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Team was c2000 tv but reaching div.1 soon put paid to that. Struggling to re build now, will have to hang on until BB3 before re rolling.

Nice write up!

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4 minutes ago, Pylon said:

Team was c2000 tv but reaching div.1 soon put paid to that. Struggling to re build now, will have to hang on until BB3 before re rolling.

Nice write up!

Daamn. My kislevs don't mind and as you play Chaos Dwarfs you don't get my full symphaty. :P


Attleast this division is quite nice to rebuild as not many bash teams!


And thanks!

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Had a nice match vs chaos dwarves in a snow-storm yesterday. Stole the ball and scored after 5 turns but his ball-handliing was so elf-like, he scored in turn 8 with 2 gfis after a handoff to his centaur. Then I scored again after getting blitzed in my half easily enough in 4 or 5 turns and he ended up having to hand off to a loner to score in turn 16, which, of course, he did. 

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Daamn! Close call there mate! I still fear you manage to get more points than me from round 1, but it means you dont get huge point difference attleast for now.


Hope we together can bring glory for kislevs!

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MD1: 50 Shades of Leap vs Novosibirsk Dwellers coaches by @Rutury


Long story short. We didn't get draw. We got ourselves beaten 3-0. Also we took 3 permas and one which will haunt Sound Technician Kobylov till his grave. Actually he ended up in grave.




I knew it would be hard match to play, but as long our armour would hold it would be doable.



Not much to say from that match. We tried playing elfball, we rolled badly, we suffered hardly from it.



MD2 50 Shades of Leap vs IKEA Brothers coached by @Bantha


On 1/5/2021 at 10:03 AM, Ratamo said:

Expectation: We chase them, they run away. Preferably without the ball. Hard match where we need to think every move we make or elves will punish on them. Win is what we aim for and draw is what we can settle.


As my team value went down like our leaps in some matches on MD1 o we got 510 on inducements. We took Wizard, 2x Bribe and Journeyman Bear. Elves have deep bench, so we intented to thin some numbers from them so we could have shot.


They won coin tossing, we won fans. Elves sent players on both sides on field and we tried basing other side while blitzing other side. Yet they had not really hard time scoring in 2 turns, but it left us chance to score in 7 turns.


Our glorious attempt on line of scrimmage to thin elven numbers were stopped on second block where our player couldn't roll anything else than 4 skulls. Elves started pressuring us, but we moved ball and caged it next turn. Elves pressured some more and we moved ball relatibly safe. Elves dodged trough our screen and i had chance to make 3+ dodge into 5+ dodge with diving tackle. But as it were with ballcarrier i didn't take it which might be mistake. Their Stripballer dodged few times and managed to 2d block ballcarrier and couldn't sack it but ball was free. They couldn't steal the ball yet, so we had good chance to reclaim it. Or that's what we thought. I was planning to pick the ball and either hand-off it to Brodsky (2+, 3+) who could leap or dodge away and run far enought that elves can't keep up or pick up the ball and pass it to him (2+ 2+ 2+) so he could do the same, but picking up the ball resulted in snake-eyes.




Elves snaked GFI right after. Ball was still available for us, but now we would have to dodge away from tackle (2+) pick up the ball (2+) dodge again towards Brodsky (2+) and handoff to him (3+). So we decided to try hit their player with Dimitri to take dodges away from that equation. With help of reroll we managed to do nothing, so we still would need to dodge twice next to tackle but we could try hitting one elf who were basing Brodsky to make it 2+ catch on handoff. But as Nuffle is cruel god he gave us doubleskulls. Elves weren't expecting that one, but they took it happily.





They stole the ball and ran it far enough from us. So we aimed to thin their numbers for 2 turns. Which we managed to do with loner who took bothdown against their Dirty Player. Have at it!

Elves scored on T8 and we still got 1 turner attempt with 11 players!


Our oneturner started out nicely as we passed the ball in Brodskys hands and he catched it, but first possible block was bad skull and bothdown skull. No oneturner for us.


We started out second half and knew we had quite minor chance to make it 2-2. We were down 2-0, both teams had bench left. We got literally nothing from line of scrimmage, our fouls were mere stuns. We moved the ball relatively fastly towards their endzone and as elves overcommitted we scored on T10. Elves fouled us before our scoring opportunity and managed to badly hurt Dimitri Jalowetz. Our only weapon, gone!


Now we needed to get some pressure to try make it 2-2. Weather turned out to be Very Sunny. Elves stunned 2/3 from line of scrimmage and 3/4 blocks resulted in stuns whole turn. So with stunned players we couldn't base all them, but yet we made some pressure. We sent Brodsky towards their thrower and in scoring range and soon as i ended turn i realized i could have popped lightning bolt on their Thrower, but as i didn't (hard to say would it really have helped) elves made another 2 turner and game was 3-1.




Yet we had few turns to make it to 3-2 and hopely we could get riot / blitz to get opportunity to score! So not yet! We pushed towards them and popped fireball on 4 their players managed to down 3 and only 1 of them were stunned. I was aiming to push right side with the ball so we could score on T15, but first we needed to get their Thrower downed and as we had just 1 Tackle Writer Masur was man for the job. Then we could move the ball to right side and foul their player off the pitch. Writer Masur went to 2d block but doing GFI was just too hard for him even with reroll. Ball was open as i weren't expecting another snake-eye here. Elves attacked our ball with 1d block and got push and as they rerolled it into the skull our hopes we're up! We moved the ball towards their endzone and fouled one their player off the pitch! Their Strip Baller managed to come for 1d block and ball was free once more. As it scattered off the pitch and crowd threw it between elves and their endzone we knew crow wanted us to score. We managed to do some leaping, picked up the ball and made 1 GFI to score. 3-2 on T16.




So game ended 3-2 for elves, but as we had taken quite beating it wasn't surprise. Jaromir Dvorkin got MVP, so it was nice.


Next up is some lizards and hopely we can turn our losing streak around.


Will losing streak end? Was this just too messy? Why MD1 report were so short? Was this enough memes!?

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Aaaaand another draw, this time against 400 up dwarves. 2-2 against the top of the leaderboard (so far). This time I was the lucky one, I guess, as I just barely scored on turn 16 for the draw. It started with a blitz for the opponent, never a good start. Somhow I lost the ball to crazy skaven-fast dwarves, almost forgot my wizard, but then used it to score in turn 5. Almost barricaded off his advance but again, that skaven-quickness got him the 1-1 on turn 8. Got one serious chance at a sack in turn 3 or so while losing more and more players to injury and death. He scored with two gfis in turn 15, so I moved 3 players up the field and managed to get one of them through on turn 16. My good catcher is movement crippled now and one of my blitzers misses the next game. The apo saved one of my +AG wrestle linos from death. So, all in all, a good showing in T2 :D

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18 hours ago, Ugh (Oook!) said:

Aaaaand another draw, this time against 400 up dwarves. 2-2 against the top of the leaderboard (so far). This time I was the lucky one, I guess, as I just barely scored on turn 16 for the draw. It started with a blitz for the opponent, never a good start. Somhow I lost the ball to crazy skaven-fast dwarves, almost forgot my wizard, but then used it to score in turn 5. Almost barricaded off his advance but again, that skaven-quickness got him the 1-1 on turn 8. Got one serious chance at a sack in turn 3 or so while losing more and more players to injury and death. He scored with two gfis in turn 15, so I moved 3 players up the field and managed to get one of them through on turn 16. My good catcher is movement crippled now and one of my blitzers misses the next game. The apo saved one of my +AG wrestle linos from death. So, all in all, a good showing in T2 :D

Draw is draw! And attleast you've got waaaay better start of season than i do. I normally dont apo linos, but if it's agi4 combined with few skills id prolly make expection too..  I've managed to reclaim my strenght and with (attleast in my predictions) Winner and Runner-Ups are dealth with i can start winning path. Shame bout those MNG's, but attleast they are safe from Rutury's killers...

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So we managed to play our matchday 3 match against Lizards. They had some nicely developed team, but we induced wizard and babe so we get the advantage here. Or so i thought.


They won coin tossing and chose to receive. We kicked short kick so we could take advantage of it, but they got quick snap and catched the ball. After first succesfull block i was down one lineman for good as Music Editor Arseneyev got AV- and paired with Niggle he allready had he were too weak to carry on. You won't be missed. Skinks then rushed towards their own endzone, probably aiming that his Sauris would mince my squad. So we launched attack and sent Dimitri Jalowetz to harass their Skinks.




Skinks moved away, we ran behind them throwing blocks after blocks against them. We popped fireball which hitted 3/4, KO'ing 2 skinks and managed to get ball free thanks to it! Thought that only player who managed to survive fireball catched the ball. But out effort to down that ball carrier didn't bear any fruit. Meanwhile on their half Jaromir Dvorkin made 6 2d blocks against their Skink in row and failing to down him for 5 first attempts. We actually managed to down first skink on turn 7 and we did it twice! But as we were low on players and we couldnt stop them from scoring and as they didn't wanna fail single action they scored on T8.


On our T8 our oneturner attempt started out fine as we got the ball into hands of Brodsky and we got reroll from kick-off event. But as our first possible block was doublepow and after we rerolled it into push we needed only 2 blocks! But second block was another set of pows and oneturner failed. Thought we managed to stun that saurus and also fouled (into stun) that same saurus. (And fun fact, those were only armour breaks we got from whole game).


We decide to go for quick 2 turner as we probably wont make it otherwise. High risk, high reward play. We scored somewhat easily in 2 turns. Game is 1-1 and it is T10 for lizards.


Without kick-skill we kick on middle and fortunatetly it is another short kick where we can reach it! And they get quick snap so they can cover the ball more easily. Luckily for us they fumbled picking up the ball, and unfortunatetly for us other Skink manages to catch the ball. Yet the ballcarrier is somewhat easy to down and we manage to do it! Scatter is obviously worst possible. Producer Brodsky valiantly went for the pick up (4+), but failed leaping at first. On our surprise he managed to pick the ball up and now we didn't know what to do. So we tried passing the ball!




And this is the moment where things fell apart. Everything we tried from this point didn't fail per se, but nor they did work. 1d on ball? Push. 2d on ball? Push. So we struggled to keep up and Set Designer Bolshakov managed to get himself -MA in process.


Lizards scored on T16, making the game 2-1 and giving my team my 3rd loss of season. Thanks @raspel for the game, i will climb from 10th place now. :ninja:



This is and probably will be worst season for us, so if my team survives it i can carry on in Tier 3. Next up we got some dwarfs with alot of MB and guard. Shame that you can induce only one wizard..




Will these posts become more saltier when season carries on? When will there be new level ups? Will 50 Shades of Leap get their first win soon?





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aaaaand another draw, though I would actually count this as a win. Against 660 up Nurgle. The tactic was: delay, delay, delay, delay. First half, 90 % of my team was KOd, but somehow, the opponent didn't get to score on turn 8. 


Daring 2 or 3-turn touchdown on my attack (more luck than anything, first had to fritz the Beast of Nurgle basing my catcher), then more delay/sack/delay/sack until almost all my team was gone and all he had time for was a draw, which, due to some ball-shenanigans on his part, could actually have been foiled by himself easily enough, so lucky draw on his part.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So we faced dwarfs on matchday 4 and without guard i knew we would have reaaaally hard time to get the ball from their cage. Also with that many mighty blow they have (combined with tackle and all that fun stuff), i knew it would be hard match for us. We had called bounty target at their Troll Slayer and decided it was time his career would end. We bought wizard and bear. Bearwizard.


They won the coin tossing with fans and we received the ball. We gained nothing from line of scrimmage and even went for foul, which only gave us 6+6 and stun. 10v11 and dwarfs hadnt even started playing. As dwarfs managed to blitz our player it obviously meant that my guy needs to be KO'd. 9v11 and it's allmost turn 2! We had scoring threat allready, but didnt wanna go for the 2 turner. As dwarfs had moved players on left we decided to push right. All we needed was to block few dwarfs before it. And dice string went like this: Bonehead 1 (and cause of this i had to try dodge) Dodge (2+) 1. RR 4. GFI 1. Leaving our ball completely open for sacking. Well stupid of me to try anything, i'll admit that.

Dwarfs sacked the ball, but it scattered away from them! We had opportunity to surf, but obviously we can't roll pushes now. We tried activating our mercenarybear, but he was boneheaded still. So as our plan A and B had failed completely we tried going for the touchdown. We leaped well and managed to pick up the ball well, only to realize it's sunny weather..... Well we failed GFI:ing to make it to 4+ pass and after it succeeded with reroll our pass failed. And as this meant that our catcher Executive Producer Visco was out in the open he deserved to get hit and then he died.




Dwarfs proceeded and managed to steal the ball as there was nobody covering it anymore. And this is where i decided to say fuck it. Not my proudest moments, but i just lost interest in the game. There is literally nothing we can do anymore if dice stays like this. We decided to try attleast hunt our bounty down which we managed to do, but again only stunned it. We even fouled that stunned poor sod, but we got nothing more that stun from it. Dwarfs gave my guys some tough love and killed Designer Vasayjev. We managed to KO our bounty target with Dimitri Jalowetz (thank you mighty blow) and proceeded with our fouls. We got nothing from those obviously, but they managed to KO Producer Brodsky. Dwarfs scored on T8 on our attacking half making score 1-0.


2/2 our players woke up, 0/1 (our bounty, too scared to come back on the pitch) woke up. 9v11 and it's time for dwarfs to attack. Dwarfs gained only stun from LOS on our bear and rushed to gangfoul him,  with 7 players.




4/7, 1 stun and 1 KO. Decent outocome, would have wanted more casualties. But we had surprised the dwarfs there and managed to attack one of their runner, KO'ing him in process! Their ballcarrier tried rushing trough our blodgers, but couldn't get other than attacker or both downs. We managed to sack the ball next turn and stole it from them! Dwarfs tried to move towards us with their runner, but didn't manage to escape from our diving tackle! That runner KO'd himself as Ludomir Gajovic rammed his body against that escaping dwarf. We stalled as long as we could and on T13 we were forced to score as our armour couldnt hold at all.


0/3 our KO's woke up. 2/4 from dwarfs woke up (both runners, our pretented to be KO'd so he would be safe.) 6v10, 3 turns on dwarfs to score. Quick Snap, making it slightly easier to make it for them. They were afraid of us and caged on mid their half. Later on they did some fast moves and tried GFI'ing with their Jump Up blitzer, but for some mystical reason snaked it! I counted squares quickly and it meant they actually couldn't score on T16 anymore!




Which also meant that cause if was dwarves attacking half we got 2 turns to steal the ball and score. And luckily they had left their cage open, so we could try get quite easily 2d block on their ball. But we snaked our first possible dodge to get next to the ball. And as we had sent Producer Brodsky in scoring range dwarfs took him down and killed him. (3/3 casualties, all deaths) But by miracle our apotechary managed to do wonders and Brodsky was good as new! Game ended boringly 1-1, but attleast we scraped our first points of season!


Thanks for my opponent @JJape for good match! I was somewhat salty and depressed early on and im sorry bout it mate! We gained no levels and MVP landed on mercenary Bear, who was more or less useless. No level ups, but most likely (and hopely) we will gain em on MD5!


Next up is high elves and we need to hire new catcher in our team, which means we get only 1 loner for next match!


Bear was useless on MD4, will 50 Shades of Leap ditch hopes for bear in future? Can Shades production gain few points against elves? Who will level up next? Will there be more salt?

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On matchday 5 we had another match of lowest of low. Attleast on leaderboard. Battle of 10th vs 9th. Battle of Kislevs vs High Elves. It was finally our time to find our first victory of the season.


We received the ball and pressured elves well. Then i realized we had overextented and had to score somewhat quickly. But touchdown is touchdown and we took solid lead on turn 4 by Ludomir Gajovic. Elves shouldnt have hard time scoring back at us, but attleast we got some SPP. 1-0 for us!


Elves received the ball and pushed for attack. We waited and waited, till we saw opening in their cage.



Jump Up, Blocks and Leap later we were in. But not like some sort of hacker in Hollywood movies, we were literally in. For some mysterious reason we managed to sack the ball and Ludomir Gajovic managed to pick it up afterwards! Elves managed to reclaim the ball turn later and we sacked it again. This time Producer Brodsky stole the ball and ran further,away from those pesky elves. But elves didn't mind as they just ran past my poor screens and managed to use their mean tackle skill to down Brodsky. Brodsky obviously decided to get himself triggered that much that he were badly hurt. Luckily for us ball scattered away from every elf, meaning we should be able to reclaim it and score another on T8. Which we managed to do by Set Designer Bolshakov, but he wanted tease our team bit on failing last GFI on touchdown line. Luckily we had spare reroll for him and snake eyes didn't appear. 2-0 for 50 Shades of Leap.


Elven scoundrels set themselves up for 1 turn touchdown. They got reroll from kickoff, but as they had 2 rerolls allready it wasnt that big deal. They failed picking up the ball, but sure hands saved their hopes on making this game more even. They failed catching the ball, but catch skill kept their hopes up. They failed first dodge towards our tacklezones, but dodge kept their hopes up. They didn't fail anything else and made 2-1 equalizer on T8.




Second half started, none of our guys decided to wake from KO. but neither did theirs. 8v8.


Aaand we get rock on our head. On Dimitri Jalowetz's head to be precise. Our only player with tackle and mighty blow. Whew, only an stun. And as Writer Masur had to be placed on line of scrimmage it would probably mean he would be KO'd before our turn 9. But for some reason Masur were only stunned! Elven thrower snaked picking up the ball, which meant we could make some pressure on them. Ludomir Gajovic ran towards their thrower, only to snake dodge and KO'd himself. Aaand this is the moment when i realized our hot dice from first half had turned out colder than chaos dwarf coaches soul.


We were unable to do anything good for while after failing jump ups or rolled only pushes. Elves scored on T11, making the game 2-2.


0/2 our guys woke up from KO. 0/1 their guys woke up. 7 kislevs vs 8 elves. Fans were cheering for elves and they received once more an reroll. We didn't get anything from line of scrimmage and even after we fouled their Guard blitzer we got only stun. Referee was looking elsewhere. Elves managed to sack our ball  as i had totally forgotten how fast their catcher is. But luckily only by wrestle, so Director Taras-Rosovich (our newest catcher by the way) didnt get himself hurt! Elves pressured us alot and we were forced to score on T15 after alot of shenigans, leaving elves another 1 turner attempt to make game 3-3.


Riot. Well, 2 turner with elves is quite easy. Yet we got magical turn on T15 which made their scoring REALLY hard. But they managed to do 5+ dodge among other elf BS and left me speechless. 3-3 and there is just one turn remaining for us.


Our oneturning hopes and dreams were crushed as our players refused to wake up. 0 woke up total from 9 attempts, yay. But kickoff could help if we just would get quick snap.


Riot. Nuffle what is wrong with you?




There were more riots in pitch than on that unnamed country in this year. We made some kislev BS only to fail last GFI on touchdownline. Game ended 3-3 and i felt robbed.


Thanks for my opponent @Badger69 for interesting game! I was happy, sad, angry and thrilled at same time. Yet, you have made new nemesis as you totally stole my win.


Jaromir Dvorkin got enough SPP to get level, which means we finally got ourselves guard player! Praise the lord!


Next up is some #TeamJacob stuff aka necromantic team coached by @CarlBlitz! Rematch from last season where we barely won them.


Will we NOW find first victory of the season? Will we find another guard soon? Why there isn't any introductions to new players? Was this murica?



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@Ratamoreally fun game dude!! the kislev seemed to fail nothing first half, really tough to counter them when that happens! but i did do a shocking attempt at protecting the ball to let you sack, that was not the best play from me "oh shit, i don't have a player left for the back of the cage"!


my 3rd touchdown was fun though! but not that outrageous with the strong arm accurate thrower bombing it from the half way line... but the 5+ dodge and gfi without reroll was! should have left the blitzer in scoring range rather than marking your guy, should have known you'd take the catcher down easy.


until next time sir!! maybe in tier 3 by the rate my team keeps performing!

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Matchday 6 is upon us and we played it. This time we played against Necromantic team, coached by @CarlBlitz! This was somesort of rematch as we faced each other last season. They were up in team value and we got ourselves 2 loner linos, which evened it abit. But we also got 150k inducements left so spare, so we bought wizard. As one coach once said to my protegee @Bouffon:



I hate mogic



We won the coin tossing and chose to receive and lost fans brutally. 1+1 on fans. YAY! So Necromantics got one free reroll from first kick off. It rained and it rained from T1 till the end of the game.


We launced our massive blocking party on line of scrimmage. First block was KO. Second block was stun. Third block was stun. Then we attacked with our one and only player with mighty blow Dimtiri Jalowetz, double push, you're doing it wrong love! They tried attacking us, without any real damage. We attacked our bounty target (Ghoul named Dirty Harry), but he was too tought to beat. We scored relatively quickly on turn 4, leaving necromantics 5 turns to equalize, but 4 turns for us to steal the ball.




We defended quite passively, trying to lure them on our right side where we could strike. Necros didnt attack aggressively at first, but soon as they did Jaromir Dvorkin (our only guard) had decided to go stunned. Which meant that we can't get proper 1d on the ball. But luckily we got one wizard in our pocket. Once again we hurled one fireball. 1/4 and it wasnt even ballcarrier. Turn 7, so we needed to send Producer Brodsky deep on their side as scoring threat. But as i were tired IRL i didn't notice there were Flesh Golem with tackle and Brodsky obviously tried dodging next from him. Like he could have made completely similiar move, but only next from zombie who didn't have tackle. We rolled 1 and were forced to use reroll, as we really needed scoring threat. 1d attempt on ball was another 1 on leap so we couldn't sack the ball. There is somewhat easy route to score now, but it would mean we get oneturner attempt. On surprise necromantics didn't score on turn 7 and formed cage. This time we had Writer Masur (Wrestletackle) in leaping distance and Jaromir Dvorkin (still our only guard) in leaping distance. So we could do decent 1d. All we need to do is 2+ leap with Guard. Negate one assist from corner and 3+ leap to 1d.


OR we could just forget that we actually need to negate the guard and attack on negative 2d. And of course that's what i did.




Double stumble. WHAT. HOW THAT DID HAPPEN WE ACTUALLY MANAGED TO SACK THE BALL. Ball scattered on Masurs hands, who fumbled it, ball scattered top of their downed ball carrier, ball scattered on Masurs hands again and again he fumbled it and once again it scattered on top of their downed ball carrier and from there in hands of Werewolf, who couldn't catch it either. Ball finally landed on ground, next to Werewolf. Which means we could actually try steal it now. Ludomir Gajovic made easy dodge, managed to pick up the ball and with help of reroll dodged away. Then he threw long pass on hands of Producer Brodsky who miracoulously catched it. Brodsky had game of his lifetime. He didn't fumble the ball. One gfi later we scored on T8 making game 2-0!


Necromantics oneturner attempt didn't work, so we went to second half in solid 2-0 lead! Now we just need our guys to stand their ground and try deny their touchdown attempt as long as possible. Necros claw and mighty blow minced our soft and tender kislevs giving Location Scout Hlinka Niggling Injury (and as he had allready -MA) it meant he is good as dead now and Stunt Coordinator Hirotz were killed. And that ungrateful mister was turned into zombie!!!





We had nice 2d attempt on ball after some elvish kislev manouvers, but once again our mighty blower managed to get doublepushes. This could have led to bad outcome on us as it meant that my players are hugging the sidelines. Luckily our opponent didn't notice Brodsky and his sidestep so their doublesurf attempt turned failed and it meant they would need to do 3+ dodge to score. Nuffle threw 2 on first attempt and while i was holding my breath second dodge worked. Necros scored on T14, which was somewhat optimal. Our KO's which had amazingly woken up every attempt refused to come on pitch anymore. 7v11.


As ball landed on touchback we had quite easy time to defend. All we needed to do was retreat bit and form sidelinecage on T15. Necros couldn't find a way in there so we had last shot to make it 3-1 on T16 as we had sent Director Taras-Rosovich in scoring range. 4+ pass 2+ catch (thanks diving catch) and 2x GFI to make it. Pass was inaccurate and as we had no rerolls we couldn't even try reroll it. BUT as our newest Director has diving catch he attempted catching it (thanks diving catch), but couldn't get hold of slippery ball. Game ended 2-1 in our favour and we actually managed to get our first win of the season!


Producer Brodsky leveled up and managed to make himself our very first superstar!


I don't know what it is
That makes me feel like this
No no gotta be gotta be a superstar
All eyes on you oh eyes on you
You make me want to play




Next up is some vampire business. They look more like vampires from Twilight than from Blade, so we shouldnt have hard time against them. Which means that we have quite hard time against them. But as we won #TeamJacob it shouldnt be hard to beat @Crunky Chops and his #TeamEdward.


So will 50 Shades of Leap continue in winning path? Who will level up next? Will Brodsky survive till end of the season? Will we call Van Helsing for tips against vampires?

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To answer your questions in order: no, a lineman who will die immediately, no again, and he’s not speaking to you since that Hugh Jackman movie.

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33 minutes ago, Doomy77 said:

To answer your questions in order: no, a lineman who will die immediately, no again, and he’s not speaking to you since that Hugh Jackman movie.



Look at him. He is adorable. He can't refuse.

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