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Reign of Orcs is over!

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When I first saw this topic I thought you were taunting Andy retiring his team.  This is good too.


Well done, RTSD.  Impressive finish with plenty of distance over second place.  Even if I could have picked the ball in the endzone last week, it would not have changed the final table.


On 9/29/2020 at 8:21 AM, Bouffon said:

I almost won him with luck but messed it up with mistakes. RTSD didn't need the first and showed very little of the latter. Grats.


I watched a few of your games.  You don't have any luck.

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4 hours ago, Kjelstad said:

I watched a few of your games.  You don't have any luck.


Last couple of seasons have been pretty bad when it comes in-pitch luck, but I've kept my team alive. That is the luckiest break anyone who coaches a team good as mine can hope for. Against our tentacle+clawpomb champion, my team remained both alive and on the pitch. That should have given me 2-0 or 2-1 win, but I made couple of bad moves that ended up with my ball -2D blocking itself down and RTSD triple surfing me.


But this is champion's thread, we can talk about me in here when I steal that title:D

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