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21 minutes ago, Javelin said:

Your team is pretty filthy!  The best I was able to manage was two STR4 wrestle linemen on my tier 3 team, but they both died along with my only blitzer within two matches.


One thing I noticed you do in your last match, which I have done quite a few times; was to use the leap incorrectly and cost yourself a movement (and force a GFI when you didn't need one).  Leap always costs two spaces of movement, whether you leap a single space or two.  So it's always better to leap from two spaces away than to move next to where you want to leap to and only leap one space.


It may have just been a misclick, but I thought it was worth mentioning since that gave me issues with Kislev when I was playing them alot!

I dont recall straight away where i did the leap, but to be honest i didnt know it takes 2 squares even if you leap 1. So that was good note, thanks!


10 minutes ago, Bantha said:

I think he is just nice, learning from me and do not want to abuse the overpowered team, just as me. 

But I try the vanilla way this time, you keep it simple, give everyone a chance ;)

Well i could say that after our match i realized that i could abuse chainpushes more and not only on 1TTD attempt or crowdsurfs. Simple coach, simple moves.



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Just now, Ratamo said:

I dont recall straight away where i did the leap, but to be honest i didnt know it takes 2 squares even if you leap 1. So that was good note, thanks!




It was on your opponents drive in the first half:





You can see your lineman is on the ground, and if he stood up and leaped from where he was it's 3 MA to stand up, 2 MA to leap, leaving one more MA for the blitz.


But if you stand up and move one square like you did, you've now used up 4 MA.  When you leap it goes to 6 MA, even though you only leapt one square.  That left you with having to do a GFI in order to get the block.  It worked, but then you both downed yourself. 


I can't say the block dice would have been different, but not having to do that GFI can be helpful.  I found out the same way!



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The other thing I got in the habit of doing is always leaping rather than dodging unless my player had the dodge skill.  A failed leap gives you a much better range of potential squares to leave your player than dodging does, and getting that extra movement even on a downed player can be useful!

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Always leaping is a good habit, but better one is to think where you would like the guy to lie down in case of failure. Usually it means leap, but sometimes dodge can block some nice square.


1 hour ago, Ratamo said:

Well i could say that after our match i realized that i could abuse chainpushes more and not only on 1TTD attempt or crowdsurfs. Simple coach, simple moves.

Chainpushes, my young padawan, are the difference between novices and masters.

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We got leveling fiesta ahead of us and i will update levels in this (or next chapter of this blog) after the match has been confirmed. Next up is Undead and if we listen to my PUPIL Bouffon we can't win them.


We will start with update like i promised. Nothing significant, but here it is:


Ludomir Gajovic learned Dodge

Dimitri Jalowetz learned Tackle

Jaromir Dvorkin learned Dodge

Producer Brodsky learned Block




MD8: 50 Shades of Leap against - Out of the Box -



"Next up we got some cast from "Walking Dead" and "Return of Mummy" they are coached by @unglaublicher whose name i will not pronounce correctly. They are having hard time this season, due that movie genre is allmost dead, so they are trying something crossover style. But on the game plan then! They are slower than us, they are worse in ball handling but they can try to hit us. If we dont give them that pleasure, it should be easy win in our favour."




They had disadvantage in team value, so they bought: Star Player Hack, Wizard, Bribe and Dirty Player Skeleton.

We won coin toss and choose to receive, hoping that we could lure wizard fast and inflict some damage against their lower armoured players. And if we manage to do that we could force Secret Weapon player on the pitch! Kick-off resulted extra reroll for undead.


We started strong! Writer Masur managed to inflict Zombie off the pitch from LOS and made sure he wont be playing for next match! Punches were traded and Rado Orelik managed to badly hurt one ghoul! As undead had no other choice they had to use wizard against us and it only resulted in stun! It was easy job to pick up the ball again with Jaromir Dvorkin, and we tought nothing could hurt him. One ghoul could make 2 GFI's to base him but that's all. It managed to make it with usage or reroll and by surprise MB Wight who were marked by Rado Orelik (and his Diving Tackle) decided to try blitz our ball carrier. Dodge was so good that we didn't interfere with it and Wight knocked ball loose. Ball scattered away from pitch, but crowd threw it close enough for us to reclaim it. It felt like nothing could stop us! NOTHING. Untill Mummy rolled both downs against Camera Technician Bjerno who died. Following Quote is from Spike! magazines deceased announcement part.



He was with our team from day one. He allways did his job with joy and happiness. He never asked for anything and never gained any SPP. He was one of us. He will not be forgotten. We wanted to call apotechary to save him, but as team player he had signed DNR. He took one for the team.



Furious with rage, we couldn't let his death be in vein. Undead were on our way but Jaromir Dvorkin leaped away with help of reroll and proceeded to pick the ball up and run to score. We could have just blitzed one wight away and possibly save reroll here,  but only score matters 1-0 for 50 Shades of Leap!


Kick-off resulted another reroll for our opponent. Two of our crew were KO'd next, but we would carry on! Next turn Chief of Security Ivanov got boot to the face from Dirty Player Skeleton and it resulted him going Badly Hurt. Luckily referee noticed it and sent that skeleton off the pitch like he deserves! Undead hadn't even picked up the ball yet so we attacked aggressively and Jaromir Dvorkin managed to pick up the ball! We set some screens and tought the ball would be safe! BEEP - wrong answer. All it took was 1 missplacement and there was route for Hack, the Start Player Chainsaw Goblin who blitzed from far and managed to make both his GFI's and chainsawed Dvorkin into stun. As we had more players near the ball it would be hard to steal the ball from us and it could scatter into our hands too, but it scattered next to Dimitri Jalowetz who were pushed away by ghoul. As Dimitri refused to go down another ghoul had to dodge away from him and his Diving Tackle + Tackle to attempt picking up the ball and IF it would succeed that ghoul would have to dodge again to get somewhere safer. (+5, +3, +3 [dodge skill]). WAIT! HE ACTUALLY DID IT. Then ghoul rolled twice GFI's with succession and it only cost him one reroll. All there was left to do was short pass (+4) and catch by wight (+3). Pass didn't find it's target, but it scattered behind wights and further from us..



We had to try Hail Mary moves, but didn't manage to reclaim the ball. As both teams had 0 rerolls we still were hoping that Wight couldn't pick up the ball so we could have chance to end half on 2-0. Shouldn't get my hopes up as that kind of things happens only in movies or for me. Writer Masur were hit by Mummy so hard that his collar bone were smashed (-STR), but apotechary fixed him perfectly! We managed to KO Hack as he just couldn't Hack it on turn 8 and took revenge on another Mummy by KO'ing him too. Kobylov tried to blitz ball carrier with 2 negative dice,  but it resulted only pushes. MAYBE, just MAYBE my opponent's wight couldn't find pow or stumble against him as he has blodge and sidestep! Block.jpg


Well that was long shot anyway. 1-1. Our Kicker woke up from KO and their Mummy (duh, only piece i was hoping wouldn't wake up) did wake up. We attacked once more aggressively and managed to stun ghoul who were next to their ball carrier with Dimitri Jalowetz which forced other Wight to blitz him and ball had to run towards midfield where we were waiting. Rado Orelik tried to make one skeleton even more dead, but regeneration saved him this time. We had shot to take down the ball carrier and Ludomir Gajovic took it and with help of reroll we didn't suffer turnover but it didn't result getting the ball carrier down. Damn you blodge! But attleast we have to blodge pieces in next of ball carrier! Mummy decided to find pow against Ludomir and Ghoul decided to find pow against Kobylov (with help of reroll). DAMN you blodge!

We attacked the ball again with Ludomir, but couldn't find the pow. DAMN YOU blodge! We attacked with Writer Masur (who knows how to wrestle) against the ball carrier and even used reroll to take him down without success. DAMN YOU BLODGE!

Nuffle had fun on my behalf and continued to do so next turn. Director Jastrow - Stunned, Sound Technician Kobylov - Stunned, Producer Brodsky - Stunned, Dimitri Jalowetz - Stunned.

Writer Masur tried to take that ball carrier down for the last time with negative block and found pow! Too bad that there were skull waiting for us. But we still could have attleast one shot for the ball! Game isn't over yet. ----

But after first possible block we made resulted double skulls we kinda lost hope.


We managed to get last 1 dice block against ball carrier on turn 15 and  ANYTHING else than Skull/BD would benefit us as Ludomir who blitzed ball carrier tagged him on the TD line. Both Down, both are still standing. We then based every other player in range or attleast we tried as Kobylov managed to fail GFI'ing himself next to mummy. (That was my mistake as i missplaced him first.)

But if wight would roll double skulls, he would have to dodge away from us to give assist to ball carrying ghoul. Well pow it is then.

BUT if ghould could roll quadskull's they couldn't surf and possible injure Ludomir  and follow up to score. 3/4 skulls and 2-1 for undead. Ludomir is KO'd.


Ludomir didn't wake up and we had 1 player missing for one turner attempt. Kick-off resulted rerolls for BOTH coaches! Ball landed on our TD line and we managed to pass it for SPP. And as i counted right we needed one player more (or quick snap) to do 1 turner. So game ended 2-1 for @unglaublicher and his Undead. Good game and tight one (like all my loses this season.) Nuffle was favouring me in wrong moments.





As we lost this one it is pretty unlikely that we could end up in upper half of 4B and with that goes our hopes to rise up to T3. But after two season it is probably better that we stay in T4 for one extra-season.


Where will 50 Shades of Leap land? Will their leaps land? Is there any hope for us anymore? Will nuffle shine brighter for our movie squad next time? WHO WILL REPLACE Camera Technician Bjerno? Will he have brighter future in afterlife?


We are happily announcing new members in our team. These workers have waited for chance to join in our production team. They have been waiting outside Yuriversal Studios for chance to shine. They know that we ain't doing no Bowlywood film in here. But without further due let us represent you: Casting Associate Khomia and Camera Trainee Margolin. 


Casting Associate Khomia, how does it feel to get drafted? What do you think you bring to this team?

"I know i wasn't the first pick, but i knew they would pick me eventually. They just needed to get everything up and running first and called me right after. I bring my raw talent for this team and together we will make this diamond in rough something better."


Camera Trainee Margolin, do you feel like you are here just to fill in the empty space that Bjerno's death left in this team?

"Um. Ummm.. Well i think.. I suppose.. Im not only an..."


Well that clears everything up, thank you both for your answers!


They will introduce themselves properly on later updates, but make sure you follow our production blog and other social media to keep yourself up to date.





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On 7/28/2020 at 6:09 PM, Ratamo said:


"And last but not least is our human(ish) cousins! They sure cant jump, unless it is on top of our bodies. We should hire that guy to get some diversity." Brodsky paused for moment to hear if anyone would laugh, but for nothing and carried on. "Their coach is @Tontza and they seem to like play it dirty. But if we do better job at removing those peasants than last season in our final match, we should manage to get more than draw this time."


Last game of the season, with win we could make sure we are 6th on leaderboards. With loss we are still on 6th place, but we can possibly drop on 7th spot. So we won't let that happen. We will find the way to win! With us having mighty blow and they having AV7 peasants we should manage to inflict some casualties.


And as we planned for going 3/3 on last 3 matches, after MD9 we could say that i didn't go as we planned.



MD9 Harvesting Season vs 50 Shades of Leap. Season 17 finale.


We were pretty even on TV, but we bought Babe using 10k of our own money. We were playing in their field which brought both teams free bribe! They won the toss and chose to receive.


On the line of scrimmage they managed to KO Chief of Security Ivanov (who attleast ate 1 reroll away from them) and knocked Casting Associate Khomia down which resulted second armour break for us. Later that turn Dirty Player peasant walked next to him and booted him to his death.


//: Casting Associate Khomia

//: Prize 60k.

//: Role: Lineman.

//: Career lenght: 1 turn.

//: SPP Gained: 0.


From here it was pretty much downhill for us. Having 2 players less than opponents and they outnumbering us in guard. We managed to get close to ball carrier pretty soon, but getting anyone down wasnt good enough for us. Out of 4 (2d) tries and only pushes or both downs appeared. And we even had to use reroll for one as Rado Orelik still don't know how to block properly. But we had tried our first shot at ball carrier now and ended turn with 3 players next to him!

Next turn we had another try against him with one 2d and one 1d blocks, but blodge was too strong. But we managed to move our Dimitri Jalowetz (the tackle one) closer and were pretty certain blodge couldn't stop us this time! As long as Director Jastrow is not stunned next turn!



Well without any guard on the field and as Sound Technician Kobylov were KO'd too we knew we could only try 1d blocks against the ball carrier. Some might say it is foolish. Some might say it was more like desperation. Some might say get to the point.


On turn 7 we did our last hail mary move and managed to blitz ball carrier once more with 1d block. (4th against ball carrier this half). Without success. But we forced our opponent to roll dice attleast once to score and as we had burned all their rerolls we might have chance stop them from scoring on turn 8!



NUFFLE BE PRAISED! @Tontza told that he would go bit greedy on blocks and nuffle punished him! 0-0 on first half and it was our time to receive!


3/4 our players woke up from KO and 1/1 on our opponents side. So 10 mighty kislevs vs 11 boring humans.


LOS brought us 1 stun, inflicted by angry Ivanov. We wanted to avenge Jastrow who were booted by lineman named Dried Meat. So we gathered round him and Camera Trainee Margolin gave him proper booting. Not so tough now are ya!?


Well that was unexpected. We will avange you Jastrow.



Next turn we sent same lineman who had woken up from KO back into KO box. We strugled to get anything done after that cause Ivanov were stunned (2 blocks against him 2 armour breaks) and our blocks resulted skulls. Few moments later and ball was safely in hands of bretonnians. Writer Masur tried to attack ball carrier from rear (once again 1d block) but managed to snake gfi and it resulted him getting stunned. We just watched as ball ran away from us and couldn't do anything significant about it. If our opponent would snake dodge we could get the ball loose tho!


Well obviously that didn't happen, but we managed to go for 2d block against ball carrier once more! But found only pushes (I should have tried to reroll that, i don't know why i didn't.) Ball carrier blitzed Producer Brodsky and found pow in result. Will our diving tackle save us from their score attempt?


Well it didn't. 1-0 for Bretonnians and we have 1 turn to try equalize. 0/2 our guys woke up and 1/1 woke up on my opponents side. 9 vs 11. It could be possible to do 1 turner!




As we were frustrated As we wanted to take part of Dirty Git Competition, Producer Brodsky stomped on peasant named Grain and killed him.

We are turning into Killslev Circus!




Game ended 1-0 for our opponent. We could blame the luck, but as "luck calculator" tells us we had better luck than them so we wont descend into that level. We didn't play our best game tactic-wise.




Season 17 recap will come on seperate post soon. Will there be plans for next season? Will there be interwiews? Will this blog turn into more serious one as there were so little memes? Is our memebank empty? What was our season record? Who will win in Tier 4 Division B?

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Waaait a second. You’ve been calling me a terrible coach for days yet we have identical points tallies for the season.


Takes one to know one, I guess.

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21 minutes ago, Doomy77 said:

Waaait a second. You’ve been calling me a terrible coach for days yet we have identical points tallies for the season.


Takes one to know one, I guess.

Attleast my TD difference isnt negative!


If i would smack talk myself, that would be just stupid. Just like playing Nurgle. :saint:


Maybe we meet next season and can figure who is worse one!

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Welcome back eveyone! This is the wrap up of season 17, but our production team might reveal some plans for their next season! We might re-use some memes from this thread and from smack talk thread too, but don't leap into conclusions yet. It's gonna be jumpy ride!


MD1 50 Shades of Leap vs 2Flash2Furious coached by @BallztotheWalla

Prediction thread told me that i am facing good and experienced coach. Game surely looked like it, but we werent pushovers! Biggest thing that made us lose the game was our ability to pick up the ball on clutch moment. Game ended 1-2 for high elves, but this was one we were expecting.


MD2 50 Shades of Leap vs Supay Troopers coached by @Redknave

As we had won lizards last season we knew how to beat em. Normally i would go with wizard, but this time we went with Hemlock! We managed to get goal twice on first half on turns 5 and 8. And on turn 8 it was magical! MAGICAL I TELL YOU!


We pushed one saurus on the ball and scattermania began. All i was hoping that no-one would catch the ball. So ball scattered 8 times, 3 times on my blitzers hands who had pushed the saurus on the ball, twice for lizards hands and 3 times on downed players. Final scatter was next to 2 lizards. Then we used our star player to dodge away and blitz skink who was next to our only player close enough to score and managed it!  We proceeded to steal the ball with Ludomir Gajovic and decided that passing the ball instead of GFI was safer (allmost dead Agility 4 blitzer was still haunting me). Pass and catch succeeded and our lineman Music Editor Arseneyev scored 2-0! (Fun fact, he is first lineman to score in our team!)

Lizards didn't stand a chance against us, but they tried their best! Game ended 3-1 for us! Our lizard record 2-0-0 thus far! Sadly it cost us Editor Gurow, but we will get to that later.




MD3 50 Shades of Leap vs Ugly & Calamitous coached by @naoufel70

This is the game when we called for Nuffle and Nuffle gave us amazing dice. We were unstoppable. Nurgle barely could break our armour (we couldn't either, but we will get to that.) Everything we wanted to do worked. Every minor mistake our opponent made we could capitalize. Is this how playing Kislev should feel like? We tried to go greedily on 3-0 win, but only managed to do 2-1 win. Nuffle really gave everything to me with silver platter and if you don't believe me: 3 armour breaks, 3 casualties.


MD4 50 Shades of Leap vs Primal Hunters coached by @Warzog Conquest

Lizards again, but this time these were the ones we dislike most. The match i was least expecting. We managed to get ball on defensive half away from those lizards, but failed to capitalize from that situation. Few different rolls and first half would have been mine. Tieing the game was close too as i had 2 turns to do it, but i made big mistake on turn 7.


 Last thing i did on turn 7 was leap to give our Ivanov assist and kept that in mind that if it would fail we wouldn't care. Well it failed and for some reason i used last reroll for it. Yet it still failed. 

And without that reroll we failed GFI on TD-line. Next time i gotta think before i do! Another lesson to be learned! Match was tight and if few rolls were different we would have different outcome! 2-1 for lizards. Dang it!


MD5 50 Shades of Leap vs IKEA Brothers coached by @Bantha

We didn't know what to expect when facing our opposing coach. I really didn't do much research other than he played vampires earlier days. If we'd knew what we are facing with i probably would have planned more our match. We learned how to utilize chainpushes more efficiently! And also that AV8 is weaker versus AV7. And also that i found out my guys were too weak to keep up on their feet.



Game ended 1-2 for Elven Union as our 1 turner failed when we forgot we need to take the ball with us. You live and learn!


MD6 50 Shades of Leap vs Praise little skittles coached by @Igralius

This was somekind of "grudgematch" as we had won them last season in Tier 5, with help of Nuffle. This time Nuffle offered his help, but we politely declined. Which was kinda of stupid from us. 


We lost the ball on our attacking half for a bit, but we valiantly reclaimed it. Kick skill made lizards attempt of oneturner hard, so we ended half 1-0 for us and now all we needed was to defend! Aaaand we had hard time on defending against lizards, but we allmost succeeded. This time our oneturner failed on pass action, but attleast we didn't forget the ball! We are slowly progressing! Game ended 1-1, but attleast we didn't lose!


MD7 50 Shades of Leap vs Machucantes Animous coached by @Aeric Lionheart

This was the time when we had to win 3/3 and decided to start it with Chaos. Last season Chaos had won us (different one, but still!). And as our opponent was bottom of the leaderboard we were quite confident we would do it! Sadly match ended on second half as my opponent couldn't stand his awfull luck. But on bright side we got some leveling fiesta from that match! 3-1 for us!


MD8 50 Shades of Leap vs - Out of the Box - coached by @unglaublicher

1/3 done and now we were against Undead! As we had finally learned tackle we wanted to put it to good use against those ghouls! We lost Camera Technician Bjerno early that game, but we can get to that too later! We attacked well and managed to steal the ball on defence and our win was looking solid... Untill..


All it took was 1 missplacement and there was route for Hack, the Start Player Chainsaw Goblin who blitzed from far and managed to make both his GFI's and chainsawed Dvorkin into stun. As we had more players near the ball it would be hard to steal the ball from us and it could scatter into our hands too, but it scattered next to Dimitri Jalowetz who were pushed away by ghoul. As Dimitri refused to go down another ghoul had to dodge away from him and his Diving Tackle + Tackle to attempt picking up the ball and IF it would succeed that ghoul would have to dodge again to get somewhere safer. (+5, +3, +3 [dodge skill]). WAIT! HE ACTUALLY DID IT. Then ghoul rolled twice GFI's with succession and it only cost him one reroll. All there was left to do was short pass (+4) and catch by wight (+3). Pass didn't find it's target, but it scattered behind wights and further from us..

I won't lie, i felt i was robbed. We just couldn't Hack it nor get blodge carrier down and after fierce match we lost 1-2 to Undead. But as we had saved money we managed to buy two new players to replace Bjerno!


MD9 50 Shades of Leap vs Harvesting Season coached by @Tontza

Our hopes and dreams were crushed by Undead earlier match, but we didn't want to let that annoy us. After this match rest of our hopes and dreams were crushed like Casting Associate Khomia's head after peasant stomped him to death on his very first game. Poor fella didn't even manage to do anything on the pitch. We did some amazing agilityplays in this match, but our bash game wasn't just there. We lost to bretonnians 1-0 as our oneturner attempt failed on first possible block. There is allways new reason! And this was the only game whole season when we just couldn't score even once.


Before our blog continues into off-season stuff and everything else possible, i want to thank every coach i played this season. Even tho i ended 7th (yes Doomy, you ranked higher than me.) i had good time. And like i thought earlier i suppose it is fine to stay in T4 for one season. After all this was just second season for our Komrades.



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"Seems like something went terrible wrong." Producer Brodsky acclaimed after whole 50 Shades of Leap's production crew had gathered around. "Our position in Tier 4 has been compromised and we aren't going to play in there next season."

"But where are we going to play then?" Sound Technician Kobylov asked.

"Tier 3." Brodsky answered and before he could continue rest of the crew started celebrating.

"STOP IT! ALL OF YOU! This is super serious matter!"

But crew didn't hear Brodsky's voice over their celebration. After two season they had reached Tier 3, with this rate they could have shot at championship on season 20. Ludomir Gajovic leaped on the table and popped champagne. "Caviar for everyone, on me!"

"Ivanov, do something!" Brodsky begged, but even Chief of Security wouldn't listen. He wanted food.

"Fine, what the hell!" Brodsky yelled and joined the celebration feast.


Celebration lasted for three days and three nights. Which leads us to this date.




"So did you have anything important to tell us?" Rado Orelik asked quietly.

"Our opponents. Is everyone ready?" Brodsky started and heard only quiet grunting "Lights please!"

"As we are preparing before our schedule has been revaled i will spare you of the details. But here is what we have managed to dig up. All of these are against us on next season."



  • :helf:BallztotheWalla - 2Flash2Furious - High Elf - - 
  • :dwarf:Nateguy75 - Da Thunders - Dwarf - - 
  • :nurgle:naoufel70 - Ugly & Calamitous - Nurgle - - 
  • :nurgle:razta - Tallkrogen Tophats - Nurgle - - 
  • :ogre:Com Yarrick - Da Tiny Titanz - Ogre - - 
  • :kislev:tubragg - Cirkus Cirkör Bloodbowl - Kislev - - 
  • :necro:CarlBlitz - Plz be gentle - Necromantic - - 
  • :orc:cjblackburn - Kind Innocent Lovely Lugs - Orc - - 
  • :lizard:Igralius - Praise little skittles - Lizardman 


"You might notice few familiar faces, but do not underestimate them. They know our tactics, so we must adapt!"

"How do you think we can survive this much pain?" Writer Masur asked, who had earned nickname "Glassjaw"

"We don't. It has been honor to play with you gentlemen." Brodsky answered and pumped his chest. "But we fight nevertheless. Not for glory. Not for Ice Queen. But for most viewers there have been in Yuriversal Studios history!


Whole crew pumped their fist on their chest with pride. With inevitable doom ahead of them they had no fear left in their body. Will this be the last season our crew will play? Is there any hope left? What will happen to this production blog if team meets it's end? Only way to find out is continue reading what comes next!

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As we are slowly getting less and less ideas of memes and funny stuff to add we decided that our blog will take slightly more serious direction. Will it mean we get more fans on this? Or will our two loyal fans abandon us?


MD1: @Nateguy75 and his: Da Thunder vs 50 Shades of Leap



As normal we taunted our opposing coach in smack talk thread so they would feel bad and would be desperate to show prove that they are better than me. Our teams were pretty similiar TV, but as Dwarves had slightly more we got 60k on inducement phase. Which we used to buy Bloodwiser Babe.Also both teams received neat free-bribe! Our main goal was to receive first if possible. And if they would field deathroller we would score quickly and force to use bribe to keep it on the field (in case they would still have bribe.) OR if they won't inflict some KO's or Injuries to force deathroller on field on T8. We set eyes on their Runners as they have least armour and without them dwarfes are BAD at ball handling. We won the coin toss and chose to receive!


First Half:

Brilliant Coaching, 50 Shades of Leap receives free reroll! First turn didn't bring anything on blocking side and Jaromir Dvorkin failed picking up the ball. Dwarfs couldn't do anything else than get next to the ball and throw few meaningless punches. Turn 2 we found sweet spot for surfing Diving Tackle Dwarf of the pitch and we took it and it resulted that Dwarf getting Badly Hurt. For some reason apotechary came on the pitch and saved that poor dwarf! Jaromir Dvorkin tried again picking up the ball from one tacklezone and just couldn't do it even with help of reroll. Dwarfs threw once more some meaningless punches without breaking our armour. Rookie Blitzer who was next to Dvorkin needed assist and another Dwarf GFI'd himself to the rescue and it only took one reroll! Blocking Dvorkin were too hard as doubleskulls appeared. We surfed another dwarf off the pitch, but nothing from it casualtywise.  Jaromir Dvorkin dodged away from tacklezone and with help of reroll he actually managed to pickup the ball (and it only took 4 failures in total to succeed)!


Dwarves decided to try foul our Chief of Security Ivanov but Thick Skull kept him on the field! On turn 3 we surfed third dwarf off the field, but casualtywise nothing came from it. Dwarves managed to KO Dimitri Jalowetz and managed to pop the ball free from our ballcarrier Sound Technician Kobylov. That same Runner managed to pickup the ball, but couldn't run far attleast! And Ivanov got some more fouls against him, but he just got stunned once more!

We sacked the ballcarrier and managed to reclaim the ball! Our glorious attempt of fouling didn't just make it and we only got stun from it (thought that Runner were stunned allready).

Dwarves couldn't get anything proper done, but third foul they made against Ivanov resulted doubles and they had to use bribe!

We had chance to foul Troll Slayer this time, but Ludomir Gajovic couldn't make leap and foul weren't made. (We could have fouled without that assist but 5 assists is better than 4!)

We fouled again next turn as Dwarfs had failed on Diving Tackle and couldnt do anything else that turn. Our foul once more resulted in stun.

Nothing happened from here and we scored on turn 8.


Our KO'd player didn't wake up despite we had Babe. Kickoff even were High Kick and Dwarf couldn't catch the ball. First possible block gave doubleskulls and without any rerolls left that sealed that half.


Second Half:

Our KO'd player didn't wake up this time either. Our opponent forgot to put his Deathroller on the field and the kick off even was, BLITZ!


We decided to blitz that player near sideline and try catch that ball. Blitzing went well, but catching that ball was too hard for us. Dwarfs managed to get everything down they wanted and even piled on Jaromir Dvorkin resulting him getting to miss his next game. With just one tacklezone on the ball that agility 4 dwarf ran to pickup the ball and managed to escape from out diving tackle!

Next turn i made 2 mistakes in row. First one was on blitzer whom managed to jump up and pow opposing dwarf and on some reason i didn't follow up to give assist on opposing ball carrier. I decided to fix that by moving my catcher next to him, but i missplaced him so he wasn't in anyone's tacklezone. 1d block against blodge ballcarrier didn't work out either.

Dwarfs ran away from us and managed to KO Music Editor Arseneyev with classic 1d block. (That is the thing i mostly hate, 1d wonders.)

They just couldn't run far enough and we managed to get 2d block on enemy ball carrier and powed him into stun! Here is third huge mistake i made. Kobylov were meant to run close that gap so dwarfs couldn't run that easily close to him. For some reason i didn't check properly UI and tried to dodge towards diving tackler which obviously failed miserably. But attleast ball were loose and their star ballcarrier were stunned!

Next turn dwarfs threw some blocks and by grace of nuffle snaked gfi! We stole the ball with Kobylov, but Nuffle decided to snake our gfi too.

Dwarfs reclaimed the ball with help of Nuffle and PASSED THE BALL! As our team were spread all across the field we knew we would have hard time to pop it again. And Nuffle didn't want us to succeed in anything for while. I wanted to blitz with Ivanov and base him next to ball, maybe with luck we could get few assists or screens so on next turn we could try something? That was the plan, but Nuffle didn't want that to happen. Ivanov went bonehead and Ludomir Gajovic rolled 1 on dodge. From that turn (12) we just couldn't do anything anymore. Ludomir Gajovic were KO'd by foul. Kobylov leaped and rolled 1, hurted himself badly. Set Designer Bolshakov badly hurt from block. Camera Trainee Margolin tried leaping and rolled 1. Rado Orelik tried leaping and rolled 2, but with Agility 3 it is still failure!

Dwarfs scored on turn 16.


Turn 16 magic:

2 of our KO'd player woked up, but sadly for us neither were our Agility 4 player. Dwarfs had 3 players on line of scrimmage, all with Stand Firm and us having 7 players on the field would mean we couldn't do 1turn touchdown anyway. I decided to try give Camera Trainee Margolin chance to throw the ball and hope he would get MVP one day!

Kick off event, Riot. Both teams gain turn! We werent expecting this, but we accepted Nuffles humble gift. So instead of passing with Margolin we sent Rado Orelik on the other side and Writer Masur on other side. They could blitz only one player so we have tiny chance on here!


They based both our players and by surprise they decided to blitz on the lineman next to that ballcarrier with Deathroller. With Ivanov being next to him with his Prehensible Chain it would be +3 dodge even with Break Tackle. Nuffle decided to throw 1 on that dodge attempt and our hopes of winning this match were awakened!

We blitzed that Long Beard who were marking Writer Masur and found push while doing so. Producer Brodsky gave the ball in the hands of Masur who proceeded towards their endzone. All we need now is succesfull leap, succesfull dodge and one gfi and we win this match!

My heart is pounding hardly. We have no rerolls left. +3, +3 and +2 to win the match. Can we make it?



He made it! We made it! We won!? What a game! We salute to you Komrade!


MVP landed on Sound Technician Kobylov, who reached his 5th level! And as it is his 5th level i find it fitting that he got himself on Agility 5!

(and like i've told before, that guy is real SPP hog)




Next up is some Orcs coached by @cjblackburn! Their team is so far undefeated, but maybe we could change that! Stay tuned to learn better how we will fare against greenskins! We don't have proper gameplan yet and even if we would have we wouldn't reveal it. You never know if there is goblinspy among us.


Now it is your time to make difference! Was this too heavy to read? Did you want some more memes? Is this better than the old style? Or should we mix em up a bit? Is there impostor among us? Did we go off-topic once more?


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MD2: 50 Shades of Leap vs @cjblackburn and his Kind Innocent Lovely Lugs



We were 100k lower on team value as i had calculated earlier and as we have maintained nice bank we decided to go for the Wizard. They outnumber us in strenght and in Guard, so Wizard might help getting that ball free. Also as we have Agility 5 catcher we could steal the ball more efficiently. As orcs have high AV i aimed to attack their lowest armoured piece (thrower) as many times as possible.

Orcs won coin toss and chose to kick the ball. 

First Half:

Kickoff event blowed ball extra square and right on the hands of Sound Technician Kobylov. We started our blocking game strong as we managed to injure one black orc with Rado Orelik and Chief of Security Ivanov KO'd their troll right after. We moved on right side, but failed passing the ball for free SPP. Orcs retaliated and KO'd our poor Director Jastrow. So as orcs moved on right side we switched side with the ball and sent Set Designer Bolshakov as decoy for fast TD attempt. Our strong blocking game continued as Ivanov decided to KO black orc this time! As we had switched side, but couldn't make proper formation Orcs pushed towards us. Luckily our Bolshakov were free enough to leap into safety and run on TD line. Now we needed only short pass to make with Kobylov and with help of reroll he managed to pass the ball!



Orcs have 6 turns to try equalize, but we still have wizard in our pocket! Every KO'd player woke up so it was 11 vs 11 again.


Fans cheered loudly and both teams received rerolls! Music Editor Arseneyev were KO'd, but he allready had done his kicking duty. We sent Dimitri Jalowetz on their half and rest of the squad made classic columns. Camera Trainee Margolin, who only were able to stand up from Line of Scrimmage ate black orcs fist and chocked on it. Once again one rookie lineman of ours died (It seems like cameraduty is the most dangerous job in our crew. Who would have thought?) Orcs made cagelike defence as they were waiting that we would pop the wizard on them, which we obviously did.


1/4 downed by wizard, but luckily it were ballcarrier. Ball scattered okayish, but Ivanov decided to push one black orc on the ball to move it somewhere. Ball scattered next to Jastrow and Kobylov ran to the rescue. He picked the ball up and gave it to Jastrow who catched it easily. Not even reroll were required! As Orcs couldn't reach us we had easy time scoring next turn.



We kicked too high this time and one orc managed to run below the ball. Orcs had 3 turns to try make it 2-1, so we are quite confident that we can't lose this match! Orcs sent one blitzer on both sides while rest of their cage were midfield. We tried blitzing one down, but managed to do only pushes and wanted Ivanov to base another but he went boneheaded. Orcs proceeded further and Set Designer Bolshakov injured another of their blitzers! We pushed one blitzer away and realized they could only score from another side of the pitch. So we sent Kobylov between their cage and last player in case that lonely blitzer could escape from our marking man Ludomir Gajovic. Solid plan! BUT for some reason i doubted myself and tried dodging away from their Troll with Dimitri Jalowetz to give some assist for Ludomir. Dodge failed and their troll were free to run towards Ludomir and try get him away from his marker.  Easy job to find attleast one push and with agility 5 orc passing the ball is not hard. So big failure on my behalf here. If i would have kept Dimitri Jalowetz where he is, troll couldn't have blitzed and only way to free that blitzer would have been blitz with that lonely blitzer (1d block) and run on the TD line and hope Kobylov wouldn't intercept the ball. But as i have learned, i should think troughly what i am doing. (I think that scorer approves!)



Second Half:

Every player from KO box woke up again and as they were only my guys it was good news for us! Fans cheered and gave reroll for the orcs. Kick went off the pitch. I really struggled against my opponent as he played very well.  Bolshakov were injured and injury were -agility. My guts told me to call the apotechary, which saved his hide. Now only thing we hope is no blitzers get injured badly. Only once there was decent chance to try steal the ball (1d block), but it failed when Director Jastrow couldn't jump in there and give some assist with his guard skill.


We struggled and struggled. Tried to wait for an opportunity to strike, but no major mistakes happened. Punches were traded and cage moved slowly, but steadily towards our endzone. On last few turns i thought that i just need to keep my guys alive for oneturner chance. I had 3 KO'd players and i would need attleast Producer Brodsky to wake up from there to have chance. I just couldn't stop the cage from advancing.

But then suddenly, something weird happened. Orcs didn't score on turn 16! They had the chance to just walk in there, but for some reason they stopped. Was this their masterplan? Did they forgot it is turn 16? Were they affraid that Nuffle would punish them?

We took part of dirty git competition and decided to do "classic turn 16 foul" which didn't even break the armour! So the game ended 2-1 for us and we still feel bit dirty about it.




Next up is @tubragg and his leapy fellas! First time we encounter Kislevs with this team! And it might be first time for me to ever face kislev while playing kislevs. This is a match i am expecting most and im glad it happens on early season!


Who will win leap-off? Or is it called Kislev-off? Which team fails more leaps? Do you even Bear to watch it? Which coach will take more risks? Do you want memes instead of well-crafted and time consuming reports? Is this our golden season?



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MD3: Cirkus Cirkör Bloodbowl coached by @tubragg vs 50 Shades of Leap



This was 6th match against Kislev for me and first match where i play kislev against kislev. Team value difference were 60k for me. Our initial gameplan was to empty our bank a bit and buy a wizard. Our opposing kislev team has few amazing players backed up with many not so skilled players. Wizard would do the trick. Also their STR4 blitzer has double niggling injury and AV7 so it should be possible to make him suffer. If we could get either AGI5 catcher away we would also have easier time. Our first gameplan were ruined as our opponent had wizard stadion. We panicked and bought Blodwiser Babe. They won the coin toss and chose to receive.


First half

We set up pretty standard formation on left and kicked on right. Ball decided to drop near line of scrimmage and Nuffle gave us perfect defence! Ball scattered right on the line of scrimmage in front ouf our line-fodders. First block on LOS meant that Director Jastrow died. Sigh, first lineman in our team to level and only thus far who has guard. I aint using apotechary for that. Opposing team tried to steal up the ball, but Chief of Security Ivanov with his prehensible chain managed to stop their escape! Dimitri Jalowetz blitzed opposing STR4 blitzer and managed to get him badly hurt! We managed to steal the ball and after failing leaps into our cluster we had quite open route ahead of us! All we needed was to get rid of one blodge blitzer! Aaand after total of 10 block dice he were still standing. As we had to use reroll on 3d block we didn't want to risk getting turnover with leap we decided to dodge. Which obviously is stupid against Diving Tackle. Our opponent managed to sack the ball and secure it, but couldn't manage to throw the ball to safety nor we couldn't intercept it. We had one blitzer downed next to ball carrier and blocked opposing ballcarrier aiming to move him away from guard piece so we could blitz him with our tackle piece. 1d block resulted pow and killed their agility5 catcher. Luckily (for them) apotechary patched him up like it was nothing. Ball scattered to their blitzers hands whom we managed to down too after few blocks and it resulted him getting MNG'd. Now ball scattered in our hands and after one managed to fumble it another one catched it! We are having man advantage!  And i totally forgot we both had wizard.


4/4 and 4/4 armour breaks. Also that block which is about to happen against Producer Brodsky resulted pow and stun. Our opponent had easy time to steal the ball and pass it to their other catcher. And as literally half our players were stunned our chances to stop them from scoring were quite small. Writer Masur managed to get close, but failed last GFI. All we could do now i force them to score so we have few turns to equalize.



As we had one reroll left while our opponent had zero we were quite confident we could do it. Tubragg gave as quite hard time still and as we tried to keep the ball in our hands safely. We managed to score turn 8. And as we had manadvantage AND wizard left we are going strong!



Second half

10v9 and gentle breeze pushes ball bit. Writer Masur manages to injure one lineman from LOS. Jaromir Dvorkin manages to pass the ball and finally earn level! We managed to injure another player next turn with Music Editor Arseneyev! We managed to KO one lineman of the pitch too, but still our opponents managed to sack the ball away from us. Luckily there were so little players on the field that they couldn't get the ball to safety. But as our first block were quadskulls they moved the ball away from us but attleast it brought us another KO! Opponents moved the ball away from us, but we managed to steal it back. We fought hard back and forth and decided to score on turn 15 as we just couldn't break either agi5 catchers armour. We still had wizard in our pocket and two of their players are in KO box and 4 in injury box!


Both opponent players decided to wake up, including their third catcher. Kick went well on right side, but it were too high. Our opponent sent all his players deep expect his agi5 catcher who managed to catch the ball. We decided to try finish the game with wizard. All we need is stun and they can't reach the ball. But we didn't get the stun. Wizard worked, but it would be unlikely that he would snake pickup. Then we made mistakes as we panicked. I were so afraid of their agility5 catcher on our end that i used most of our forces to keep him occupied and passing line blocked with our own agility 5 player. Our opponent managed to find pow against our blodge and passing line was open.



With the help of reroll they managed to do it and game were tied on turn 16.



Overall that game were VERY tight. I probably shouldn't have scored on turn 15, but i didn't want to miss the opportunity to get that level on Bolshakov. Good game and fun one too!




Jaromir Dvorkin learned Block

Bolshakov learned Wrestle


Next up is rematch against High Elves, coached by @BallztotheWalla! We expect high from this match too! And as this is match on places 1 and 2 it is extremely thrilling one!


Will our Kislevs win elves this time? Who will level up next? Will our squad reach top position? Are we going to survive their killercatcher? Find it out on next chapter!


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MD4: 50 Shades of Leap vs 2Flash2Furious coached by @BallztotheWalla



We had exact team value so neither coaches bought any inducements. High Elves had mean looking catcher with Mighty Blow and Piling on, so we aimed to maim him off the pitch. Draw or win was our main goal. We won the coin toss and chose to receive so we could possibly remove few players off the pitch.


First half:

Blitz. Damn. Nuffle threw some snakes against elves and in return he threw some ones for us too. We just couldn't secure the ball and when we could elves managed to pop it every time. Rado Orelik managed to pow their catcher into injury box, but apothechary made it look like nothing. Minor panicking were in the air and on crucial moments there werent any failures on high elf side. They leaped into our cage and managed to down the ball on 1d block. Ball then scattered worst possible direction. They couldnt pick it up, but it scattered right on their catchers hand who we were unable to down even with help of rerolls. And after we threw double skulls elves run away with the ball scored on turn 3, but luckily for us there were enough time to equalize.

Sweltering Heat. Aight, our northern guys aren't made for hot weather. Rado Orelik managed to kill their thrower, but we just couldn't keep the ball in our hands. I totally forgot their ballhawks had MA8 and if they find way to down my ball carrier twice there is little to be done. Elves snatched the ball once again and as we failed GFI:ing next to him they score again on turn 8.

0-2 for Elves and it is their turn to receive.


Second half:

One opponents KO'd player woke up and other decided to keep on napping. Heat took our only tackler away. Quick Snap. Elves tried going for quick score to secure the game. We managed to get 2d block against their ball, but found only pushes and even getting on that half cage required reroll. As they couldn't get our diving tackler away they had to try dodging, which failed and ball was loose. Ivanov went boneheaded and didn't bring us any cover, still we managed to grab the ball, but we knew elves could try take it once more. Luckily for us our ballcarrier didn't budge and ball was still in our hands next turn. And Ivanov decided continue being bonehead. We got ball somewhat safe and as elves failed GFI we managed to score on turn 12. 1/3 their KO'd players woke up. Heat took one fresh lineman from them and 2 players (catcher and agi4 lineman) from us. 7 Kislevs vs 5 High Elves. We should find a way to get draw!

Pitch Invasion. 2 Kislevs and 1 High Elf. And as we were low on linemen our kicker were on LOS meaning we kicked on the middle. Scatter decided to go left and our guys from left decided get stunned. Anyone wanna guess where is my tackle player?


Yup, on the right side. Elves managed to injure Rado Orelik and ran on the leftern flank. We had to blitz our way trough to get even next to the ball carrier. Ivanov had to GFI and failed it, but despite loner he managed to reroll it! We managed to get Ivanov and our tackler next to the ball and sent Kobylov on their half. Probably as i thought they can't get the ball free. Oh boy i were wrong. Elves scored on turn 14.

1/2 of their KO'd player woke up. Heat took Ivanov from us and fresh lineman from them. 7Kislevs vs 6 High Elf. Cheering fans gave reroll for our opponent.  We managed to injure one from LOS and KO another. We sent 3 of our players (all agility4 )to their side, knowing they can't blitz em all. On turn 15 Kobylov threw amazing pass to Brodsky who scored. 2-3.

1/2 Opponents woke up from KO. Heat took Kobulov from us and none from High Elf side. Now all we need is Blitz or Riot and we might have chance to make it 3-3.

High Kick. And we can't make score anymore. We tried doing T16 foul, but all we got was sent off player.


MVP landed on Writer Masur, who learned how to tackle. Which is absolutely amazing as we are facing lizards next! Shame that Masur also lost 1 MA in this match and will miss that match.

Rado Orelik finally learned how to block and probably wont roll any double skulls anymore. Cause now he has that block, why he would do that?


Luck was pretty even, but as math says we had more luck in theory. I really must say that Kick-Off events secured this game. Otherwise tight and good game! Many thanks to my opponent!




Like i told we are facing lizards next. 2k TV lizards and as we are missing 2 players next match which means roughly 380k inducements. We might buy Hemlock and Wizard, but we are still pondering about it. We also bought new lineman "Designer Vasayjev" and now our team has total 12 players! So we get only 1 loner next match, yay!


PS. As there were so many goals i didn't wanna clog this post with just dancing elves.


Will Shades production get back on winning track? Are lizards too much to handle? Will @Igralius finally find way to beat our squad? What will we induce?

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MD5 praise little skittles coached by @Igralius vs 50 Shades of Leap



We were down quite a bit in teamvalue so we decided to induce Hemlock, Wizard and Bribe. Hemlock for basing skinks and if our tackler would be unavailable Hemlock could cagedive'n'stab their ballcarrier. Main goal is to win of course, trying to get few players off the pitch and force their MA10 skink on the field for trying to get it off the pitch was secondary goal. And as we had allready met igralius and his lizards twice before (1 victory for us and 1 draw) we wanted to keep our undefeated streak against them!

They won the coin toss and chose to receive.


First half:

As we are brilliant at coaching we received reroll from kick-off. We suffered one KO from line-of-scrimmage and moved our guys around. Next turn we got 2 KO's again including our tackle blitzer and we were down 3 players before our turn 2. We dropped aggressive fireball which hitted 3/4 and stunned 2 from our opponent. Now we need only to get ball down, which we manage to do with Rado Orelik and despite MB he only stuns opponent. We got the ball free, but forgot that their skinks had diving tackle and couldnt get to the ball. Lizards picked up the ball and we sacked the ball again next turn and managed to KO their str3 ballcarrier. Sound Technician Kobylov picked up the ball and handed and moved next to Brodsky who were in range of touchdown. But Brodsky snaked catching the ball... Lizards moved to base the ball quite nicely and we knew we would have hard time on scoring. Kobylov failed dodging to pickup the ball and as i realized we would have needed 6 to manage to do it due diving tackle it was bad call. Probably should have tried pushing one skink on the ball and hope for good scatter.

Lizards managed to get the ball and cage around it. Hemlock dived into the cage, but failed to stab. Hemlock were KO'd right after. We managed to find way to the ball once more and sacked it with Rado Orelik. As ball scattered out of their cage Brodsky tried picking it up, but this wasn't Brodsky's day.

Lizards picked up the ball again and this time Ivanov decided to attack the ball. We could have gone for 2d block with Rado Orelik too but as we were fixated to attack with bear we attacked with bear. We couldnt find pow and used reroll for it and still couldnt find it. We took both down and ball was loose again. This time Rado Orelik catched the ball! Lizards sacked the ball easily and KO'd 3 of our players including Rado. Ball scatter was perfect as it landed right in front of skink in scoring range. Luckily for us Nuffle intervened and lizards failed one pickup and GFI on scoring line because of it.

I had mistaken Kobylov who were on opponents side with Brodsky which meant he was one square short of scoring range. First round ended 0-0


Second half:

4/7 of our guys woke up and 0/1 opposing side woke up. Our tackler and Producer Brodsky were still KO'd and as they are quite crucial for us we knew we would have hard time. We decided to go for fast score as we had Agility5 Kobylov on the field. Weather changed to Very Sunny which really makes our time alot harder. We divided our forces on different sides which meant lizards could only base them all. We made long bomb with Kobylov succesfully (+5 )and managed to catch it on touchdown line. 0-1 for 50 Shades of Leap on turn 10!



2/3 our guys woke up (still no tackler) and 0/1 from lizards. Fans liked what they had seen this far and gave both teams rerolls. Lizards had fielded their MA10 skink (which i was unaware of) and they wen't for oneturner. Nuffle threw failure in their dice sequence (and again near TD line on GFI) but wanted them to succeed.



0/1 and 0/1 woke up from KO. Kick was so high that we got guy under the ball. We tried booting their saurus as their Kroxi had miracolously been stunned which failed. We sent again one our guys to their half and as we coudn't get anything properly done they managed to base the ball. But as we had handed it off to Brodsky it meant that Kobylov were free. We gave the ball to Kobylov who leaped away and passed to ball on the hands Set Designer Bolshakov who were standing on TD line... 


Or we would have done it, if we could have managed to do that 3+ pass with reroll. Damn this weather. And fun fact is that we actually rolled 2 and 2 which would mean in normal weather it would have worked. Lizards secured the ball with their sidestepper next to the sideline so we decided to leap into their half cage from 3 different routes and could have blitzed that MA10 skink out of the field. But as we snaked first possible move we wanted to do we didn't do it. Lizards caged the ball again and we leaped into the cage and once again managed to pop the ball free. Kroxigorr catched bouncing ball as we couldn't but we luckily managed to down him with uphill blocks. Ball was free twice on same turn!!

But Brodsky managed to snake picking the ball up....

Lizards picked the ball up and we retaliated and managed to sack the ball again! Brodsky managed to leap towards the ball and picked it up. He then proceeded to pass the ball on hands of Kobylov who managed to catch it. We don't have any rerolls left. Turn 16. All we need is 2+. 2+ and 2+ to make it to touchdown. But as Nuffle is cruel he threw failed GFI and ball landed on their touchdownline.

Lizards couldn't reach the ball and the game ended 1-1.


MVP landed to Hemlock. Who made 0/5 on his stabs, truly not the MVP we deserved.

Not any levelups for us this game. Brodsky is 1 SPP short from his 5th level.

Bribe was left unused, our squad should really learn how to foul.




Next up is @CarlBlitz and his Necros. Luckily for us they are short of Flesh Golem on next match, BUT they get ton of inducements against us. We gotta get our winning streak going on again. Is this that game?


Is this that game? Will wolves claw trough our ranks? Will Brodsky play the ball next game? What will they induce? Was Hemlock worth the 170k (not this time)? Will there be memes soon!?






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MD6: Plz be gentle coached @CarlBlitz by vs 50 Shades of Leap




We were up on TV so our opponent had chance to induce stuff. We were quite confident they would induce Wilhelm Chaney which they took and Bloodwiser Babes on the side. Our goal was to hurt their ghouls as much as we can as we are quite bad at keeping players who regenerate off the pitch. Main goal was of course to win. We won coin tossing and chose to receive.


First half:


Weather was nice. Our free blocks yielded nothing as per usual. On second turn our very own Writer Masur managed to badly hurt one guard-zombie, but he regenerated perfectly. Our opponents second turn ended quite quickly due quadruple skulls and Masur inflicted some pain once more, this time guard-wight were badly hurted. And it also were regenerated to perfect shape. Our opponents star player didn't like our MB:er and showed why claws were better on removals. Rado Orelik suffered -agility and apotechary tried to kill him cause of it. We liked our odds to steal the ball, so we scored on turn 4 with Producer Brodsky who managed to level up!


Perfect Defense! (Well, i know we are good at it, but i wouldnt call it perfect.) Nothing against us on line of scrimmage, but after failing 1d block we managed to KO one zombie! But we couldn't do anything big as we failed GFI:ing with our future killer Writer Masur. Necros picked the ball and ran away, and while we were waiting for opportonity to strike they badly hurted Sound Technician Kobylov and Utility Stuntman Baranov. But eventually we managed to sack the ball and pick it up with Jaromir Dvorkin and as their ghoul failed to base our ball carrier due failed dodge we scored 2-0 on turn 8.




Necros knew they needed oneturner to keep up with us, but we got Perfect Defence again.


Second half:


Second half started us leading 2-0 and necromantics time to receive 11 necros vs 9 glorious kislev warriors. As i've told we are good at defending it suited us well. And we got perfect defence again. They managed to find pow against Ludomir Gajovic and KO'd him. Opponents picked up the ball and brought it close enough to try blitzing it, but Dimitri Jalowetz couldnt remember how to dodge. Luckily their cage-like-creation didn't move that much and it meant we could try attacking the ball again, this time with Writer Masur.


Masur you are such a beast! Unfortunatetly ball scattered too far for our Brodsky to manage to steal it. Or he could have made it if he wouldn't have failed dodging and KO'ing himself. Necros picked the ball up and we proceeded to sack it once more. Necros stole the ball and now they just ran far away with it and managed to badly hurt Music Editor Arseneyev. Dimitri Jalowetz tried to attack the ball, but failed dodging and KO'd himself. Necros scored on turn 13.



3/3 our players woke up and i was quite relieved. 11 vs 8. Rerolls for both teams! Necros pushed hard, but we didn't budge. We failed doing 3-1 goal on T16 when our GFI failed. Game ended 2-1 for us.


Even thought i was quite confident (and honestly cocky) that i would win this easily necromantics fought hard and gave proper battle. Without those KO's this could have been draw. Well played mate, GL in future matches!




Brodsky managed to level up and learned how to sidestep, now our one-turners might succeed!


Next up is some ogres coached by @Com Yarrick. We were lower on TV but after their legendary ogre vanished our tv-scale flipped over. This will be one boneheaded match and brutal one.


Will Ivanov be more boneheaded than Ogres? Can Shades production win without Rado? Will ogres pound our crew into mashed-kislevs? How has season gone so far? When we get some memes!?

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Wait, who is back? I've been here all the time? Ah, it is time for memes to return, for brief moment attleast? Ah, i see! This is the 


Classic between matches on later half of the season post!

(which really needs proper name.)


How has season gone thus far?


3-2-1 is our record, which indicates BEST SEASON EVER. We got 3 matches remaining and they are in following order:


1. Ogres

2. Nurgle

3. Nurgle


Should be doable? Our team is on 4th spot on leaderboard, with 11 points. 3rd has 11 points also so there ain't that huge gap between us!



And as you all have been wondering, how on earth has Shades production managed to get that kind of record. Here is how our team looks like before our MD7 match!




On our last match our Rado Orelik were devastated by dancers-hip or something and he lost agility. Luckily we realized he had done his part and fired him. Two and half seasons is just enough for him. We hired new actor named Victor Rasek who will take role of Jóse in our production.


Victor, mind to introduce yourself?




Aren't you happy fella! Glad to have you onboard!


Now let's do some quick math once again and see where we place.


I assume High Elves are too fast for everyone to catch up, so they will probably land first.

If i manage to win 3/3 i land at 20 points. Which would attleast get me to 4th spot.


And here where the real math begins! Lizards and Orcs will face on MD9, which means roughly that i can pass either of them if they lose and if they draw (in case they have won 2/2 before it) i just might get past them if i do ALOT of touchdowns. So basically 5 more than lizards in 3 games to get past them and 4 more than orcs to get past them. And everything is depending that i win and they would draw.




That was quite fast recap of how things are powing. Will them memes return? What placement will Shades production get at the end of season? Did we do math correctly this time? What will team look like after our third season? There is 3 matches to go, so stay tuned to keep up with us!



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You are all going to die, but you might win an award for best sound effects while doing so. Fame at last

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MD7 50 Shades of Leap vs Da Tiny Titanz coached by @Com Yarrick




We were up on TV (110k) as we had replaced Rado Orelik with Victor Rasek. Ogres decided to buy another team-reroll with that money. Our aim was to hurt snotlings and try get some SPP. Secondary goal was to get attleast 3SPP for Dimitri Jalowetz who then could learn Mighty Blow as we didn't have it on any of our players (excluding Ivanov).


First Half:


Ogres won coin toss and chose to receive and weather was Very Sunny as we started our match. Quick Snap for Ogres. Our team survived blocks on line of scrimmage, but on our surprise ogres went for quick score. They lobbed their quick snotling into air, ready to make oneturner happen. Luckily for us Snotling flew off the pitch and ball was free. After 5 attempts on throwing the ball on the pitch, crowd threw it on midfield and right between ogres. Kobylov managed to steal the ball, but failed first GFI right after. Ogres picked the ball up again and threw another snotling, but this time landing failed. We stole the ball again and this time we didn't fail to keep it with us, Sound Technician Kobylov scored on turn 3. 



Dimitri Jalowetz were KO'd on Ogres turn 3 and he decided to not come back on the pitch. Perfect Defence! Designer Vasayjev were badly hurted on line of scrimmage and ogres managed to cage the ball, but ain't no cage that would hold against us! Writer Masur leaped into the rescue and popped the ball free! Kobylov managed to steal the ball and passed the ball with help of reroll to Brodsky, who for some reason couldn't catch the ball, but attleast it is somewhat safe with us! Ogres couldn't snatch the ball so once more Kobylov came and picked it up, just to snake dodge right after. Ogres managed to throw one snotling from midfield into scoring threat, managed to pick up the ball and gave the ball into scoring threaths hands. Ogres scored on turn 6 making game 1-1.



1/1 from their side woke up from KO, 0/1 from our side woke from KO. We got 3 turns to make it 2-1 before our attacking half begins. Perfect Defence this time for Ogres. Ball landed in front off 2 Ogres which i wasn't fond off, but luckily Kobylov is used to this situation and managed to pick up the ball and passed to Brodsky who managed to catch it (and it only took one reroll for that job!) We moved the ball on hands of Jaromir Dvorkin and even after trying hard Ogres couldn't get blodge down. I was too afraid of failing GFI so we didn't score on turn 7. On turn 8 Ogres pushed us on the endzone as they couldn't find answer to blodge.



Second half:


1/1 our KO's woke up, so our hope to get him level has awokened! Weather turned out to be nice too. Dimitri Jalowetz decided to start his new half with style and rolled tripleskulls on first move we made (luckily there was both down option in there thought.)  Ogres sent another snotling flying and tried to steal our ball (which we had failed picking up) but they couldn't do it. We moved the ball on other side of the pitch and thought it would be safe but we forgot Break Tackle.

I played bit badly as Utility Stuntman Baranov rolled quadskulls and him and opposing legendary Ogre, which resulted death of Ogre. Luckily apotechary saved the day! Ogres snatched the ball with snotling who gave it to Ogre. We managed to sack the ball, but ball went off the pitch and crowd threw it next to 2 ogres. Next turn ball was in hands of Ogre again, but they failed passing the ball, which gave us opening to snatch it again. We tried passing the ball into hands of Dimitri Jalowetz, but he failed catching it. Ball was loose next turn also so we tried moving the ball into hands of Dimitri this time! But Kobylov failed to pick up the ball at first and failed passing the ball right after and it meant still no ball into hands of our future MB:er. Ogres couldn't get the ball from us so we handed off to Dimitri who managed to catch the ball! Turn 16, 2 GFI's to go! But as we are greedy we decided to go for last 2d attempt on Ogre which gave us double-skulls and even block couldn't save Jaromir Dvorkin from ogres fist.


Game ended 2-1 for us and as MVP didn't land to Dimitri we didn't get the MB on him. But Victor Rasek earned MVP from his very first game, which means he is 1 SPP short from leveling! Maybe next game we get either blizer to level up! It was quite entertaining game and i didn't expect this to be this tight one. Both squads rolled MASSIVE amount of 1's and Nuffle had fun with us. Thanks for the game!




Next up is some yngh. Nurgle coached by @razta!  We still lack MB in our game so expect wery tight game! BUT if we manage to win this one we secure that we will end up on top 5 on Tier 3 Division A!

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