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End of Season report.


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So first things first, thank you to all the coaches, even to those that didn't have a student this season! The OCC season is coming to an end and so does our little first mentor season (at least in my mind, if you want to continue with you student, by all means do so!)


For those that aren't aware, I have a review thread in the mentor program forum, where you guys can post any feedback if you have some. It has been an interesting learning experience for us all. I learned for example, that you guys prefer being pinged when allocating students and not being spammed in one mass PM. Seems obvious now, but not when I first did it :saint:


I would like to know from you guys if you are still available next season for new coaches that want some help. Overall the student feedback has been very positive so I dare say this little support program has been a success and I would like to keep it rolling. No matter if you want to continue or not, please be so kind and just let me know so I know how many students (and for which races) we can take in next season. 


Once again, thank you to all of you (especially you @Rymdkejsaren for doing multiple students!), I couldn't do this without you!

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