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After failing leaps, losing catchers and running out of ideas i had to stop playing kislevs. In the end i needed reset. My team needed reset. And for the first time in OCC, i played in Tier 6. I used to type stuff along with my seasons and mostly used memes to keep my sanity. Here is how it looked. his time, this season we are taking more serious race. And i chose Bretonnians. What i was thinking...

Anyway, on season 20 we start of our journey and i have set my mind that i will try keep some class in this blog and try theme this season properly. Will we continue playing after season is done and will we still write when season is over? Noone knows, but you have found just the right place to find out.




Hear Ye, Hear Ye!


This is the new beginning for me. This time i play more seriously and more furiously. This time i try to take part (properly) in sidecompetitions. And this is what we start with.


Our leading stars are:


1 - A. J. McLean 0/6 - Blitzer

2 - Brian Littrell 0/6 - Blitzer

3 - Howie Dorough 0/6 - Blitzer

4 - Nick Carter 0/6 - Blitzer


In background we got:


5 - Backing Vocalist John 0/6 - Blocker

6 - Composer Jack 0/6 - Blocker

7 - Mixer Aaron 0/6 - Blocker

8 - Songwriter Alex 0/6 - Blocker


Latest but not the least we've got


9 - Roadie Jules 0/6 - Lineman

10 - Groupie Tom 0/6 - Lineman

11 - Barker Bert 0/6 - Lineman





Our band starts from very bottom, which is in this case Tier 6. Also we got ourselves mixed up in Division B. Luckily we got one dropout in higher tier, which meant we got rid of only experienced team there was in whole Tier 6. Dodged a bullet there, sent by one and only @Pidpad. But moving on.


We've got some different teams in our division. Let's take a look.


  • :undead: Ikterus - Dead Deja BBC - Undead - -
  • :human: Whitehowler - Reiksguard Retirees - Human - -
  • :lizard: Synthric - Rippling Blues - Lizardman - -
  • :welf: cpervert - Jade Guardians - Wood Elf - -
  • :welf: Rydog - The Welf Being Society - Wood Elf - -
  • :necro: BrnLmx - OneLove - Necromantic - -
  • :delf: oldone_bb - Bham! - Dark Elf - -
  • :orc: Fuggernomics - Orks Are People Too.. - Orc - -
  • :orc: SoapyTheBum - Soda Jerkz - Orc -


When every team has joined and schedule is revealed i will make quick summary out of every team. Looking at these teams it is hard to say who will end up first, but as every team is fresh there might be chance for us bretonnians!




Onwards! To glory!

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We gather here to inspect our opponents and our schedule. Possibly to discuss gameplan and our expectations for the match. After the match we will reveal our stress levels and how it afflicted us.


Matchday 1, we face :welf: cpervert - Jade Guardians - Wood Elf - -


Boring Classic starting roster with 2 wardancers, 1 catcher and 2 rerolls. Woodies are nasty to play against and not something i wanted to face straight away. We need to stomp on their wardancers who are mostly defended by the grunts. As it is known, we must concentrate our power to monsters enemies who are protected by grunts.

Expectation: High intensity match, some pressure from us and we try outcas them. Aiming for victory.


Matchday 2, we face :delf: oldone_bb - Bham! - Dark Elf - -


Another elf team, but luckily they dont have much (attleast i hope they dont) dodge players. Pretty standart starting roster with 4 blitzers, 1 runner and 2 rerolls. Personally i wouldnt have started with runner, but that's just me.  Also no assassins, so no fun factor. Again we must give some love to them with our boots.

Expectation: Flawless victory. We will give them decisive pummelling! 


Matchday 3, we face :norse: DreamlandGaming - Gogglebox Gods - Norse - -

Waait a second. There wasnt norse team at first. But as we flip trough our journals we figure that they are here to replace that Undead team. Our Crusade for the living grows shorter. They start out with Yeti, 2 runners, 2 berserkers and 3 rerolls. They dont have ulf's so they don't have that big strenght advantage from us and hopefully our fenders can maintain distance from their Yeti. We need to outnumber them, before they outnumber us.

Expectation: Heavy casualties and hopefully from their end. We expect to get victory from here.


Matchday 4, we face :flings: frick you - Terrifically Terrible - Halfling -


Hoool up! There werent halflings either.. As they have replaced necromantics team our crusade for the living shall be postponed to next season. They have 12 player roster, 2 rerolls and 2 trees. I hope they spend most of their bank before our match, so they can't powerinduce us. They are weak and fragile, so we must find tackle before we face them.

Expectation: Another abomination cleansed from our lands. We will triumph, we will conquer, we will try keep casualties low as possible.


Matchday 5, we face :human: Whitehowler - Reiksguard Retirees - Human - -


Humans. Clearly we are bretter than them. Some coach once asked me in CCL as i was playing humans "why are you playing boring bretonnians?". Truth. 2 catchers, 4 blitzers, ogre and thrower combined with 3 rerolls. Which isnt surprising, humies start allways like that. BOOOOORING. Hard to say how they develop, so i wont be making expectations anymore.

Expectation: -


Matchday 6, we face :orc: SoapyTheBum - Soda Jerkz - Orc -


Orcs without thrower. 4 blorcs, 4 blitzers and 3 rerolls. Interesting set-up, but attleast everyone is AV9. Maybe they will purchase it later on season and as we face them on matchday 6 im most certain they will have it then. We gotta practice our dauntless attacks and make sure their black orcs are pinned.

Expectation: -


Matchday 7, we face :lizard: Synthric - Rippling Blues - Lizardman - -


Standart 6 sauris, kroxigor and 2 reroll build.  Only nuffle knows how well or how badly they have developed on this point. Hopefully their skinks have hogged most of the MVP's, while Sauris are desperate for block. We should have tackle at this point so we will hunt their skinks. Back to the pit!

Expectation: -


Matchday 8, we face :orc: Fuggernomics - Orks Are People Too.. - Orc - -


Another Orc team. So we get 3 powerfull team in row, what i nice schedule we have. They start with Troll, Thrower, 4 black orcs, 4 blitzers and 2 rerolls. That's quite positional heavy roster, which most likely will mean "free blocks" from line of scrimmage are hard to find. But with Troll they are missing goblin for fun fouling and/or oneturner attempt. But as it's cheap player they should be able to get one if they want it.

Expectation: -


Matchday 9, we face :welf: Rydog - The Welf Being Society - Wood Elf - -


Last but not least we get woodies again. We start our season with woodies and end our season with woodies. They have exactly same roster than our matchday 1 opponent. Meaning 2 wardancers, catcher and 2 rerolls. Depending on schedule they can take quite beating before our game, but that's not something im depending on.

Expectation: -


We've got some nice matches ahead of us. Time will show will our expectations match the reality.




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On our very first match we faced wood elves. We had gameplan in mind, which was outcassing them and fouling them. And if possible we should foul their wardancers. They won coin tossing and decided to kick the ball to us.

Packs laden with loot are often low on supplies.


They got some rerolls from kick-off, while we got nothing. Once again Narrator were right.


We broke their armour, but couldnt get anything else than stuns. We fouled them, got stun and from another foul we got ourselves another stun and sending off. We were doing most of the punches, but still had less players on the field. If this carries on our expedition will be total failure.


But we pressed on. Elves pressured us, we moved the ball, elves pressured us more. They had chance to take ballcarrier down, but didn't manage to do that. We moved ball again and had hard choice in front of us. Foul wardancer or form proper screening? If we foul they can get 1d with blockless lino, which isnt that dangerous. So we fouled, only to fail breaking armour and leaving ballcarrier next to their wardancer. So elves took 2d and with help of reroll they managed to sack the ball. Luckily scatter helped us and they couldnt steal it from us. We surfed their catcher and wardancer and got casualty and KO as: A handsome reward for a task well performed.


We struggled bit, but somehow managed to score on T8. They had their catcher and lineman on casualty box. We had 1 peasant sent off. They had 0 on KO box as 2/2 woke up and we got 1 in KO box as our blocker refused to wake up. We set up to defend oneturner, only to get riot event which meant both teams earned one extra turn.




They pushed, we defended as well as we could, but it was in hands of Nuffle as we just couldnt base everyone of their team. So elves would need 2+ pass 2+ catch and 2+ handoff to even the score. But luckily for us they were out of rerolls and Nuffle didnt stand for elfbs.


Our valiant blocker woke up from KO. 10v9! We have advantage!


Elves couldnt break our spirit (nor armour), so our paranoidness had lifted. We managed to find pow on their wardancer, but couldnt break it's armour. So we tried fouling.


Confidence surges as the enemy crumbles!


Sadly our Barker Bert were sent off, but some could say that it were good trade. Elves lost their fighting spirit, but we didn't give them easy time. We managed to inflict Niggling Injury on another wardancer and thus allmost destroyed their team.


It felt that for the rest of the game they just rolled ones. We didn't roll ones. We stole the ball once and we stole the ball second time. Elves couldn't fight back as they were enchanted by our song we had made them in smack talk.


We won 3-0 and took first place for now. Without dicing this could have been total different game.


Room by room, hall by hall, we reclaim what is ours.


Howie Dorough got himself solid 6 SPP from this match and learned Dodge.

No other level ups.

Rolled 5 on the money so we will most likely recruit apotechary.


Next challenge is against dark elves, who havent played their game yet. What will future bring us?

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On 3/23/2021 at 2:30 PM, Nurdell said:

Is that an allusion of "I have to work hard, sometimes with hard setbacks, but persistence wil prevail" of Getting Over It?

It depends much on Nuffles plan for us. There will be casualties, there will be blood, will there be victory?

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We went trough our second quest. This time we faced dark elves, who had won their first game like we did. How did it go? Not perfectly, but not total failure either. We took bit too much stress damage from this journey.


They won the fans and won the coin tossing. They kicked the ball for us. We managed to break some armour from line of scrimmage, they managed to KO our player next turn. We fouled their player to KO box right after. We made some removals, some armour breaks and advanced slowly with the ball. We planned few fouls, but either we failed to down opponent we intented to foul or that player got themselves stunned allready. As latter happened halfway trough our drive i made first mistake on this game. I moved Roadie Jules towards our foul target and decided to not foul, but instead wanted to make elf harder time to dodge away, which involved GFI. Failure, not rerolled. If we would have moved here at first we wouldnt have needed that GFI. Armour break, death.

Another life wasted in the pursuit of glory and gold.


We continued our journey towards their endzone. We pushed from right, we swapped to left, we continued on middle, but we couldnt escape from elves. They managed to get themselves in front of us making our journey harder.

Without tools of iron, you must rely on flesh and indefatigable purpose


But we carried on and were forced to dodge and make 2 gfi's to score on turn 8. Dodge skill helped to save reroll which we didnt need in the end. 1-0!


Elves made vanitypass and couldnt get anything else than downs from line of scrimmage. Second half started with 9v8 as KO's from either side refusing to wake up. We have man advantage!


Second half started with rock against Backing Vocalist John, who luckily suffered only stun! Elves stunned another our blockers from line of scrimmage. They made some screens and picked the ball, which had landed next to sideline. We pressured the ball, but as their ballcarrier has dodge and they are elves they are hard to pin down. They scored rather quickly with minor risk involved, but nuffle allowed it.



Instead of making 2+ dodge (with skill) and double GFI, they made 1d block (pow), ran on TD line to wait for pass. Then their ballcarrier made 2+ dodge, 2+ pass and 2+ catch to make TD. Also that pow KO'd our blitzer, which is allways infuriating if it happens on 1d.


Game was 1-1. We've got 5 turns to grind ourselves into 2-1 victory! Shouldn't be hard! Elves kick were shallow and Nuffle granted elves only kick-off event that could ruin our game. Blitz.




Elves managed to get under the ball with their runner and catched the ball. We got ball down with 1d with cost of our last reroll. But scatter happened straight on line-elfs hands who couldnt fail catching the ball. Elves ran away with the ball and scored another one in 2 turns, making game 2-1 in their favour. But we still have 3 turns to make it 2-2, so it isnt that bad.



The mind cannot hope to withstand such an assault.


This time their kick landed closer to our blitzer, meaning they couldnt catch the ball that easily. In theory attleast. As they pushed towards us they had to make one GFI, which was crucial. They were out of rerolls (as were we) and couldnt reroll it. This meant they had pushed their players towards our half and we could move the ball quickly towards their side. We catched the ball from kick-off and handed it to Howie Dorough who had made our earlier touchdown also. We made some loose screenings hoping that elves couldn't reach us, but as they are elves they obvously could, but attleast they couldnt get blitz on our ball. As there was Groupie Tom in their way. He were quickly removed and suffered death for his heroism.

This is no place for the weak, or the foolhardy.

Elves based our ball with 2 players, meaning there is some risk in our touchdown attempt also. So our valiant players ran to help Howie, who blitzed elf who was basing him. Only dodge (with skill) to make game 2-2. Which we managed to do even without proccing dodge skill. 2-2 on T15!


Elves tried making some vanitypassing, but couldnt do it this time. We made T16 foul as we are taking part in our Tiers Dirty Git competition, but couldnt get anything else than stun from our troubles. Game ended 2-2, which was worse than i had planned in advance, but decent outcome nevertheless.


We suffered 2 casualties, which both were deaths. Apotechary was left unused.


MVP landed to Groupie Tom, who obviously werent valuable enough to use apotechary.

Howie Dorough got himself 6 SPP and is 12/16 at the moment.

Songwriter Alex got himself 2 SPP and is 4/6 at the moment.

We rolled 1 on money, but it is enough for new crewmember. Now we just need to decide what we need. (Peasant obviously, but his role in our team is question)


On matchday 3 we will face Norse who has lost both their previous games. Also they are lacking manpower as they have faced enourmous amount of casualties. This should be winnable match for us and hopefully we can feed few SPP for our other blitzers aswell.


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Finally it is complete! This is something that @Rymdkejsaren gave me inspiration in.


Most will end up here, covered in the poisoned earth, awaiting merciful oblivion.




I will (try) keep this updated as our journey carries on.


On brighter side our squad was reinforced with Bouncer Stan  0/6 - Lineman, but we still have only 10 players at the moment. But we will endure this challenge!

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Matchday 3 and with it our third quest is behind us. We faced brigands, whom call themselves norse. Their team had taken quite some beating allready in their 2 earlier games and we wouldn't be gentle to them either. Or would we?


They were lower on team value (80k), so they induced Boomer. Which was quite unexpected. Personally i would have waited for Bribe to happen, but alas they had different plan.

We won the coin tossing and chose to receive. We even won both sides of stadium so we got ourselves 2+ fame! They fielded boomer and we had brilliant plan to break their armour and thin their numbers. We smacked them, we crushed them, we broke them. But we only got some stuns.




We had masterfull plan to make some vanity pass with our Composer Jack so he could level up. Unfortunatetly we couldnt pick the ball up, which led to turnover. Also this meant that Norse could push trough our badly formed lines and managed to base the ball with 2 players. But we didn't care, we smacked one away and managed to pick the ball and run to safety. Norse pressured us, but we didn't budge. Nick Carter hit their runner with his iron fist and we got first removal of the game. MNG, apotechary were called but he only could make it worse.


Dispatch this thug in brutal fashion, that all may hear of your arrival!


We switched side, Norse followed. They managed to base our ballcarrier (with blodge) with 2 players so we calmly handed ball to Nick Carter. So we switched side again and formed somesort of loosecage-likething. Norse tried chase us, but they couldn't keep up. We tried doing some fouling business, but 1+1 on injury dice wasnt helping us. We stalled for one turn which allmost backfired bit as we didn't  remember to count squares. Norse had chance to make 1d block (with dodge and GFI's included) but they couldnt make it. We scored on T8 like was expected.


2/2 their KO's woke up. Boomer was sent off. Weather changed from nice to nice. They have 11 players vs our 10. Which means they get free blocks now and free blocks again on second drive. Now our armour needs to hold! So they blocked us, they stunned us and they fouled us. Foul was only thing that removed player, but not the player our opponent wanted to remove..


Second half started with 10v10. Few blocks later it was 10v9. They fumbled picking the ball up, so we pushed to their side. If we would have rolled anything else than dubskull on our only block we could have made some riskier moves. But we needed to settle and we based the ball with 2 players. They blocked us, KO'd another one of us and picked the ball up. We had solid plan to base the ballcarrier, but as we didnt find pows we couldnt do it. As they moved their ball forward they encountered problem. They needed to make dodge to form cage. They couldn't hack the dodge, so we got ourselves free 2d on ball! But we couldnt hack it, so their ballcarrier were just pushed. They tried break trough with 1d on ballcarrier, but only got bothdown against our blitzer. We couldn't find 2d on ball, so we settled for 1d surf against the ballcarrier which we succeeded in! Ball scatter was bad as it landed 4 squares from our endzone, but as we managed to dodge towards the ball and made somekind of screen we thought we could secure it next turn.




They failed GFI so we had even better chance! We picked the ball up and handed it to A. J. McLean who used his catch skill to not fumble the ball. We ran ball on their half, but if they could make dodge they could try make 2d against it. Luckily they are no elves, so they couldnt make it! So we moved the ball further knowing that they can't stop us anymore. We scored on T15, leaving 1 turn for us to make classic T16 foul so we could extend our lead in Dirty Git competition.


Game ended 2-0 in our favour!

Driving out corruption is an endless battle, but one that must be fought.


We rolled 6 on money and with 2+ fame we got massive 100k! MVP landed on Composer Jack.


Composer Jack level up thanks to MVP and learned Guard.

Nick Carter leveled up thanks to his touchdown and learned Dodge.

Promoter Tom 0/6 - Lineman was hired.


We have now 11 players in our roster again! Next match is against halflings. That should be winnable match, but we must proceed cautiously.


Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

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