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Talk me out of playing goblins in PONI?


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So for PONI, a res tournament where you get a random star then build a team around it, my draw this season was Ripper.


Now, the SENSIBLE thing would be to build a solid orc team.


But sensible is also a bit dull. Sensible isn't my strong suit.


Goblins are bottom tier, so they get more TV and more skills! I mean, if you could add some fun skills to their positionals, what might that be? Ball and chain with MB and Block (possible though it costs 3 out of 9 skills)? Give me some fun suggestions! And there would be plenty of cash leftover for bribes.


And you'd have three trolls, so can definitely give one strong arm just for TTM.




So yeah, talk me out of it?


(Or into it.)

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Ripper doesn't add much to an Orc team. Just eats up TV and occasionally blocks.

Ripper however is the No 1 choice for goblins.



Strong arm on a troll is a bad idea as Ripper is your go to TTM player.

No Really Stupid and No Always Hungry is better than Strong Arm ( 1 3+ is better than 3 2+ )


Block on 1 troll

Pro on the other.

Dirty Player on as many goblins as you are allowed depending on limit on doubles skills.

MB on looney

Large bench and bribes

Skip the pogo as you can't throw it.

And that is about all you need.

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11 hours ago, Rymdkejsaren said:

And there would be plenty of cash leftover for bribes.


I don't see how you didn't just talk yourself into it there.  You should ply goblins, I don't know why we aren't playing goblins right now!

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do it
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Honestly, there was never really any doubt. Ask RK to choose between run-of-the-mill tryhard or comedy self-imploding crazies and see what happens. lol


Playing a standard orc team is just too boring. Last season I played chorfs (I had no choice cause I rolled Hthark), but at least they have some players with high pseudo-MA. I'm fine with some slow players as long as I have some fast/agile ones as well. Hybrid to the bone. Also, I've played chorfs so little that it was actually interesting to play with them competitively.


Then again, that would also go for orcs. I've barely touched them in competitive play.


I'm awaiting the results of the reroll. The thing is, any stars that aren't picked you can hire and make a part of your roster (if you can afford it). So there's a small chance I could get like, two saws, for example. That would be pretty neat. But also something to consider for orcs. Ripper + a chainsaw... though probably that's too expensive.

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You are talking like you think the orc build would be more competitive.

I don't think it is.


Orcs with Ripper is worse than Orcs with any other star so the chance of winning the tourney with Ripper and Orcs is slim.

I'd even take Dribblesnot over Ripper as at least then you get a bigger bench.


Ripper with Goblins is better than Goblins with any other star. 

So since I assume Tier 3 teams get more skills/TV then dependant on what that difference is the goblins could be the more competitive team.

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The way it works is I get nine skills, but can turn two of them into a double. I can stack skills however I want (but no stats allowed).


So, I'm thinking block for both trolls, mb for the looney. Then I'm not sure. I kind of want to do something fun with the bomber... Hail Mary Pass, Pass, both?


A sprint gobbo might be a plan for TTM scores. Other than that, the regular skills don't offer much. Sticking dp on the gobbos seem a bit much. I do like some diving tackle gobbos, but they're a bit too specialised.


Also, I can hire Nobbla or Fungus as an extra star. Currently, Fungus is the plan cause he's awesome. Loooots of strength for a gobbo team. Obviously, I'll take three bribes. I'm on 4 rerolls but could feasibly increase that too.



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I agree with Fungus being better than Nobbla

Double on each troll , MB on looney leaves either 2 doubles or 1 double and 2 normals


Options are

DP for fouling

Block for carrying the ball

2 doubles on 1 troll ( Block and Pro )

HMP or Pass on the bomber but I don't really like either of them as with 4 weapons the bribes are better used on the other weapons

Best double on a weapon is probably block on the looney to stop random 2D against taking him out as often.


If you want 2 normals instead of a double then troll skills are probably better than goblin ones. Guard , Grab or Stand Firm.

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Sticking skills on the trolls seems like a safer investment. Gobbos just go down so easy and any with a skill will automatically be a target. Buuuut, I'm actually thinking Sure Hands on one might not be a terrible idea... ball carrier will be a target anyway. And unless I skip Fungus or reduce my numbers below 16 (which is a bad idea), I can't get more than 4 rerolls, an gobbos eat through them like squig sandwiches, so spending them on pickups would suck. Hell, why not go all in with a block/sure hands gobbo? That's going to be tough to reach for most people as tackle will be sparse and I'll have a lot of big trolls to defend it with. Though I suppose that's a lot of eggs in one very unreliable basket.

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Goblins will fail 1 in every 3 pick ups so since you are unlikely to pick up more than 3 times a match SH saves 1 reroll per game on average.

Assuming you activate the trolls every turn they will fail 2 to 3 Really Stupid each and at least one of them is likely to be at a really inconvenient time.

So Pro on a troll is as good as sure hands when it comes to saving rerolls.

SH saves you from Strip Ball

Pro lets you try to reroll Block dice and Really Stupid when you wouldn't normally be spending a reroll on it.


If you are facing woodies/Kislev then SH is probably better but for everyone else I prefer Pro.


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