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S17 Substitutes/Replacements Wanted

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OCC has need for replacement coaches in following tier:


Tier 6



New coaches (or returning OCC veterans) can start a new team in tiers 6 and 5 and continue with that team in future seasons. In higher tiers or if substituting coach already has a team in OCC, the team can be any tier appropriate one (no very high TV in low tiers, etc.) but can't win any awards or continue to next season.


Apply by posting to this thread or PMing appropriate tier admins.

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If noone is found it is not possible to volunteer to play a second Team for a season and abondon it right after just to avoid having a 9 coach division am i right?


4. You may only have one active team. When you start a fresh team, your old team is abandoned.

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We are looking for a replacement coach for division 1B, willing to play a "recreated" Dark Elf team for the remaining two matches of the season. Please send a PM to Smiling Tom and myself if you're interested.

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