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On 6/13/2020 at 10:54 AM, Bloodsplatter said:


                                     Season 2 - Dumb Ways To Die


tenor.gif?itemid=16110376   Mmmm…. Hello Boys and Girls





Stupid Deaths...We've seen 'em.


Like the entire Goblin team who overestimated the range for their new  "TOUCHDOWN GUN" and ended in a messy

GargantuanAnimatedAllosaurus-max-1mb.gif   pile behind the Squigburger stand...


Or the Coffindodgers… a Vampire team who drank their entire supporters club membership during a half time break...tenor.gif  But our prize for most stupid death goes to....

Drum roll please Maestro...tenor.gif?itemid=13613975

Grillbert Tugworth...Halfling thrower for The Pumping Pumpkins... They hadn't scored all season and in a desperate bid for glory, Grillbert inflated himself with hydrogen in a bid to float into the endzone...M41KCxn.gif  

Sadly he exploded a few metres short....splattering the crowd with roasted Halfling...


At least the fans went home well fed...


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