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The action is hotting up in the jungle! Last week's challenge really put the krox among the players, and ended in a double-elimination tribal council. Dale Kick-it won the vote by the skin of his teeth - and skeletons aren't known for having much skin. That means it's time to say goodbye to Freight Train and Eyegore Phelps.


Deep in the Lustrian jungle, we will observe the sacred priests of Tepok making sacrifice to their god! But not any sacrifice... will they actually be able to kill a vampire and a flesh golem? Find out, in this special episode of Survivor: Orca-Cola!


Observe as they first try their customary stone dagger. But no hotblooded victims these, to simply die from a slit throat or multiple stab wounds. The diminutive lizards puzzle over the vampire and golem, but they aren't done yet, they're just getting started. It appears that the temple traps are getting a go next. Oh dear, this could be the end of Freight Train. Oof. Classic demise for a vampire though, staked through the heart (and many other body parts) in a spike pit, followed up by beheading by a razor sharp pendulum. I hope, like me, you enjoyed this gloriously gory merging of the temple of doom and vampire tropes. Marvelous stuff. 


Eyegore's lost some ichor from the spike pit, but its neck bolts protected it from the pendulum and so it's still, well, not breathing, but whatever it is that golems do. Clearly not breathing, since their current attempt at hanging isn't working. What could they possibly try next? This sounds interesting. I'm not an expert in saurian languages, but I think they're discussing lightning. And how to... interfere with it? 


I don't recognise this device. Like an inverted U, red around the bend and grey metallic at the bottom of each leg. The device is suspended above the sacrifical pillar that Eyegore is tied to. Ah, they're spinning it. Faster! Faster! Somethings happening! Eyegore's bolts are sparking, flashing, his body is twitching, then spasming, then overloading with violent energies that I know not what of. His body now hangs limp, broken and lifeless. Whatever Extremely Mysterious Process that the lizards used, it was successful. Tepok will be pleased. Praise Tepok.



Eyegore Phelp's last stand.


Back at the camp, Stomp is hungry again.


Stomp: Hahahaha, your name is Time-Fu Panda, but I think it is time for eat panda!

Panda: It's actually time for tribal council, but it seems the producers forgot about us.

Stomp: No need for tribal council, I eat you all then I win

Daryl: What's a tribal council?

Stomp: Where Detlef, I eat him too.

Panda: Until next time, dear viewers. The penultimate episode.

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