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MD7 - Clash Of Clans

Winner of Murderbowl LXXXI?  

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Welcome aboard Blood Bowl fans, my name is Jason Voorhes! You made wonderfull choice and tuned in on just the right moment. As today we are having delicious treat ahead of us when two vermin teams collide in Murder Bowl LXXXI! It is match of The Skiitles versus Rolling Warpstones. These beasts have been fighting for decades, trying to overthrow other away from their pedestal. Who will end whom today? Who will rise to the top? Which vermin will lift the trophy? There is only one way to find out, so stay tuned!




Match wont start quite yet, so let's talk with one of our reporters down below. We have our field reporter Chester Fangs on the sideline ready to tell us newest news about pre-game atmosphere. So Chester, how are things powing?


Well Jason, things started out quite calmly in here today. Only 3 goblins were found dead in the locker room and two skaven players are missing. Someone could say that it is quite boring match ahead of us but i sense some trouble stirring up and i am not talking about that Halfling Chef's dish.


I heard some rumours that there were minor indicent on pre-game taunt session. Got anything from that?


Indeed Jason. Flick Stagger, star of Rolling Warpstones told that whoever opposes them will get big chunk of warpstone shoved up in their erm.. backyard. He also told that his claws are sharpened, so if any weak-fleshed spectator dares to intervene the match they won't be doing that again. Also Kerth Rockhard drooled over vampire fledgeling who were meeting his idols and tried to eat that little one, but some could say he were just trolling. Because of those incidents crowd is craving for blood. Lucky them as they have come to the right place for it. Also Rolling Warpstones Official Facetome page had posted this photo which they say describes best their opponent. There is some serious rivalry going on here.




So you expect there to be blood today?


Definetly! I have feeling in my guts that blood is best word to describe todays match. Playing the ball is secondary. My only hope is that this ain't onesided game.


So what's your vision of todays outcome? Does Skiitles have any chance of winning today?


On paper Skiitles has fairly low odds on winning this. In reality Skiitles has even lower chance on even surviving this match, so if no higher powers intervene this is easy match for Rolling Warpstones. I would start carving names in championship rings allready.


And what are expectations on Skiitles camp?


I tried to ask that from one of their stars Swingo Starr, but i couldn't get any comment from him or anyone from their band. But maybe their tongues will be more loosened on half-time.


Thank you Chester. We'll talk more on the half time. Match is about to begin, so remember to order from McMurlys now so they will arrive in halftime!


Let the Murder Bowl LXXXI match begin!





Welcome back to the studio! There has been some connection issues with our broadcast, but our hobgoblin slaves are working on it. It has been bloody match this far and as our own Chester Fangs feared bit one-sided too! As we enter half-time score is 3-1 and it is Rolling Warpstones turn to receive the ball. Chester, did you manage to tackle any player into half time interview?


Well Jason i tried to stop Warpstones goblins, but they were too slippery to get stay put. I tried leaping next to Skiitles coach, but he refused to comment. From the looks of it, i fear that their will is broken. But wait, Flick Stagger is walking towards dugout! Let's see if we can get comments from him.

Flick! Flick, do you have any comment about how your game has gone this far?

*Flick looked up at Chester and nodded.*


Um, okay. There was pitch invasion after first kick-off and while it happened you mangled few spectators to injury box as they proceeded. Aren't you afraid what they are angry?


Hah, who cares about the spectators? Im only saddened that i couldn't kill any of them while i was at it. It was nothing. Those soft-skinned punks weren't any resistance to me! What they could do to me? Boo? Well boo-hoo, bring it on you soft-fisted squigs, even gnoblars hit harder than you. Now excuse me, i need bath to take their stench of my jersey.


There you go Jason! I will go grab bottle of Bloodwiser while we wait for next half to start.


Thank you Chester! We will go on short commercial break. After commercials we will start second half of this bloody game. Remember to vote for your MVP on Murder Bowl LXXXI before next half starts. Voting will be closed when ball is in the air!


What are your expectations on victor? Are you part of the angry crowd? Place your bet in this poll and find out will your vote change the outcome! Will "She Blocks You" be song of the victors? Or will it be "(I Can't Get Foul) Ejection"which will be played from stereos?


If you won't participate i will just say that aint very mice of you. Thanks to our greensuited green vegetable for cutest MD photo, ever.

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