell so hard that it resulted his death. (Fun fact, now i can finally join tier 5 bounty hunter competition!) We defended hard and managed the ball loose once again on turn 14. And by us i mean Troll threw the goblin which couldnt land on his feet and ball was loose.


Now is the part where we do stupid stuff. I had blitzer in open with 5/6 SPP points and catcher near. I wanted to pass the ball to catcher to get last blitzer to level and even had reroll for spare. What could go wrong?



We fumbled pickup. Rerolled and we managed to do it! STILL for somereason we decided it was wise to pass. Pass went like our season has been so far. Bit of dissapointment.


Goblins couldnt manage to capitalize our stupidness. I guess they are used to it. Final result 1-0

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MD9 and WRAP UP OF THE SEASON, both in one post!


We finally faced our most expected opponent. @taon24 and his bretonnians! Both of us started as fresh teams in T5 and on this final match day we fought hard for 6th and 7th place. And we had (slightly) big expectations to win bounty hunter award also. (Just 450k in TV and it would be ours!!)


Match began and they chose to receive the ball. We didnt mind that, we are better at defending anyway!

Riot came and took a turns from us! Crowd was furious that day. Bloodthirsty crowd (I guess thats where all vampire teams went) got their first casualty when our Camera Technician Bjerno got badly hurt on turn 2. And this is the part where i tell you this is pretty much the reason why mine linemans dont get SPP.


Nothing big happened until our turn 3when we managed to push one of those pesky peasants into the crowd! Violent crowd smacked poor peasant so badly, that he'll recover next game also! We hoped  that we could lure bretonnians to our right flank, due our guard and wrestle linemen were ready to do some leaping. 



They came just where we wanted. Now all we had to do was to leap with guard into cage and do same thing with wrestle lineman. And we actually succeeded at sacking the ball!  50 SHADES OF LEAP DID IT AGAIN!

Scatter was horrible in our eyes. It landed front of 4 bretonnian players! Stealing the ball right now would be tricky, especially when we had lost one RR in leaps. Like crouching tigers, we repositioned and waited for better chance. Brets couldnt do much, so we'll skip that part. Next turn we pushed one opponent top of the ball and it landed on our blitzers hands who catched it! Too bad that he had allready had moved and just stood there right next to enemy blocker. And next thing i knew my ball carrier was sacked resulting in stun. Ball scattered in front of enemy blitzer. Scatter aint my friend today.


Same time on middlefield:
I had boxed two enemy blitzers with my lineman and had placed catcher behind blitzers to make sure they dont dodge away! They tried it with +4 dodge and burned one reroll for it! But they ran away nevertheless. One of my blitzers was next to two peasants and all it took was bad roll (Double Attacker Down) and we had an opening.




We smacked blitzer who were next to the ball. And made a run for it. Our Producer Brodsky dodged away from another enemy blitzer, picked up the ball and leaped towards left. (This is the part where i didnt think this properly. Due i had +2 dodge, +2 pickup and could have easily just make another +2 dodge instead of +2 leap. Brodsky has dodge skill and he didnt fail first dodge.) But by grace of nuffle we managed to do all that without using rerolls. And handed the ball to our another catcher who had done amazing job midfield by just standing still. (Give that man a raise!) And after KO'ing that last peasant midfield there wasn't any brets who could catch our Sound Technician Kobylov! Next turn we scored and crowd went wild! DEFENSIVE VICTORY! 1-0 for 50 Shades of Leap!


HIGH KICK Jaromir Dvorkin ran under the ball and catched it. Thinking he could make a pass to finally level up. LOS blocks made no impact. And pass didnt find its targets. Such waste of turn 9.


Brets moved rushed towards us, aiming  to steal the ball. Our glorious catcher decided that he could show Dvorkin how its done, picked the ball up and passed it for Brodsky who moved the ball from right side of pitch to leftern flank where it is safer. Next turn our Director Jastrow got blitzed so hard that he hurt himself badly. No more guard for Kislev this match. Brets tried to screen our path, but made one minor mistake in positions.


If they would have had player one square further it would have make my life much harder. Now all i had to do was handoff the ball to blitzer and leap towards the score. Handoff went perfectly but leap cost me one reroll. But we did it, and on turn 11 we scored again.


2-0 50 Shades of Leap sets the tone!

And like a prophecy the thing which i had warned taon at smack talk thread happened.



We had 1 KO's player and 2 injured players in box. Cant even remember when he was KO'd, but that was second attempt of trying wake up. Set Designer Bolshakov wasnt ready to rise up. With larger bench brets had 11 players on field + 1 peasant substitute against my 8 players. We were ready to stall bit but we knew we couldnt stop them from scoring.


HIGH KICK, again! Bretonnians aint elves, they cant catch the ball even with catch skill. Brets rushed 2 blitzers from both sides to divide our ranks. We screened them and on next turn we managed to KO rightern side Blodge blitzer. Maybe we have a chance?


But while i was focusing on sidelines brets just moved their cage trough middle which was totally unguarded. Minor mistake there, by my behalf. We managed to leap into cage with our wrestler, but without assist it resulted in push. Editor Gurow got himself hurt my peasants dirty fist, but i had positioned him poorly anyway. AAAnd i had forgotten that ballcarrier blitzer had MA+ and  while we werent screening him he just sprinted to make a touchdown on turn 14.


2-1 Knight to C3 aint no pushovers!


2 turns to go and our KO'd player finally wakes up! LOS blocks do nothing again and Jaromir Dvorkin is confident that now he can make the pass! And he does it, finally an level up for him! (Here i passed to wrong fella, due i wanted to give Kobylov another chance to pass to make him get another level also! So i threw the ball for Brodsky instead! Damn im smart!) We scatter our players so they dont know where we want to move next. 2 turns for them to make it 2-2!


They rush towards our end, and screen nicely out +agility blitzer. How they knew he was my first pick to pass for? We hand off to Kobylov who fumbles it, but gets saved by reroll. We form cagelike area and pass for Rado Orelik who manages to catch it. 2 Guaranteed levels for us! We are confident we have won our match!


Turn 16 starts with their blitzer running towards me aiming to blitz someone. He makes 2 GFI's and blocks my ball carrier. Defender Stumbles, ball is loose. Ball scatters behind my catcher and just 1 square too far from my other blitzer and his Diving Tackle. He runs for the ball and manages to pick it up (+4) and dodges away (+3) makes two more GFI's and now he has to pass the ball (+3). He manages to do that aswell, catch works with catch reroll. All it takes now is 1 more GFI and it is draw.



Yup, he did it. He actually did it. What elven sorcery this is?


2-2 Knight to C3, stole the win from us!


What an intensive game that was! Draw was good enough for me to secure 6th place so i think that was amazing way to end our first season in OCC.


Ill make seperata post of season recap. Sorry i had to lie on headlines.



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We started this team with 3 Blitzers, 1 Catcher, 3 Rerolls. I normally start with different compostion, but it is in CCL so i listened to @Bouffon (probably for the first and last time) and tried something new. May nuffle decide was it good or bad idea. But joining T5 with fresh Kislev team was probably not the smartest one.


MD1: Dwarfs of the Golden Hill coached by @BirdManDarkWing vs 50 Shades of Leap

We outbashed dwarves. Nuffle was smiling for mine courage and rewarded me with good dice! Due high TV difference we got wizard, which is deadly in right hands and against slower teams. We won that match 1-2 and we were pretty confident we could take on anyone!


MD2: Akkordion Soul Crew HS coached by @djikicigo vs 50 Shades of Leap

This was the second matchup i wasnt keen to go against. As they had enourmous TV and many killer orcs my main goal was to survive. I survived barely, but my spirit was broken. They beat me up with 3-0 score.


MD3: Banana Bleached Bones coached by @Gobas vs 50 Shades of Leap

Well.. F*CK. Another hurtfull match incoming. Rain poured down from sky and we were pretty confident those egyptians couldnt take hold of the ball. Well it seems like rain was only hurting my picking up. Skin can get slippery, bone cant. Match was set when their Thro-Ra could pick the ball and throw it to another in the rain. And by enourmous amount of fouls. 2-1 for Khemri.


MD4: Furcron's Finest coached by @favouredzpv vs 50 Shades of Leap

Well this is match we could play properly without fear of getting decimated. Nope. Riot took our equalizer chance from first half and second half started with proper pitch invasion.


And for the rest of match, we barely saw ball. 3-0 for Necromantics. We are pondering our life choices at this point.


MD5 Praise little skittles coached by @Igralius vs 50 Shades of Leap

We had wonderfull memebattle on smacktalk thread before our match. Judges decided that win from that part belonged to me. Now all we had to do was to show them their place on pitch. Nuffle granted me his blessing and gave me few good blocks and armour breaks on first half. We were hoping that stabs could actually do something more than stuns on skins, but we gotta take what is given for us. Wizard managed to hit 3/3, but no casualties there and karma will remember that (probably) in later match. We came here to win, not lose every match. 1-2 for 50 Shades of Leap.


MD6 Wreakfull Burners coached by @Wainaja vs 50 Shades of Leap

Now was our SPP farm time. Or thats what we tought. Match started with Blitz event and fast elves broke no sweat and stole our ball. Fine, be dat way den. Our inducement bear managed twice to injure elves, but that was pretty much all that happened for us. Many armour breaks, many stuns, little anyting else. Elves gave me beating, without beating my players and stormed 3-0 win.


MD7 GWARriors coached by @Tsarcastic vs 50 Shades of Leap

This was close match. But beastmens inpenetrable fur was too hard opponent for us. We managed to do 4 armour breaks, resulting 3 stuns and 1 KO. Even crowdsurf did nothing. But the whole game was decided on late game when we called upon our mighty wizard. And like i said, karma did remember. Not a single chaos player was hurt by fireball (0/5) and there was nothing we could do to stop them from scoring. 2-1 win for beastie boys.


MD8 The OCC Hools coached by @Breschdleng vs 50 Shades of Leap

NOW! NOW WE FARM SPP! Thats what i said to myself before that match. Finally an worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary! But despite our efforts we managed to do 7 armour breaks against GOBLINS. Good thing i dont play killer team, but after all i got 1 injury inflicted. So that wasnt that bad! Game was tougher than i expected, but with grace of nuffle we leaped in 0-1 victory!


MD9 Knight to C3 coached by @taon24 vs 50 Shades of Leap

For this match we prepared properly. We watched opponents last game and made solid game plan for this. With win or draw, we would get 6th place and with lose 7th. So we kept our head cool and showed brets why leap is nasty skill to defend against. On turn 11 we scored another TD and were confident that we'd finish last match with style. Oh boy how wrong i was. No SPP fiesta either, but we got 2 levels from this match. Turn 16 ended with miraculous rolls and turned our win into draw. 2-2 and we secured 6th place.


We were pretty confident on our promotion at first, but then after realizing we could just go farthest as 6th place werent expecting that. But with correct bribes and enough teams having break / rerolling teams we managed to promote in Tier 4, Division B!


This is what our team looks like after one season!



Taking another agility+ on blitzer is debateable as first skill, but i have learned that if you dont take it now you never get chance to get it again. Notable thing in here is that 2 first level ups were stat ups and third was double hence the guard lineman. We need more tackle if we want to survive next season, but that isnt todays topic. Thank you all who took time on reading these and thanks to every coach who i faced on season 16. May nuffle bless you all in your future games (unless you face me again)!


Will 50 Shades of Leap continue their triumphant journey? Will this team blog end? What skill will Rado Orelik get first? Who will we face next?
Stay tuned for answers, which will definetly come in time!

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1 hour ago, Ratamo said:

We started this team with 3 Blitzers, 1 Catcher, 3 Rerolls. I normally start with different compostion, but it is in CCL so i listened to @Bouffon (probably for the first and last time) and tried something new. May nuffle decide was it good or bad idea. 


The question is: did you get a fast development on your blitzers? They are your team's true core that makes or breaks it, catchers are easy enough to train to be an afterthought. How good are your blitzers? 


1 hour ago, Ratamo said:

This is what our team looks like after one season!



Taking another agility+ on blitzer is debateable as first skill, but i have learned that if you dont take it now you never get chance to get it again. Notable thing in here is that 2 first level ups were stat ups and third was double hence the guard lineman. We need more tackle if we want to survive next season, but that isnt todays topic. Thank you all who took time on reading these and thanks to every coach who i faced on season 16. May nuffle bless you all in your future games (unless you face me again)!


You lucky bugger. Tell me your address and I come and whip you with a string made of dice! May Nuffle turn his other buttcheek on you next season. May your apo turn out to be a serial killer. May elves grow claws when they face you. May every rotter have diving tackle when you run past them... or perhaps you may do well next season. Luck to you. 

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1 hour ago, Bouffon said:


The question is: did you get a fast development on your blitzers? They are your team's true core that makes or breaks it, catchers are easy enough to train to be an afterthought. How good are uour blitzers? 

Your or our? This aint Soviet Union. Id rather have had few skills on linos aswell, but cant complain tho. Depends really how well they fare on next season.


1 hour ago, Bouffon said:

You lucky bugger. Tell me your address and I come and whip you with a string made of dice! May Nuffle turn his other buttcheek on you next season. May your apo turn out to be a serial killer. May elves grow claws when they face you. May every rotter have diving tackle when you run past them... or perhaps you may do well next season. Luck to you. 

Ma allways told me to not tell personal stuff on internet. Especially to strangers. But southern part, so good luck finding me! :P

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Just had a look on the anounced groups for next Season and who do i see? You guessed it the guy that destroyed my nearly perfect season. I can't wait for our Rematch to hopefully murder the jumpy bunch to cancel a third spinoff. We all know that first is best second is not realy good in most cases and third is just bad. Only going downhill from here for the shades Production. See you on the Pitch this time with a killer Saurus.


best regards



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