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Ladies and gentleman,


sit back relax and let me tell you of a little sapling with big dreams. A story of hardship, grief, overcoming obstacles and of course friendship.


Some time ago there was a little sapling called "Ember Schüttelast" growing up in the middle of an old forest. He had a quiet life doing nothing more than bathing in the sun, enjoying the peace and quiet of nature and of course snacking on some poor creatures who wondered off to far from home and found himself abandoned in the woods. Since his early days this fellow Tree man always told him how big he was for his age and how he'll grow into a magnificent and majestic Tree one day.


But soon the days of quiet should end oh if only he had known.... The years went by and without really realizing it the Forrest around him began to shrink. After some time, he started realizing that some friends he knew since they were seedlings appeared to be missing. The Forrest was dying and there seemed to be no way of stopping it. One night he awoke from his deep slumber and started hearing some noises. He slowly got up and started to shuffle towards it only to find a horde of Goblins with torches and axes chopping down one tree after another. Furious because of what he just saw he charged towards them in full speed.... or at least he tried. What to him felt like astonishing quickness seemed to not be enough to even get close to them. they just leisurely walked away from him and went on about their work. He tried all night getting them but the effort proved to be futile in the end.... Saddened by the experiences of the last night he had a good and long thing which led to him deciding to follow their tracks to where they supposedly came from. They are destroying his home so he would wreck theirs. He walked for days until he reached something that looked very strange to him. There was a large area in the distance with strange blocks upon blocks made of his dead friends. He instantly knew that would be where he'd find the culprits.


As he was walking towards the location of his final stand he started hearing some screaming coming from ahead of him. He never heard such squeaking before but since it didn't sound like the goblins he witnessed a few days ago he decided to ignore it. As he kept strolling towards his goal the squeaking got louder and louder until it suddenly changed into an angry cursing and he felt something hitting his legs. Once he slowly started looking down he began to notice a big silver-gray is’ round object knocked over on its side and some strange creatures running around his legs.

Somewhere hitting him and a few even started climbing up his legs. They looked strange to him, kind of like goblins but they were not green and had some form of similarity to Hoggs just without the fur. He stopped for a second and tried to brush them of... he shook his leg and tried using his branches to get them off. And gone they were all back on the floor where they belonged.... or so he thought.


Suddenly he felt something stinging him directly in his treetop. Trying to see what it was he turned his head but couldn't manage to make it out. Something started squeaking behind his ear and to his utter surprise he seemed to be able to make out what the squeaking was meant to say. "something something food something knocked over something something how dare you something poor cook we hungry". He froze completely for a few seconds and then thought to himself " if I understand them maybe they can understand me". So, he thought long and hard which was actually kind of difficult with the constant squeaking next to his ear until he thought he grasped the basic concept of their communication and was ready to try.


"ggooo aawwaaaay. Loookkiiinng fooor grreeeen thiiinnggs toooo sstoooommp". The noises suddenly stopped and there was utter silence. He looked at the little creatures faces and they seemed different to him.


"did did you just speak? a wild Tree man that can speak? what on nuffles good earth is going on". Whispers where going around, little creatures talking to each other, mumbling and watching in awe seemingly not believing what just happened. The voice behind his ear shily said: "do you understand what we are saying?".


"yyeeees wwheeeree ggrreeeenn tthhiiinnggs??". After a lot of time and trying to communicate as best as they could possibly manage the situation had unfolded as followed. He had now learned that the green things he wanted to kill are called goblins and that they were spread far and wide. They were weak creatures but seemed to be rather fast for their height. He also learned that the squeaking little creatures where called Halflings and that it seemed like he had by accident knocked over their kettle containing their supposed next meal. The one that managed to climb all the way to his top without getting shaken off called himself "Polo Großjung" and was somewhat of a self-proclaimed leader of the group. They were a Team looking to do something called blood bowl and as luck would have it they were missing a Tree man since one of the two they recruited got chopped down by the goblins in the middle of the night a few days back. Polo explained to him that goblins where much too fast for him to catch and since they would just run away his attempt would be futile. And then came the question that would change everything and give his life a new purpose. "do you wanna join us to play blood bowl? There are a lot of goblins playing as well and you are allowed nay even welcome to kill them. and they can't just run away because it is against the rules."


Ember Schüttelast had a deep and long think. The way it was explained to him he would most likely not be able to come back to his forest home but the way it was going he wouldn't be of any help doing so anyway. After some time, he decided that if he can't change the situation this might as well be the best way to punish the goblins for their wrongdoings.


"Mmeeee Iinnn, sstooommp Ggoooblliinnss gooooood tthhiiinng". So, it was decided and history came to be. A few days later the Team joined season 34 of the CCL. An open league for anyone to try their steal and lose their spurs. The Teams carrier started out slowly with some early wins, a few draws and well a lot of losses but what do you expect from Halflings. But things started to take a turn for the better after the Team got used to each other and especially because Ember Schüttelast started living up to his potential. At first, he got faster cause his teammates had only told him a half-truth. The Goblins and other things where not allowed to leave the pitch on their own but they still where allowed to run away from him. The next thing he learned was how to not only stomp on people but how to slap people with his branches as well making him able to block. shaking of enemy players still seemed to be something that would be useful so next up he trained shaking them off to get his legs free and "run" after the goblins he loved squishing so much. After some time had passed and the season was nearing its end the prophecies of his sapling hood friends came true and he became bigger than the others Trees around. Much bigger and much stronger.


The Team finished the season with an overall winning record which is considered unnormal for your average halfling Team but it wasn't quite enough to qualify for the Playoffs. But since their winnings weren’t shabby at all they decided to go into retirement. They didn't achieve greatness, they wouldn't be remembered by a lot of people and time would wipe their names but they still lived and most of them "or at least the few that shouted the loudest" where still fine. What use is being remembered to you once you are dead? why take the risk? So, they disbanded and went their separate ways. The Halflings scattered around town and Ember Schüttelast decided to go back to his home with his new best friend Astmann Erdbeere. Astmann wasn't as impressive as himself but they developed a deep-rooted friendship over the course of the season and since he had nowhere better to go he decided to follow Ember to his home.


They wandered for a long time and after a few days arrived at the forest.... or at least where the forest should have been. There was nothing left not a single Tree. Ember started looking around for days if he could find any remains of what once was a great forest. A sapling, an acorn anything.... but there was nothing left. After the last Tree had been chopped down they seemed to have decided to burn down what was left and level the whole area by doing so. He was struck with grief and in his great mourning he suddenly took root. Astmann decided to join him since there was nothing really better to do. And so, they sat there for days... weeks.... month.... and nothing happened. This seemed to be their life now. Just two sad and lonely trees waiting for their final days, which could actually take very long if you think about it because well they are trees. After nearly a year that mostly felt like a comatose slumber one day he started hearing noises. These cursed goblins seemed to have noticed the two trees that remained where they thought to have left nothing behind so one sunny day they decided to come back and chop down the two trees they seemingly missed. But this turned out to be a mistake.... a grave mistake. With a loud Roar Ember unearthed his right roots and immediately stomped the Goblin closest to him which didn't move because he was in complete shock. A swing from the left, another from the right and following that another stomp saw 5 Goblins dying immediately. The rest started screaming in fear and running of. At this point he decided that sitting around wallowing in sadness doing nothing wouldn't change a thing. But what could he do? All he knew was his former forest.... and Blood bowl. He talked to Astmann and convinced him that they should go back to the city to pick up where they left off. They took some time to fully unroot but after that went on their way back to the place they had called home for a few bloody months.


After a few days of journey, they nearly arrived back in town. Of course, this didn't go unnoticed and Falko Tomate, a former Teammate of theirs, greeted them well in advance to the Gate. He explained himself to Falko which went something in the way of:" mmeeee wwaaannnt ttoooo ssttooommmpp mmooorre". They were not very far away from the city anymore maybe 2-3 more days in tree speed which basically is like 2 hours in halfling speed. So Falko went ahead to check what they could do. Falko went to the office of the CCl registration to have a look around and see what would be possible. He got told that recently a new season indeed had started but experienced Teams were not allowed to join. He tried to argue but, in the end, decided to stop arguing with the registration-Troll before he gets eaten. Saddened by the news he left and started wondering the street for distractions.


After some strolling around he started hearing a faint shouting in the distance. What was that he was hearing? blood bowl league? Substitution Team? Was There a league besides CCL? May this be the chance to get back on the field? He started running towards the voice and as he was coming closer he finally saw the man. He ran up to him, introduced himself and asked what all this is about. Turned out this person was called Tys123 (strange for a person to have Numbers in their name but who am I to judge) a Nurgle coach playing in the upper divisions of a league called OCC. Yes, I know nurgle coaches are a nasty bunch and most people don't want to associate with them but this was his chance. Seemingly a Team in a somewhat lower division had quit early in the season and they were looking for a replacement. This was their opportunity and maybe it would be the way back in. Falko told Tys123 about his comrades and that they were looking to play again to reminisce in days of past glory. After some consideration the Nurgle Coach agreed and overwhelmed with joy Falko ran back to the two trees.


And that is how the story came together. All their old Teammate where notified. Luckily, they were all still in town and through some kind of miracle none of them got eaten in the meantime. Not all of them where excited about the big news but hey if a talking Tree tells you to do something you do it. Dying on the field of blood bowl is still better than just being squished for having an opinion and so it was decided with an absolute Majority. Ouch Time 2.0 would again be standing on the fields. It is time to make new rivals, settle old grudges and who knows maybe even get even fast or god forbid bigger. We'll see what the OCC will have in store for this still hopeful Halfling Team.




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Since the competition already started we only had a short time to get back into the loop and prepare for our first opponent. The first week had @Gallows Bait and his Human Team in store for us. At the Team meeting the Wetterbiene brothers Falco and Milo were chosen to scout out the opponent. They were known to be master of disguises in the Team.

After a few hours they came back to report on what they had seen. It seemed the Team had an Ogre among their ranks smacking people left and right who looked very scary. Otherwise, something about the team just felt dodgy. Their movements somehow had reminded them more of an Amazon Team which felt wrong to them. One of them seemed to be rather brutal tackling the training dummy's like crazy. They would have to be on the lookout for him. Since they now knew what was waiting for them it was time to make a plan.

Polo Großjung went to the little desk they had built in the few days they had and gestured everyone to be quiet. This didn't work to well since it seemed like the discipline was still slacking from not playing as a Team for so long. He glanced over to his right and looked at Ember Schüttelast. As if he knew what was asked of him he stomped on the ground.... Instant silence! That's how we like it.

Polo cleared his throat and began to speak. “Our first big test is coming up, and I'm optimistic. Game against Humans should be winnable. We will hire a cook to boost moral I know you love a good meal. A wizard should be in the cards as well, and I met our old friend Puggy who's in town. He offered to help us out in the first game to get used to it again.

Simple plan: 1. Win the toss 2. Score early 3. Use wizard to get ball back 4. Score again end of first half 5. Either let them score a consolation Touchdown and then make it 3-1 to seal the deal or just steal the ball again and make it 3-0. Should be rather simple right guys?”

“Astmann you take care of the Ogre. Ember you just have fun and try to kill stuff. For the rest of if you see a good chance to stomp on the Ogres head and the referee isn't looking go for it”

Most of the Halflings started cheering. We had a good plan laid out, a decent meal to come and some old friends to help us out what could possibly go wrong?

Milo Wetterbiene raised his voice and said rather loudly: "what about the rather brutal looking guy we told you about”

“ Just try staying away from him as best as possible, and you'll be fine” Polo replied knowing full well that more than just one of his teammates would get a decent smack to the face by said opponent. But there was nothing he could do about it, so why try and agitate the other players when he could just ignore the topic?

The meeting was ended, and they went on their separate ways knowing full well that tomorrow would be the day they'd step back onto the field once more.

Night went, day came and so did the game. The stadium was packed and somehow upon entering the stadium fans started to cheer louder for us than the opponent. Seems like some people still remembered our former days on the pitch.

Großjung went up to the referees for the coin toss. He chose heads and got tails. Part 1 of our glorious plan already in shambles and the Humans decided to receive the ball.
Weather was nice and a gentle gust was blowing around the players faces. The cook sadly only stole a single re-roll. Short kick close to the centre line on the right side. They ran a few players up around the ball and there came the killer ready for his first victim. Running up fast, kicking Pervince Klumpfuß right in the stomach. He went down on the ground, but it seemed like he was fine. They picked up the ball and went for a block on one of the Wetterbiene brothers standing between the trees. He was put on the floor but got right back up. That more or less ended their turn.

Our right flank was breached, and it was time to salvage the situation. Astmann smacked the Ogre down and grabbed him away from the rest to isolate him. Ember smacked a Lino in the face but didn't manage to hurt him. Puggy was sent to blitz the most advanced player to clear a path for the rest to swing around and get in the way which only resulted in a push. Which wasn't great, but we could still manage to get enough players around to make it somewhat difficult to run past.

The humans kept advancing down the right but only managed to get up to our line of defence. Astmann again smacked the Ogre. Ember was called back, nearly took root but managed to avoid it and ran towards the ball smacking a human that was in the way.

Ended the turn with 6 players based. This had turned into an all out brawl which did not favour us and was absolutely not what we had planned.

A Blitzer stood up and smacked Polo Hochhügel so hard that he got knocked out. That really hurt since he was the only ag4 Halfling on the pitch. Other blocks resulted in a bunch of nothing for them.

But what was that we were seeing? 5 players huddled close together including the ball carrier and 2 of his best blitzers? There was no holding back and the wizard was told to cast a fireball. 2 out of the 5 went down but exactly the two we didn't care about, but there was still a chance. Puggy was told to push an opponent away but decided to pow him instead. Ember was free and in range. He started running at the carrier, didn't take root but nearly went down on the GFI wasting another re-roll. 2D on the ball and he finds the pow instantly hurting the ball carrier what a great feeling. There was no good way to recover the ball but at the end of the turn we had it based with a ST7 tree and a fling.

They managed to hurt Falco Tomate who was looking forward too much to this game but was the first one to permanently leave the field for that day and clear the fling of the ball. 4+ pickup 3+ dodge and 2 GFI's no re-roll needed, and we were down 1-0. At least we managed to force the score early.

Both KO's came back, and we set up for offence. Deep kick by our opponent but suddenly fans came running down from the stands jumping players left and right leaving both teams dazed and confused. A few opponents were laying on the floor, but we had been hit much harder. Astmann and more than half of the flings were down and out for now. We had to change plans and adapt on the go! In Turn 5 Astmann managed to knock the ogre on the ground again. Dudo Spintrich had a quick look around saw that the referees were occupied. He ran up and jumped on the Ogres Head Knocking him out. What a glorious little bugger he is! After two turns of wondering what happened we finally realized that puggy the sneaky bugger was still sitting on the bench getting paid the big bucks for doing nothing. Our coach really didn't seem to be back on his game plan.

Since the tackle bully was on the left we ran to the right to get out of his way and soon after made our way to the safety of the trees or so we thought. Otho Grünflasche who mas meant to protect the ball decided to change plans mid-play and wanted to go 1 square further.... just 1 square what could happen? It would even get us another block. But what a grave mistake it turned out to be. Snakes bit his ankles and he came tumbling down.

Fear struck our hearts. The ball wasn't protected at all. There was an easy 1d with tackle and the opposing player went for it only finding a push. He decided not to re-roll and rather just base up with everything he got around our more or less non-existing cage at this point which would prove to be a big mistake. Two 2+ dodges and a sure foot GFI to get in, a 2d block for a push and Polo Großjung was shoved next to ember with the ball. Ember picked him up and threw him as far as he could. 2+ throw worked, 3+ landing was good and Polo ran in it for his first comeback touchdown on turn 7


They had 1 more turn to go, and we completely disregarded the fact that they could one turn or get a riot and put only inexperienced flings on the line. We really need to have a word with our coach after this game.... The opponent set up decently but couldn't manage to find the pushes he needed.

Double pow + Both down re-rolled into stumble push skull. Right after that stumble and double both down. Manual dodge ended the one turn attempt. Milo Klumpfuß was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice but didn't get hurt for it what a good lad. They tried picking up the ball but fumbled it.

Falco Wetterbiene decided to show them how it's done, made 4 dodges and tried to pick up the ball to mockingly hand it over to a human player but couldn't manage the 4+ to get it of the floor.

Referee blew his whistle and half was over. 1-1 on defensive drive game was looking good.

Second half started with another deep kick and a quick snap for us. Astmann kept to his duty and again punched the Ogre right into the face, grabbed him by the shoulder and threw him back behind himself right into the middle of the Team. This was our chance! The ball was safely out of range, so the little fellas kept swarming towards him until he was surrounded by8 players.

Pervince Klumpfuß took aim, got a little space between them, ran up to get some speed and momentum into his kick and jumped on the Ogre with all he had but sadly all he had was not much and the Ogre only got stunned temporarily.

2 Turns went by and nothing much happened. We tried to keep the ball save and the humans tried to base the ball with their tackle. Turn 11 came around the corner and the coach decided to go with the following plan:


Seems easy enough, doesn't it? Ember smacked the lino and got rewarded with a badly hurt.
First point of the plan was done
Astmann throws a 3d but only finds pushes.
Second point of the plan was done. Not great but acceptable.
Now Milo Baumwolle was up. All he had to do was a 2d blitz with a push being enough to consider it a job well done. He runs up and tries to hit the Human player. Skull + Both down.....
That meant our ball carrier would have to make a naked 2+ dodge from tackle later on without re-roll. Nothing he hadn't managed before but still scary. Re-roll is in and another Skull + Both down.....

The plan? In shambles! The ball? Based by two players including the tackle piece. He managed an easy 3d to get the ball down and from there in out it was an all out brawl with 3 players of each team basing the ball but no one willing to try the pickup. I decided to go for it first after clearing 2 of his players so only a 3+ to get the ball, but I would need to get there first. A teammate was in the way, so he had to move but snaked the 3+ dodge stopping the pickup attempt before it could even happen. The opponents dirty player tried for a 5+ pickup and didn't manage it. Next turn we managed to bring it to a 3+ pickup again which we actually managed. But all the players were clumped up so tightly that there really was no way of getting it save. A knocked over ball carrier and the first actually really decent scatter for our opponent freed the ball, and he got it into a throwers hand. I managed to chain push a fling into position to base the thrower for an assist with a single dodge and then puggy would still have a 55% chance to knock the ball down on a 2d after a 3+ dodge. The first dodge instantly got snaked and that sealed the deal. The carrier was off, nearly all our players were on the ground and at this point our coach dared the opponent to stomp on puggy for his subordination (which he actually did what a good sport). So the first game of the season ended in a 2-1 loss. Felt like it could/should have been a win, but I had great fun and nothing died, so that's a win in my book!

In the post game interview our coach got asked how he could make such grave mistakes and if he believes he'll be able to do a better job in the future. He proclaimed that nothing was done wrong on his part and blamed everything on Milo Baumwolles inability to find a simple push. He was quoted saying: “He'll have LoS duty for the rest of the season let's see how he likes that.

Next up we have @Littleshadow who seems to be some kind of lover of the Russian queen if our intel is correct but well have a closer look into that soon.


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Week 2 came up and so did @Littleshadow and his Khemri Team. The Wetterbiene brothers Falco and Milo were again sent to scout the opposing Team.

Two days before the Match, the Team-meeting was concluded. Milo went up to the desk and started reporting.

We were told Khemri are slow and un-agile Teams but that seems to be a lie. I think they have a dead elf on the Team and the ball carrier seemed to have more muscle tissue on his rotting bones than he was supposed to. That elf guy looks scary, but he has constantly clutched his back in breaks so I think if we kick him there hard enough we should be able to get rid of him.

Polo Großjung went up the front and faced the team.So we have an idea now what is coming for us and since last game our master plan hasn't been revealed we can try it again this time:

1. Win the toss 2. Score early 3. Use wizard to get ball back 4. Score again end of first half 5. Either let them score a consolation Touchdown and then make it 3-1 to seal the deal or just steal the ball again and make it 3-0.

“I heard that Zara was in town, and I know she hates any form of undead Team so we should be able to get her to help us out. A cook and a wizard maybe some babes sounds great even though the last cook was a little disappointing, much to salty. Maybe we can find a better cook this time.

“Ember, Astmann you guys hold up the big pharaoy looking skeletons. If Zara helps us out, she'll be on elf killing duty. Otherwise just try running away as best as possible, don't get hit and we should be fine

The meeting was concluded, and the players went on their way for now. Two days till the match so enough time to get heavily drunk and forget the game will happen and then to sober up again.

The match-day came and as our brave little man entered the stadium the crowd erupted in applause.
Even though they had lost their last match the people seemed to have enjoyed the show and were still on their or maybe no one wanted to see zombies play who knows?

It was the opponents turn to chose so they took heads and it as heads... Another coin toss lost. Again we would not be able to let our master plan unfold. They chose to receive the ball, so we had to defend.

The lazy cook we hired seemed to have fallen asleep before the kickoff, so we didn't manage to steal any re-rolls (rolled 1,1,1). The weather was hotter than normal which didn't seem so bad since we had a deep bench as always. Polo stayed on the bench as always to make sure we had a decent shot on the one-turn if they went for the turn 8 grind.

We kicked the ball, and it landed right in the middle of the Khemri team with a short kick. But what was that? We got a blitz!!! Time to swarm them. A few Halflings went around the sides to make space for Zara to go after the undead elf. A GFI was needed, but she managed to get the POW and knock him out. Now it was Falco Wetterbienes time to run up. He decided to cut a corner to get a little further but failed the dodge, tumbling down onto the floor and breaking his neck. He was dead and there was nothing we could do to save him. One of our brave scouts gone. He will be dearly missed!

The Khemri didn't manage to catch the ball, decided to blitz Milo Klumpfuß who had run up on the right, surrounded Zara with 3 players which only left 2 players behind with the ball and tried to block here off with a skeleton. Double skulls re-roll is in and turns out two skulls rarely come alone so nuffle decided to give another two skulls. Skeleton went down to the floor and their turn was over.

The Trees started with smacking some Tomb Guardians, Falko Tomate decided to run down the right side to support Zara. Bob, who had broken through on the left, went to base the ball.

Zara tried to get to the ball, so she decided to blitz the elf because on a knock she would have just needed a 3+ to get right into the back line but the blitz only got pushes so she stayed where she was.

The rest of the team wrapped around the sides to put more pressure on the ball. Now it was time for Polo Hochhügel to shine. He was a gap in between the Tomb Guardians and made a run for it. After making 4 dodges and 2 GFI's he went for the 4+ pickup and failed. Coach decided it was not worth trying to re-roll because we only had 2. Decent scatter for us towards their backfield, so we were ok with it but now Polo was in danger.

Polo survived to first hit like a man but got knocked out by the second one. Only a KO but still missing for the drive. The dirty player wrestle skeleton decided to blitz a fling to clear the way but couldn't manage the knockdown. The elf went for a 1d on Zara and got the full pow. Rolled a 8 (+1MB) into 9 to knock out Zara with av 8 saving her from a casualty. The rookie thrower went for a 2d but got a 1/9 and decided to eat it. Very re-roll conservative.

So starting turn 2 we were down to 8 players but ball was on the floor and only one player basing it. We decided that it was now or never. The wizard fired a lightning bolt at the star-thrower knocking him over but sadly not out. Ember smacked a Tomb Guardian and Falko Tomate ran up to blitz of a skeleton with a 1d freeing up Milo and basing the ball right after. Milo made the pickup and ran as far as he could successfully making two GFI's. Astmann smacked another skeleton and the rest of the team tried to dodge out and run after the ball to make it save.

The opponent tried everything he could to get us but couldn't manage to get in range on his turn. But he Badly hurt Milo Wetterbiene so both scouts where down for the count.

We decided to be greedy and stall for another turn. They managed to base the ball carrier right next to the end zone but no tackle so a 1/9 to score. Astmann took a 2d rolling skulls, but the re-roll saved us so all we needed for the 1-0 was a 3. A 2 was rolled dodge re-roll was in and... a 3!!! Thank nuffle! We made it by the skin of our teeth and didn't get punished. So our opponent had 4 turns to make it 1-1.

KO's all came back and we decided since the head saw 3 of his players knocked (he had bench but still down to 10.) we went with a wide formation to stop his advance.

Deep kick and he decided to pressure both side leaving his backfield completely open with nothing to defend the thrower who failed the pickup.

We knocked one skeleton down with ember and Zara blitzed another one of Astmann who went a step ahead and threw Pervince Klumpfuß as far as he could. He stuck the landing and based the thrower. We made a few dodges and tried to block of the rest of his team from coming back to assist.

The skeletons doubled back but still ran a single skeleton down the field as a scoring threat. Thrower blitzed the basing player of managing the pickup and started running up the field.

But he was in range of Zara and she smelled blood. Two flings based the scoring threat the rest ran over to the right to block the way. Now there was a decision: Either base the thrower with a fling and then go for the Zara blitz or go for the Zara blitz and have a chance to pick up after making a 2-0 very much possible. We went for the greedy play, dodge worked, GFI as well and then there were double skulls. We committed to the greed and invested the last re-roll but couldn't make the loner re-roll.

He had 2 turns left and a Blitzer 16 squares away so exactly in range with 4 GFI'S.
He handed of to the ag 4 and brought his blitzer in scoring range. But he didn't go far enough to the left so we could still base him with 2 players on 2 GFI'S each. We tried but failed the second GFI so no basing for me. All that was left was a 4+ 2+ 2+. He made the 4+, failed the last GFI but re-roll fixed it for the 1-1.

We still had a chance to one turn and he decided to set up a back line defense on row 11 basically giving us a free attempt at the landing. The kick was perfect for us landing directly on the ag4 in the back line. The kick-off event gave us a much needed re-roll. We cleared of his LoS, handed over to the other ag 4 waiting on the line and went for the throw. The throw looked strange, and he kept flying and flying... it was a “perfect throw” going 3 scatters towards the touchdown zone which normally would be insane but in this case made him land exactly in two tackle zones needing a 5+ to land. Rolled a 4 re-roll was in and another 4...

One square to the left or the right or one square not as far and he would have stuck the landing...
I checked the log and there was not a single 1 in sight so he would have made it...
I guess my opponent knew this would happen and the row 11 setup turned out to be a 200 IQ big brain play in the end.

End of the first half 1-1. Decent result but could/should have been 2-1 but well that's blood bowl.
Second half started with another 3 of his players out to the heat including his undead elf.

The second half was as boring as it gets. Cook at least got us one re-roll this time and kickoff gave us another so 4 in total. We caged up between the trees, faked going left and then swung to the right. Ember removed a skeleton and Zara killed a Tomb Guardian but it regenerated.

On Turn 12 he over committed on the right side for a blitz on Zara and that gave us the opening we needed. Astmann based his sweeper in the back field. Zara cleared the tackler of the ball and the rest of the team ran past their defense.

Since Khemri are rather slow and 3 of them where stuck on Ember they couldn't manage to get back and interfere in a meaningful way. We went for a boring turn 16 stall and scored for the 2-1.

No riot so that is how the game ended. We lost Milo Klumpfuß as well, who scored the Touchdown for the 1-0 so we have 2 friends to mourn in total. Ember reached Superstar status through a casualty he inflicted, rolled a normal and learned guard. Overall a decent result I would say.

Next up we have @Haugster and his Team Scale Mates. Never seen a lizard
team with such a deep bench so let's see how it turns out.

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