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[BB2020] Skaven gonna skave


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I've decided to play skaven first under the new rules. Four gutter runners taking a random mutation after 6 SPPs and being either recycled or building on their good result just seems too bloody fun.


Two heads -> 1-turner

Monstrous mouth -> (slower) offensive ball carrier

Horns -> sacker

Big hand -> ball retriever


VLL - try rolling +AG for 2+ jumps into 2TZs, otherwise recycle. Would have to decide at the time whether the team could afford to invest in the 20SPPs required for that 3/16 chance, which would then open up 12SPPs for leap on 3rd skill and 2+ jumps/leaps into 3TZs.

Other - recycle


A 1/3 chance of a good result on first random skill is very nice, the 20K saving directly translates into 1 extra season of viability for that player. An established team that already had 2-3 runners with good random starting skills, new rookies would likely be better not randomising, instead selecting skills to complement the others.


For example, the two heads runner would get break tackle next. Give Juggs to a blitzer, and with only three additional skills (just 60k added value) the team already has above 50% chance of scoring a 1TTD through a backfield wall, assuming team reroll and following actions:

  • 2D blitz (push/BD), 2D block (Push/DD/DS), Thrower pick up, quick pass to GR, catch, handoff to GR, catch, 3x dodge, 2x rush. 

The bash nerf means more rats on the pitch to make the chain pushes viable, and more skills across the team will make it even easier, but having that low TV reliability will be so important..


Winnings will be boosted by 10K per TD. Excellent for skaven, building treasury for re-drafting and/or recycling gutter runners.


Price changes affect the starting roster. Throwers and GRs are now 85K each. 50K linemen/rerolls is very nice for redrafting. 

Basic starting roster:

  • 2 blitzers
  • 1 thrower
  • 4 gutter runners
  • 4 linerats
  • 3 rerolls
  • 955K


I think that would be the usual option, but you could drop thrower, gutter runner or reroll to start with an apothecary. If starting with only 2RRs, you'd want to stick with that for the season, the re-drafting means buying rerolls during a season just wastes 50K.

Starting roster with big guy:

  • 2 blitzers
  • rat ogre
  • 3 runners / 2 runners+thrower
  • 5 linerats
  • 3 rerolls
  • 985K


Again, you could drop a runner, thrower or reroll for an apo.


Important new/changed skills for skaven:

  • Animal Savagery (T): combo of wild animal, bloodlust, bonehead. Roll as per wild animal. If failed, may choose to knock down adjacent teammate (MB applies to armour/injury) to continue activation as normal. If no adjacent teammate is knocked down, the player loses TZs until next activation.
  • Monstrous Mouth (M): catch reroll and protects against strip ball
  • Break tackle (S): 1 dodge/turn can be modified, +1 if ST less than 5, +2 if ST more than 4. Bad for big guys, great for everyone else.
  • Running pass (P): player may continue moving after quick pass, useful for throwers improving their positioning in case of bad or good throw results
  • On the Ball (P): combination of KoR and Pass Block, the KoR component will have same importance for quick scoring, but is now primary skill for throwers only.
  • Defensive (A): cancels opposition guard in player's TZs during opposition turn. Useful on a utility runner, helping protect cage
  • Leap (A): TZs apply, select worst case of starting/landing square. Skill reduces TZs modifiers by 1, but can't reduce from -1 to zero.
  • Stat increases: MA is capped at 9, so no more natural 1-turners. AG is 3/16 chance, ST is 1/8 and 80K. Skaven will be generally better off sticking to skills, making use of reliable mutation access


Star Player access:

  • The Black Gobbo (225k)
  • Glart Smashrip (195k)
  • Grak & Crumbleberry (250k)
  • Hakflem Skuttlespike (180k)
  • Helmut Wulf (140k)
  • Morg'n'Thorg (340k)
  • Varag Ghoul-Chewer (280k)
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I'm excited about Skaven getting a reset to a full team every season. Of course, the lessened removal options also hit your Stormvermin, while every elf team has a MB hitter now, leaving only mutations to make up the difference...


I have never regretted starting with the Rat Ogre (just have to manage one game without apo), but then, my expectations from the RO were just to have early removal, Guard assist for others if they happen to level, and to draw off heat from the Stormvermin until they get to MB. In my experience, they manage to die off on their own by the time you start wondering about TV management for inducements.


Random Gutter mutation can be Tentacles/Iron Skin, so, uh. At least Very Long Legs applies to the new corpse-hopping mechanic and lets you intercept passes easier.

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20 minutes ago, Juriel said:

Random Gutter mutation can be Tentacles/Iron Skin, so, uh. At least Very Long Legs applies to the new corpse-hopping mechanic and lets you intercept passes easier.

Yeah, there's a 2/3 chance of it being meh or completely useless. Those runners become expendable and get to do the riskiest plays until death, end of season, or the bank is nearing reliable maximum so recycling mid-season has positive expected value on the redraft budget. For a long term 20K saving on your best players, I think it will be worth trying regularly.

Also, winnings is now influenced by TDs, so skaven will be rewarded for high scoring games, helping the treasury and runner replacement program. Every 9 touchdowns buys a new gutter runner! I'm gonna add this point to the original post.

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