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Hey everyone!


Some of you might know that there has been this thing called "Brawl" in OCC earlier. It was ladderbased format where everyone could find opponents freely and there was even awards back in the days. If you dont know what it is here is sub-forum section for it.

As with every ladderleague there is huge amount of coaches at first and then things start slowing down. And as things have been quit for a while brawl has gone into slumber. Now it's time to change that.


I'll introduce you Brawl 2.0


-No more ladder

-Longer matchdays than main-OCC

-Changing ruleset

-Possibility that prizes return


If you are interested in Brawl 2.0 there is poll where you can answer. If we get enough coaches to join things will move forward. Any dates haven't been set in stone yet.


Conversation, suggestions or questions allowed in this thread!

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Brawl 2.0 will most likely start with Mixed Teams. Season is planned to be 5 matchdays long and 2 week matchdays and if all matches are played before deadline matchday moves forward.

Format will be wissen/swiss tournament.

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On 4/18/2021 at 4:07 PM, Ratamo said:

Brawl 2.0 signups have started in here.

There are 5 signups at the moment and we will need more to start brawl season!


Even that this season is with Mixed Teams and you're not 100% sure it's purely made for you, keep in mind that season is 5 matchdays long. Next season there will be totally new rules and possibly prizes! But first there needs to be first season so second season can start!


Also Brawl awards are rare sight, show us why you are special!



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Come join in folks! Mixed teams are an absolute madness but it can be fun and it will be over before things start to get really silly. I think it will be fun to see what starting rosters people bring to a short format with mixed teams. The possibilities are endless!

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Two days signups remaining and we have reached minium amount (and slightly over it)


We have odd number of coaches at the moment so we would need (attleast) 1 to start next phase!

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