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Decision threads and signup thread posted: May 9th
Md8 starts: May 12th
Md9 starts: May 19th
Md9 ends: May 25th (midnight UTC)
Decision threads closes: May 26th (14:00-ish, UTC)

Signups "close": May 26th (14:00-ish UTC) [However, should there be enough extra signups before next season we will create more divisions]
Divisions posted: May 31st (could be earlier and ideally not later)


Signups ingame close: June 4th (20:00 UTC) - If you are not signed in to your division by this point you risk being replaced. If you know you can't signup in time, do mention that in the decision or signup thread (the one that applies to you)
Season 21 starts: June 9th

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