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A Note on Legal Concessions

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In our rulebook, we have the following entry IV - C1:



Legal concessions are exempt from this rule. A coach may legally concede by quitting the match when unable to field three players at the start of a drive.


(My emphasis.)


It has come to our attention that some coaches understand this to mean that a legal (i.e. penalty-free) concession can be made at any point in the match when you will be unable to field three players at the start of the next drive. That is incorrect.


The only time a legal concession can happen in the OCC is when a coach is setting up for a new drive and is unable to field at least three players. This is not how the BB2 client handles it, so it is up to the coaches themselves to follow this rule.


We will update the rulebook to remove any hint of ambiguity.

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