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Sour on Top


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Welcome to the brewery my dear customers. Here, you can follow the legendary moments of the most famous nurgle brewmasters. Every team member is specially talented in handling a specific type of flavour or ingredient. However we are a bit late for the introduction, let's meet them.

Staff members:

- Tarragon's Promise (Beast of Nurgle)
- Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior) [Lvl 6; Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Claw]
- Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior) [Lvl 6; +1 ST, Block, Tentacles, Stand Firm, Guard; -2 MA]
- Peach Push (Nurgle Warrior) [Lvl 6; Block, Guard, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Claw]
- Blueberry Buddies (Nurgle Warrior) [Lvl 6; Block, Dodge, Guard, Stand Firm, +1 AV; -1 MA, -1 AV]

- Salty Addons (Pestigor) [Lvl 7; Block, Sure Hands, Extra Arms, +1 MA, Two Heads, Kick-Off Return; +2 Niggling injury]

- Beetroot-bearer (Pestigor[Lvl 6; Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Claw, Juggernaut; -1 MA]

- Curry King (Pestigor) [Lvl 5; Wrestle, Tackle, Two Heads, Strip Ball; -1 MA]
Peculiar Poppy Seed (Pestigor) [Lvl 3; Block, Tackle]


- Mandarin Movement (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Guard]
- Season Twelve (Rotter)

Devoted customers:

- Nug (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Wrestle]


Retired members:

- Mad Cherry (Beast of Nurgle) [Lvl 4; Stand Firm, Guard, Grab; 47/51 SPP] in S26 (sixth season) died during MD2 (played fourty-six games)
- Raspberry's Revenge (Beast of Nurgle) [Lvl 3; Stand Firm, Guard; +2 Niggling injury; 24/31 SPP] in S29 (nineth season) retired after MD7 (played twenty-nine games)
- D(r)ied Cranberry (Beast of Nurgle) 
[Lvl 3; Stand Firm, Guard; -1 AV; 22/31 SPP] in S32 (twelveth season) retired after MD2 (played twenty-two games)

- Strawberry Smash (Nurgle Warrior) [4/6 SPP] in S22 (second season) died during MD5 (played fourteen games)


- Orange Peel Infuse (Pestigor) [-1 MA] in S21 (first season) retired after MD4 (played a game)
- Fantastically Fun Figs (Pestigor) [-1 AV] in S22 (second season) retired after MD1 (played two games)

- Usual Random Hops (Pestigor) [Lvl 3; Block, Mighty Blow; 24/31 SPP] in S24 (fourth season) died during MD1 (played twenty-one games)

- Catchy Coriander (Pestigor) [Lvl 2; Claw; -1 AG; 6/16 SPP] in S25 (fifth season) retired after MD1 (played nine games)

- Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor) [Lvl 5; Dodge, Wrestle, Tackle, Strip Ball; -1 ST; 53/76 SPP] in S27 (seventh season) retired after MD3 (played fourty-nine games)
- Onion Overdose (Pestigor) [Lvl 3; Mighty Blow, Claw; 30/31 SPP] in S27 (
seventh season) died during MD6 (played twenty-one games)
- Chocolate Chunk (Pestigor) [Lvl 2; Wrestle; 11/16 SPP] in S27 (seventh season) died during MD8 (played four games)
- Earl Grey Dipping (Pestigor) [Lvl 5; Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Claw; 70/76 SPP] in S28 (eighth season) died during MD2 (played fifty-one games)
- Carrot Cake Caretaker (Pestigor) [Lvl 4; 
+1 ST, +1 AG, Dodge; -1 ST; 40/51 SPPin S30 (tenth season) retired after MD1 (played sixteen games)
- Beast of Juniper Berries 
(Pestigorin S30 (tenth season) died during MD3 (played two games)

- Refined Pastry Touch (Rotter) [-1 AG] in S21 (first season) retired after MD3 (played two games)
- Hendo (Rotter) in S21 (first season) retired after MD5 (played four games)

- That Clear Water (Rotter) in S21 (first season) retired after MD6 (played six games)
- Cheesecake Feeling (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Kick; -1 ST; 10/16 SPP] in S22 (second season) retired after MD1 (played ten games)  

- Extra Coffee Flavour (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Wrestle; Niggling injury; 7/16 SPP] in S22 (second season) died during MD3 (played ten games)

- Some Passion Fruit (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Block; -1 ST; 7/16 SPP] in S22 (second season) retired after MD6 (played fourteen games)
- Lemon Cure (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Wrestle; -1 AV; 10/16 SPP] in S22 (second season) retired after MD8 (played six games)
- Cucumber Craft (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Wrestle; -1 ST; 8/16 SPP] in S23 (third season) retired after MD2 (played three games)

- Papaya Pick (Rotter) in S23 (third season) died during MD5 (played eleven games)
- Pine Time (Rotter) in S23 (third season) retired after MD6 (played four games)

- Unexpected Malt (Rotter) [Lvl 3; Dirty Player, Kick; -1 AV; 19/31 SPP] in S23 (third season) retired after MD7 (played twenty-five games)
- Approved Apple (Rotter) [-1 MA, -1 AG; 5/6 SPP] in S24 (fourth season) retired after MD4 (played thirteen games)

- River Styxx (Rotter) [Lvl 3; Guard, Block; -1 AV; 16/31 SPP] in S24 (fourth season) retired after MD7 (played nine games)
- OUCH (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Dirty Player; Niggling injury; 7/16 SPP] in S24 (fourth season) retired after MD7 (played six games)

- Coke Catastrophe (Rotter) in S24 (fourth season) died during MD9 (played four games)

- Pineapple Express (Rotter) [-1 AV, Niggling injury] in S24 (fourth season) retired after MD9 (played two games)

- Eduardo Benavente (Rotter) [-1 AV] in S24 (fourth season) retired after MD9 (played three games)
- Pear Peak (Rotter) [5/6 SPP] in S25 (fifth season) died during MD2 (played two games)
- Biggest Basil (Rotter) [-1 AV] in S25 (fifth season) retired after MD5 (played two games)

- Dieter Schmeidehammer (Rotter) in S25 (fifth season) retired after MD7 (played seven games)
- Magnificent Mint (Rotter) [-1 ST] in S26 (sixth season) retired after MD2 (played eleven games)

- Blitzer Bouillon! (Rotter) in S26 (sixth season) retired after MD2 (played zero games)
- Slaan Sushi! (Rotter) in S27 (seventh season) retired after MD1 (played six games)
- Jamie Hyneman (Rotter) in S27 (seventh season) retired after MD2 (played zero games)
Generous Garlic (Rotter) [5/6 SPP] in S27 (seventh season) died during MD3 (played three games)
- Apricot Avenger (Rotter) in S27 (seventh season) died during MD4 (played one game)

- Banana Boost (Rotter) [Lvl 3; Dirty Player, Wrestle; -1 AG, -1 ST, Niggling injury; 24/31 SPP] in S27 (seventh season) retired after MD7 (played thirty-four games)

Mango Maximus (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Block; 13/16 SPP] in S28 (eighth season) died during MD1 (played five games)
- Pacifist Plum (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Wrestle; -1 ST; 10/16 SPP] in S28 (eighth season) retired after MD2 (played twenty games)
- Cool Kiwi (Rotter) [Lvl 3; Guard, Block; 17/31 SPPin S28 (eighth season) died during MD6 (played twenty-four games)

- Maple Syrup Magnet (Rotter) [-1 MA] in S28 (eighth season) retired after MD6 (played four games)

- Sugar Daddy (Rotter) in S28 (eighth season) died during MD8 (played five games)

- Pomegranate Poll (Rotter) [-1 AV] in S28 (eighth season) retired after MD8 (played three games)
- Vanilla Value (Rotter) 
[-1 MA, -1 ST, -1 AG] in S28 (eighth season) retired after MD8 (played three games)
- Peanut Pope (Rotter) [Niggling injuryin S28 (eighth season) retired after MD9 (played two games)
- Wheat Flakes Forever (Rotter) [Niggling injuryin S29 (nineth season) retired after MD2 (played two games)
- Caramel Crunch (Rotter) in S29 (nineth season) died during MD3 (played five games)

- Phoebe Bridgers (Rotter) in S29 (nineth season) retired after MD8 (played four games)
- Marshmallow Monster (Rotter) [-1 MA, -1 AV] in S29 (nineth season) retired after MD9 (played six games)
Oatmeal Okay (Rotter) [5/6 SPP] in S30 (tenth season) died during MD4 (played ten games)
- Hawthorn Heap (Rotter) [+2 Niggling injuryin S30 (tenth season) retired after MD5 (played eight games)
- The Great Ginger (Rotter) [-1 MAin S30 (tenth season) retired after MD5 (played two games)
- Tonka Beans Tactics (Rotter) [-1 MAin S30 (tenth season) retired after MD5 (played one game)
- Coconut Nuts (Rotter) in S30 (tenth season) died during MD6 (played one game)
- Blackberry Blues (Rotter) in S30 (tenth season) died during MD7 (played two games)
- Magnus Carlsen (Rotter) in S31 (eleventh season) retired after MD1 (played zero games)
- Viswanathan Anand (Rotter) in S31 (eleventh season) retired after MD1 (played zero games)
- Benjamin 'Bumpy' Bunny (Rotter) in S31 (eleventh season) retired after MD5 (played zero games)
- Sea Thorn Towers (Rotter) in S31 (eleventh season) retired after MD5 (played one game)
- Saul Goodman jr. (Rotter) in S31 (eleventh season) retired after MD7 (played zero games)
- Faebellaien Ealalond (Rotter) in S31 (eleventh season) died during MD9 (played eleven games)
- Missed Maracuya (Rotter) [3/6 SPPin S32 (twelveth season) died during MD1 (played nineteen games)
- Sthanee (Rotter) [5/6 SPPin S32 (twelveth season) died during MD2 (played one game)
- Cromelwa Light Step (Rotter) in S32 (twelveth season) retired after MD3 (played zero games)
- idhar Lassraielen (Rotter) in S32 (twelveth season) retired after MD3 (played zero games)
- Oi (Rotter) [2/6 SPP] in S32 (twelveth season) died during MD5 (played sixteen games)

So the team consist of a Beast of Nurgle, 3 Nurgle Warriors, a Pestigor and 6 Rotters at start and collected 3 team re-rolls though we don't know how to use them to make fruity, salty, sour beers but that's just how it goes. Now these items are hanged on the wall in our shop where our clients could watch them for eternity.


Top scorers:

- Salty Addons (Pestigor): 45 touchdowns
- Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor): 10 touchdowns

- Carrot Cake Caretaker (Pestigor): 9 touchdowns
Peculiar Poppy Seed (Pestigor): 7 touchdowns
- Beetroot-bearer (Pestigor): 7 touchdowns (one adminned)
- Earl Grey Dipping (Pestigor): 6 touchdowns (one adminned)

- Usual Random Hops (Pestigor): 5 touchdowns
- Curry King (Pestigor): 5 touchdowns (one adminned)
- Onion Overdose (Pestigor): 3 touchdowns
- Catchy Coriander (Pestigor): 2 touchdowns
- Blueberry Buddies (Nurgle Warrior): 2 touchdowns
- Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior)
: 2 touchdowns (two adminned)
- Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior): 2 touchdowns (one adminned)

- Cucumber Craft (Rotter): 1 touchdown
- Peach Push (Nurgle Warrior): 1 touchdown

- Banana Boost (Rotter): 1 touchdown (one adminned)
Mango Maximus (Rotter): 1 touchdown (one adminned)
- Mandarin Movement (Rotter)
1 touchdown

- Missed Maracuya (Rotter): 1 touchdown

2.) Fearsome attackers:

- Salty Addons (Pestigor): 3 touchdowns in a game
- Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor): 2 touchdowns in a game

- Carrot Cake Caretaker (Pestigor): 2 touchdowns in a game
Peculiar Poppy Seed (Pestigor): 2 touchdowns in a game

3.) Top playmakers:

- Salty Addons (Pestigor): 2 assists and 24 handoffs
- Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor): 1 handoff

- Oi (Rotter): 1 handoff

4.) Top killers:


- Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior): 4 homicides
- Peach Push (Nurgle Warrior): 4 homicides

- Beetroot-bearer (Pestigor): 4 homicides
- Salty Addons (Pestigor): 2 homicides
- Unexpected Malt (Rotter): 1 homicide
- Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior): 1 homicide
- Usual Random Hops (Pestigor): 1 homicide
- Blueberry Buddies (Nurgle Warrior): 1 homicide
- Banana Boost (Rotter): 1 homicide

- Pacifist Plum (Rotter): 1 homicide
- Onion Overdose (Pestigor): 1 homicide

- Oi (Rotter)1 homicide

5.) Top recruiters:

- Peach Push (Nurgle Warrior): 4 devoted customers

- Beetroot-bearer (Pestigor): 4 devoted customers

- Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior): 3 devoted customers
- Unexpected Malt (Rotter): 1 devoted customer
- Salty Addons (Pestigor): 1 devoted customer
- Usual Random Hops (Pestigor): 1 devoted customer
- Blueberry Buddies w(Nurgle Warrior): 1 devoted customer

- Banana Boost (Rotter): 1 devoted customer

- Pacifist Plum (Rotter): 1 devoted customer
- Onion Overdose (Pestigor): 1 devoted customer

- Oi (Rotter): 1 devoted customer

6.) Fan service

- Salty Addons (Pestigor): 2 crowd surfs
- Usual Random Hops (Pestigor): 2 crowd surfs
- Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior): 2 crowd surfs
- Cheesecake Feeling (Rotter): 1 crowd surf
- Some Passion Fruit (Rotter): 1 crowd surf
- Blueberry Buddies (Nurgle Warrior): 1 crowd surf
- Unexpected Malt (Rotter): 1 crowd surf
- Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor): 1 crowd surf

- Carrot Cake Caretaker (Pestigor): 1 crowd surf
- Curry King (Pestigor): 1 crowd surf
- Marshmallow Monster (Rotter): 1 crowd surf
- Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior): 1 crowd surf

- Beetroot-bearer (Pestigor): 1 crowd surf
- Coconut Nuts (Rotter): 1 crowd surf

7.) Those who cheat death:

- Peach Push (Nurgle Warrior): 3 death regenerations

- Blueberry Buddies (Nurgle Warrior): 2 death regenerations
- Carrot Cake Caretaker (Pestigor): 2 death regenerations
- Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior): 1 death regeneration
- Strawberry Smash (Nurgle Warrior): 1 death regeneration

- Mad Cherry (Beast of Nurgle): 1 death regeneration

- Earl Grey Dipping (Pestigor): 1 death regeneration

- Onion Overdose (Pestigor): 1 death regeneration
- Salty Addons (Pestigor): 1 death regeneration
- Raspberry's Revenge (Beast of Nurgle): 1 death regeneration
- Curry King (Pestigor): 1 death regeneration

8.) Those who really died:

- Extra Coffee Flavour (Rotter)
- Strawberry Smash (Nurgle Warrior)
- Papaya Pick (Rotter)
Usual Random Hops (Pestigor)
- Coke Catastrophe (Rotter)
- Pear Peak (Rotter)
Mad Cherry (Beast of Nurgle)

Generous Garlic (Rotter)
- Apricot Avenger (Rotter)

- Onion Overdose (Pestigor)
- Chocolate Chunk (Pestigor)
Mango Maximus (Rotter)

- Earl Grey Dipping (Pestigor)
- Matthias the Decayed (loner Rotter)
- Cool Kiwi (Rotter)
- Sugar Daddy (Rotter)
- Caramel Crunch (Rotter)
- Beast of Juniper Berries (Pestigor)
Oatmeal Okay (Rotter)
- Coconut Nuts (Rotter)
- Blackberry Blues (Rotter)
- Faebellaien Ealalond (Rotter)
- Missed Maracuya (Rotter)
- Sthanee (Rotter)
- Oi (Rotter)


9.) As simple as that:

Sum: 52/111 regeneration (Death: 15/22; Stat bust: 3/19; MNG: 8/18; BH: 26/52)

- Peach Push (Nurgle Warrior): 8/11 regeneration (Death: 3/3; Stat bust: 1/1; MNG: 1/2; BH: 3/5)
- Carrot Cake Caretaker (Pestigor): 4/5 regeneration (Death: 2/2; Stat bust: 1/2; MNG: 0; BH: 1/1)
- Blueberry Buddies (Nurgle Warrior): 6/9 regeneration (Death: 2/2; Stat bust: 0/2; MNG: 0; BH: 4/5)
- Curry King (Pestigor): 3/8 regeneration (Death: 1/1; Stat bust: 1/2; MNG: 0/1; BH: 1/4)
Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior): 5/9 regeneration (Death: 1/1; Stat bust: 0/2; MNG: 2/3; BH: 2/3)
- Salty Addons (Pestigor): 7/16 regeneration (Death: 1/1; Stat bust: 0/2; MNG: 1/2; BH: 5/11)

- Raspberry's Revenge (Beast of Nurgle): 1/4 regeneration (Death: 1/1; Stat bust: 0/2; MNG: 0; BH: 0/1)
- Mad Cherry (Beast of Nurgle): 3/5 regeneration (Death: 1/2; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 2/2; BH: 0/1)
- Strawberry Smash (Nurgle Warrior): 1/2 regeneration (Death: 1/2; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 0)
- Earl Grey Dipping (Pestigor): 4/9 regeneration (Death: 1/2; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0/2; BH: 3/5)
- Onion Overdose (Pestigor): 2/6 regeneration (Death: 1/2; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0/1; BH: 1/3)
Tarragon's Promise (Beast of Nurgle): 1/1 regeneration (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1/1)

- Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior): 2/3 regeneration (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0/1; BH: 2/2)
Peculiar Poppy Seed (Pestigor): 0/2 regeneration (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 0/2)
Beetroot-bearer (Pestigor): 1/2 regeneration (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0/1; MNG: 1/1; BH: 0)
- Catchy Coriander (Pestigor): 1/2 regeneration (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0/1; MNG: 1/1; BH: 0)

- D(r)ied Cranberry (Beast of Nurgle): 1/2 regeneration (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0/1; MNG: 0; BH: 1/1)
- Orange Peel Infuse (Pestigor): 0/1 regeneration (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0/1; MNG: 0; BH: 0)
- Fantastically Fun Figs (Pestigor): 0/1 regeneration (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0/1; MNG: 0; BH: 0)

- Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor): 1/6 regeneration (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0/1; MNG: 0/1; BH: 1/4)
- Chocolate Chunk (Pestigor): 1/2 regeneration (Death: 0/1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1/1)
- Beast of Juniper Berries (Pestigor): 0/1 regeneration (Death: 0/1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 0)
- Usual Random Hops (Pestigor): 0/4 regeneration (Death: 0/1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0/1; BH: 0/2)


10.) A rotter's duty:

Average rotter life (calculated till S29 MD7): 8 games (7,25 with TV retirement or 7,51 without TV retirement)
SPP loss on rotters: 163 (on 30 rotters not calculating the 7 TV retirement ones)

Sum: 154 injuries (Death: 19; Stat bust: 34; MNG: 30; BH: 71)

- Mandarin Movement (Rotter): 12 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 2; BH: 10)

- Faebellaien Ealalond (Rotter): 8 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 7)
- Banana Boost (Rotter): 8 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 3; MNG: 2; BH: 3)
Pacifist Plum (Rotter): 8 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 3; BH: 4)

- Extra Coffee Flavour (Rotter): 6 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 2; BH: 2)
- Vanilla Value (Rotter): 6 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 3; MNG: 1; BH: 2)
Maple Syrup Magnet (Rotter): 6 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 1; BH: 4)
- Oatmeal Okay (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 1; BH: 1)
- Sugar Daddy (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 2; BH: 1)
- Cool Kiwi (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 1; BH: 2)

- Oi (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 1; BH: 2)
- Coke Catastrophe (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 3)

- Marshmallow Monster (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 2; MNG: 2; BH: 0)
- Approved Apple (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 2; MNG: 1; BH: 1)
- Some Passion Fruit (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 2; BH: 1)
Biggest Basil (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 2; BH: 1)
- Lemon Cure (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 1; BH: 2)
- River Styxx (Rotter): 4 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 1; BH: 2)

- Matthias the Decayed (loner Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 2; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 0)
- Sthanee (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 1; BH: 0)
- Papaya Pick (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- Pear Peak (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
Generous Garlic (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- Apricot Avenger (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
Mango Maximus (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1)

- Caramel Crunch (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- Coconut Nuts (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- Blackberry Blues (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
Missed Maracuya (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 1; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- Pineapple Express (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 2; MNG: 0; BH: 0)

- Hawthorn Heap (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 2; MNG: 0; BH: 0)
- Refined Pastry Touch (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 1; BH: 0)
- OUCH (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 1; BH: 0)

- Peanut Pope (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 1; BH: 0)
- Cheesecake Feeling (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
Cucumber Craft (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- Unexpected Malt (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- Eduardo Benavente (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- Magnificent Mint (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 0; BH: 1)

- Pomegranate Poll (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- Wheat Flakes Forever (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- The Great Ginger (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 0; BH: 1)

- Tonka Beans Tactics (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 1; MNG: 0; BH: 1)
- Phoebe Bridgers (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 1; BH: 1)
- That Clear Water (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 2)
- Nug (Rotter): 2 injuries (Death: 0; Stat bust: 0; MNG: 0; BH: 2)

11.) Hall of Fame:

- Earl Grey Dipping (Pestigor) [Lvl 5; Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Claw; 70/76 SPP] played fifty-one games
- Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor) [Lvl 5; Dodge, Wrestle, Tackle, Strip Ball; -1 ST; 53/76 SPP] played fourty-nine games
- Mad Cherry (Beast of Nurgle) [Lvl 4; Stand Firm, Guard, Grab; 47/51 SPP] played fourty-six games
- Banana Boost (Rotter) [Lvl 3; Dirty Player, Wrestle; -1 AG, -1 ST, Niggling injury; 24/31 SPP] played thirty-four games

- Raspberry's Revenge (Beast of Nurgle) [Lvl 3; Stand Firm, Guard; +2 Niggling injury; 24/31 SPP] played twenty-nine games
- Unexpected Malt (Rotter) [Lvl 3; Dirty Player, Kick; -1 AV; 19/31 SPP] played twenty-five games
- Cool Kiwi (Rotter) 
[Lvl 3; Guard, Block; 17/31 SPPplayed twenty-four games
- D(r)ied Cranberry (Beast of Nurgle) 
[Lvl 3; Stand Firm, Guard; -1 AV; 22/31 SPP] played twenty-two games
- Usual Random Hops (Pestigor) [Lvl 3; Block, Mighty Blow; 24/31 SPP] played twenty-one games
- Onion Overdose (Pestigor) [Lvl 3; Mighty Blow, Claw; 30/31 SPP] played twenty-one games
- Pacifist Plum (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Wrestle; -1 ST; 10/16 SPP] 
played twenty games

Seasonal overview:

S21 - Tier 6 (Division 6B): 5W - 2D - 2L earned a third place (103 SPP). 
2.) S22 - Tier 4 (Division 4C): 2W - 3D - 4L earned an eighth place (83 SPP).
3.) S23 - Tier 4 (Division 4C): 7W - 0D - 2L earned a second place (125 SPP).
4.) S24 - Tier 3 (Division 3A): 4W - 3D - 2L earned a fifth place (109 SPP).

5.) S25 - Tier 2 (Division 2C): 2W - 5D - 2L earned a sixth place (82 SPP).
6.) S26 - Tier 2 (Division 2C): 1W - 3D - 5L earned a tenth place (91 SPP).
7.) S27 - Tier 3 (Division 3B): 4W - 3D - 2L earned a third place (100 SPP).
8.) S28 - Tier 2 (Division 2A): 2W - 4D - 3L earned a eighth place (92 SPP).

9.) S29 - Tier 3 (Division 3B): 4W - 4D - 1L earned a first place (111 SPP).

10.) S30 - Tier 2 (Division 2B): 4W - 4D - 1L earned a first place (125 SPP).

11.) S31 - Tier 2 (Division 2A): 6W - 2D - 1L earned a first place (143 SPP).

The winners:

S29 - Tier 3


Also contributed during the season:

- Raspberry's Revenge (Beast of Nurgle) [Lvl 3; Stand Firm, Guard; +2 Niggling injury; 24/31 SPP]

- Wheat Flakes Forever (Rotter) [Niggling injury]
- Caramel Crunch (Rotter) [Dead]

- Phoebe Bridgers (Rotter)

2.) S30 - Tier 2



Also contributed during the season:

- Carrot Cake Caretaker (Pestigor) [Lvl 4; +1 ST, +1 AG, Dodge; -1 ST; 40/51 SPP]
- Beast of Juniper Berries 

Oatmeal Okay (Rotter) [Dead; 5/6 SPP]
- Hawthorn Heap (Rotter) [+2 Niggling injury]
- The Great Ginger (Rotter) [-1 MA]
- Tonka Beans Tactics (Rotter) [-1 MA]
- Coconut Nuts (Rotter) [Dead]
- Blackberry Blues (Rotter) [Dead]

3.) S31 - Tier 2



Also contributed during the season:


- Sea Thorn Towers (Rotter)

- Faebellaien Ealalond (Rotter) [Dead]

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To gather fame and name for our products, outside of the chaos wastes, we enrolled in the Orca Cola Championship's 21th season. Of course, we highly recommend to rename the competition to Nurgle's Brewmasters Best, one of our favourite gose.

League: The OCC - T6
Competition: S21 - Division 6B


- Experimental Virology (Nurgle)
- Silver Lords of Altmer (High Elf)
- Concede? (Dwarf)
- Pro Grave Dancers (Elven Union)
- StormBound (Amazon)
- No Time to Die Again (Necromantic)
- Candyland Janissaries (Underworld Denizens)
- Prime Goons (Orc)
- Blorcing Buddies (Orc)

Before almost each match, we will post our predictions and hopefully our readers will get some insight to our decesions after the match day.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD1

Our first opponent was an orc team (Blorcing Buddies). They chose a traditional 3 re-rolls, 1 Thrower, 4 Blitzer, 4 Black Orc, 2 Lineman path. 

Prediction: Early season this means that our team will have a slight strength advantage due to one, bit unreliable ST5 (Beast of Nurgle) player and a possible ST4 blitzer (Pestigor). It's not that much and considering they four block skills our path probably is carved in hardships, pain and desperation.

Key moments - first half: 

We lost the coin toss but get to start as an attacking unit. 
2.) Turn 3 we managed to push a black orc out. Unfortunately, the palyer joined the substitutes so no bounty collection for his head. Important to note that we smack talked him before the start. Maybe that made him a bit careless. 



3.) Turn 4 a plan that didn't go that well. We got a little greedy and tried to push another orc out (Dawes the blitzer). Because that is what you do to those who doesn't pay for your services. The plan was fabulous and complex. Things what we love. Our diligent rotter had just one task, to make worst case a 8/9 probability push (1 dice, re-rolled) so the tile over Dawes would be occupied. After that we planned to make room for a 4 movement run. Task was passed to our beast of Nurgle (2 dice push 8/9 probability again). We needed that warrior at that exact place so the black orc loses his ability to help. Before the blitz with the laying nurgle warrior another movement had to take place to occupy the tile under Dawes, the wannabe victim. So after 2 pushes and 2 moves an extraordinary oppurtunity could be granted for us. Remove a nasty blitzer from the game or at least for the first half.


Everything is grey on the picture. Why is that? Because we failed at the first step :gutted:

4.) On turn 5 we had to face the consequences.


We managed to pick up the ball but our beast was knocked out by his own punch. Turnover it is :huh:

5.) However our opponent's turn 5 also kept some suprises. He managed to get next to our carrier but before a 1 dice blitz with a free thrower, he failed a re-rolled 1 dice block (double skull). So a silver lining came for us.

And on turn 6 we got away from their lot.




We could score on turn 7 and our beast came back to play. Before the touchdown, one of our rotters got an injury so the orcs had 2 turns in the first half against 10 nurgle players. Things started to be interesting and more hard.

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Key moments - second half: 

1.) Defense started with 10 against 11 players despite the insane amount of blocks the two teams threw at each other.

2.) But the winds were changing. Before our 9th turn even got started a rotter was knocked out from the skirmish line.

3.) On our 9th turn a re-rolled 2 dice block (re-rolled from two both down to two double skull) gave a nurgle warrior another knock out. Our numbers were paling.

4.) Instead of  falling back, we attacked the ball carrier on our 11th turn and knock the ball out of the orc thrower's hands.


At this point we made our second mistake. Our first mistake will be posted in the "what could be done better" part. So, instead of dodging with the rotter at the half line, we tried a 50% really stupid action. No need to tell you, this will never be presented in our "Greatest Moments Near the Distillery and Other Awesome Performance from The Sours" interactive book. Beast of Nurgle went to watch butterflies and we also lost a re-roll because of the loner skill.

5.) But Nuffle smiled on us a little. The orcs missed they sure hands pick up on their turn and we killed one of their blitzers (Hendo). He probably liked our stuff because he joined our team as soon as possible. And gods, we learned from our mistakes and dodged next to our beast to help him remember how to blitz. 


6.) But it was too late. Next turn Mad Cherry (Beast of Nurgle) was knocked out by a grousome black orc and another orc picked up the ball. So our 13th turn started like this:



In the middle of the field we made some good blocks but we failed the most important action. Our blitzer pestigor couldn't execute a re-rolled dodge (probability 3/4 with re-roll). So the second attack on the carrier didn't happen.

7.) As our last remorse we tried a one dice block against their carrier later on turn 14 but that resulted in a push. So at the end the orcs could score as well.

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11 minutes ago, Tallaseksut said:

So, instead of dodging with the rotter at the half line, we tried a 50% really stupid action. ..... Beast of Nurgle

yeah, the hardest thing with nurgle is to know when not to do anything with the beast. sometimes it is best to just have him stand doing nothing.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD1 - Summary

All in all, starting the season with a draw against a good orc team is not a disaster so I'm quite proud of the staff. We could even kill one of their players so maybe this year we really will participate in the bounty hunter challenge.

Dice luck:


What went wrong:

Based on the dice log probably our block and injury dice wasn't that good. Maybe adding to it their lucky block and armor dice this gave them more room to move on the pitch, mostly in the second half. But I must say that it is not a huge difference, more likely a little help from Nuffle so they could even the score.

What went well:

Movement and caging went pretty smoothly in the first half despite the risks we took on turn 4. Also we had some good blocks while defending so I expect nice things from the team.

What could be done better:

Managing the Beast of Nurgle. This was our first mistake:


We learned how to move with him when the third interesting situation came up (turn 12). On turn 10 we blitzed with the pestigor in hope for knocking down one of their blitzers on the side line. After the action I realized that If I had blitzed with the beast I would have gone in front of their carrier with an ST5, tentacle player. We managed to do something like this on turn 13 but probably this would have forced some desperate actions from the orcs long before that.


- Unexpected Malt (Rotter) managed to grab the MVP and he was the killer as well so he learned how to play dirty.
- Hendo (Rotter) joined the team.
- Refined Pastry Touch (Rotter) suffered -1 AG injury. It isn't that bad I used to play with zombies so I will decide his fate later during season because we need our money for warriors and pestigors.


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S21 - Division 6B - MD2

First real prediction post coming. So exciting, maybe it's even too much amusement for the kind hearted. Our next opponent will be an amazon team. Never had the chance or time to gather any information about their alcohol consumption but I will assume, based on their armor and finesse that they will like our berry ale. Which one? For this answer you had to wait but anyway we will bring our finest cherry, blueberry, peach and blackcurrant ones with us.


Their team is a bit quicker than ours with the average movement of 6. This combined with the dodge roster, and 4 blodge player,  could lead to some problematic situations. They survived 49 armor rolls from the dwarves last week, without a trace, so I hope this time they armor will break more and they will fall on their wrong side. This is going to be hard because we don't own block or tackle skills. We have to slow them down and punch as much as we can on the way. On the other hand our attacking unit probably will see annoying screens. Destruction will be the key.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD2

On the second match day we faced an amazon team as you could see in the prediction part.

Key moments - first half:

We won the coin toss and was pitched as an attacking unit. However Nuffle thought that it would be funny to start the match with a Blitz event so our opponent got her 0. round.

2.) We missed the re-rolled pick up (picture before the pick up action). The game launched in a very bad way.


3.) During their first turn they knocked out a rotter and injured an amazon linewoman a bit later. It was a fair trade.

4.) We could grab the ball and form a cage. The last piece in the puzzle would have been a push, so they could not blitz our carrier next round from the upper right corner.

Needless to say, we rolled a double 2 and our rotter became stunned. A
fter 2 rounds we lost 2 re-rolls and our cage was open. :gutted:


5.) Fortunately the amazons concentrated more on their defensive line than attacking us so we could held the ball next round as well.

6.) On our third round came our first calculation mistake. This wasn't our last but this cost us a re-roll.


We should have pushed Antimache near our stunned rotter. This would have helped our last cage rotter to gain a 2 dice block. Instead of this we simply mixed up the block and pushed her next to our rotter who helped getting the two dice block. Because of this Peach Push have to help out with moving away from the upper corner of the cage. We had to call Blueberry to finish the cage but he stumbled.

Yet another  open cage for a one dice block and we lost all of our re-rolls after 3 rounds :huh:

7.) They did not want to attack the carrier again.

Interesting side note: In this round they committed their first block which was not resulted in grounding one of our players. So far 8 out of 8 was a hit.

8.) Both teams succesfully finished their fourth round. We lost another rotter, welcome my dear friend injury,  and started the fifth round with 9 players and a stunned beast.



9.) We tried to move forward as below:


A KO on a thrower helped us form the master plan. We encountered just one problem, the blitz was not perfect and we could not form the cage (all re-rolls lost ages ago). Both players, our warrior and the linewoman, down. Nurgle warrior knocked out. A nurgle warrior is also out of the play after 2 rotters. Eight nurgle staff member was on the pitch and they could attack our cage the third time...

...and this time they delivered.

10.) After their demolishing punches, 2 stunned nurgle players, we knew we would not score this half. 


So we tried to surround the ball.

11.) We missed to blitz a 2 going for it player from the touchdown line but it did not cause any problems. Next time I should check the field more appropriately.


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Key moments - second half: 

1.) Eight of us remained on the field against nine amazons. Our defense turn started with a Perfect defence event so we could rearrange ourselves from this:


To this:


2.) I think the amazons made their biggest mistakes on their ninth round. As seen below, they tried to hit our line instead of surrounding the ball. These block actions occupied 7 of their players. Moreover, they decided not to re-roll the failed pick up. So we got an early chance to grab the ball and lead.


3.) We blitzed next round with the pestigor and secured the ball with a rotter.


I really struggled to decide where to put my last player before securing the ball but I chose the option without a re-roll thanks to the events in the first half. I didn't want to waste a re-roll before the dodge but wanted to secure the backline player's position before it.

Fortunately we could secure the ball.

4.) On their tenth turn they still did not want to defend the ball too strictly.


So we got the chance to clear the ball from the two amazons and we did just that. A follow push with the rotter enabled our pestigor to kick out an amazon from the field and pick up the ball without any distubing opponent player.

5.) 4th door down - Probably best bug ever this season:


I was extremely happy for a moment that my bounty just killed herself on a one dice both down block attempt.

But in reality this happened:


Blackcurrant could regenerate the injury. Almost lost a nurgle warrior on match day 2, almost... :D

6.) We scored on turn 11th. We needed a 2 dice blitz (8/9), combined with a pick up (6/9) and a going for it (5/6). In the end, we had to use a re-roll for the blitz (funny Nuffle, really funny) so I was considering not to score after the pick up but nevertheless I tried, and that was the good decision.

Some very famous photographer shot a picture before the touchdown:


7.) Just the injured players stayed down so their 12th turn started 11 versus 11. Yes, the crowd push did not cause any harm. They knocked out a nurgle warrioir as soon as possible. Ten brave player stayed on the field on our side.

8.) They tried to move the ball from one side of the field:


To the other side:


Thanks to Mad Cherry and his ultimate distubing presence they failed and used their last re-roll as well. It was time to surround the ball once again. Another important note here that the turnover gave us another chance for a crowd surf. The numbers were even again when their 14th turn started.

9.) Without a re-roll they managed to push two of our players, including the beast, from the ball. They collected it (3/6 pick-up; 8/9 dodge) but at the last step their thrower fell and we could yet again do what we do best. Surround the ball...

Before that we did our second calculation mistake, like before a misplaced push to lose a helping hand, but this time we didn't pay its cost.


10.) They punched us hard (four innocent nurgle player crushed to the ground) but were unable to pick up the ball.


You could guess what was our next move. To gather around the ball and pick it up. Maybe we can name a beer after it. Of course the re-rolled pick up failed :wacko:

11.) So they got a truly last chance to score:


But the last one dice hit failed...


...and we WON our first match. One of the hardest of them probably.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD2 - Summary

I'm very satisfied with the result. My opponent's play style was a bit strange for me at first. The amazons concentrated on gaining two dice blocks against my players, the nurgle warriors and the beast as well. This could have led to armor breaks on their side but the 75% (2 dice with block) and 56% (2 dice without block) chances of hitting our players were good enough to causing a lot of the nurgle folk getting to the ground and not hitting.

This playstyle worked mostly in the first part of their defensive drive but after one round with not that effective punching (Key moments - first half 9th event) we could have had a chance to ran a bit deeper in. I think with the setup there, and the two sacraficed carrier block before that, they risked too much. If we would have a re-roll that time our attack drive could have been more threatening.  


Their attack turn was more likely to what I assumed. I think they underestimated the power of the horn and put too much pressure on our skirmish line. I don't see they failed catch as a mistake. With a re-roll they still had 75% probability to secure the ball. After that, with 2 GFI, I would have been forced to make 3 GFI to reach a 2 dice block with my backline rotters.  

Dice luck and other statistics:


- 1st half: 23 nurgle block attempts >> 8 actual blocks (3 both downs) >> 1 injury + 1 KO + 1 stun
- 2nd half: 21 nurgle block attempts >> 8 actual blocks (1 both downs) >> 0 injury + 1 KO + 3 stun

- 1st half: 24 amazon block attempts >> 19 actual blocks (3 both downs) >> 1 injury + 2 KO + 5 stun
- 2nd half: 24 amazon block attempts >>  15 actual blocks (1 both downs) >> 1 injury + 2 KO + 2 stun

What went wrong:

Decreasing the block attempts with the both down counters I think our block probability was usual (14/40 is a bit better than 11/36 but you can see it as a green stat in the dice luck graph).


The armour was usual as well (7/16 is very close to 15/36) and the injury roll goes to the same category (3/7 is very close to 15/36).

The amazon blitzers made 39 out of their 47 or 48 block attempts (somewhere I lost 1 block but doesn't matter) so I think I should give their coach huge credit for their placement on the field to achieve this.

This means 29 75% (2 dice), 10 50% (1 dice) and 9 other (56% or 33%) probability to hit which max around 32 and they achieved 30 without the both downs.

The armour rolls are more tricky. The mighty blow player tried 10 hits on AV8 so let's assume they were all AV7. 10 AV7 means 4 armor breaks and assuming 12 AV8 and 12 AV9 clear hits we could calculate another 3 and 2 so as a result we get 9 which is close to the 13-3 dice luck stat. (Yes, I always wanted to check once the dice luck log and here we are :Bananas:)

As a result we can put in the "What went wrong" part our thin armors. With this extra 3 armor breaks (+30%) they managed to sustain one player advantage from their 7th turn till the end and with the stuns they made our plays more difficult.

Maybe I should put here that we need to cause more injuries. Second match and we could gather 4 SPP from damage. Moreover the rotters gather the MVPs :gutted:

What went well:


Managing the Beast of Nurgle (and pushing out players from the field):D

What could be done better:


Calculation, calculation, calculation. We would have a nice chance to score in the first half of the game with proper counting instead of shaking from errr...fear... excitement in the second half when they made their hand-off, pass run.



- Salty Addons (Pestigor) scored his second and learned to block. We have our first blitzer.
- Strawberry Smash (Nurgle Warrior) joined the team after the match.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD3

It is prediction time (or analysis before the match, has to find a new name for this). The battle against the vile elven union team Pro Grave Dancers will be held on Sunday. They won their first two matches against a necromantic and a nurgle team. Presumably those teams does not understand the core rule to handle elves: DESTRUCTION :D


They own four mobile players (two MA7 and two MA8) so they can easily outrun us given the chance. Fortunately, this team has only one blodge player, just another one blocker and a useful guard. We should concentrate our damage on their key players (catchers, thrower, guard) because this time we own a blocker and face just one dodge skill. Let's hope they have real AV7 and not the impenetrable one. Strength will be on our side.


If they eat up their re-rolls (they start with 2) early then we could stand a chance to gather another clean sheet. Moreover, we can hope for more failed dodge (not that zero 1/9 failed ones last round) in both drives because of the lack of re-rolls. However, we have to plan our offensive carefully because they tend to defend aggressively.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD3

Greetings dear customers. Third match and we faced a real agile team, not a wannabe, fake one like the crushed amazons. You saw the predictions, didn't you? So let's get started.

Key moments - first half:

We had to defend our touchdown line first but at least, we won the fans. We got +1 re-roll and you will see it was very helpful.

2.) The first turn of each team was dissatisfying and boring. But came the second turn of the elves, thus came their first failed dodge. It was an early slip so our team got excited. They couldn't retry the dodge because they re-rolled a block
(Elves: 1 re-roll remaining this half). 


As you can see, we got a chance to get closer to the carrier. It's a bad photo but he is the only player in the third row.

We used our second turn to make them fear our presence.



We had to take 3 extra steps (GFI) to get to position but with a re-roll we could perform this task.

4.) They tried to run. The always run. But before that, they tried to push our nurgle warrior away twice however in the last moments they got scared and could not make a block (2 successful disturbing presence :cool:). 



The run, it was bad. The carrier failed 2 dodge out of 3. I think my opponent made his first mistake here. He should have gone to a different location after the first re-rolled dodge (start of the movement). Instead of playing it safe he tried to dodge again and his player went down.

All in all they used their last re-roll in their third turn and the ball was free...

...to surround

On our third turn we could gather around the ball with the help of Nuffle. Another two extra steps (5/6 successful GFI at this point) but the real help was the re-rolled loner double skull into an injury block (you can see our claim in the bounty hunter topic).


5.) What happened next round? The tides took a turn. That is what those damn tides usually do. They pushed our pestigor on the ball and it scattered away from our players. It was not a disaster, at this point, but it presented a hope to pick up the ball.


...and they took that opportunity. Their player swiped the ball from our feet with a 2 dodge (5/6; 5/6), 2 extra steps (5/6; 5/6) and, of-course, a pick up (3/6) action chain (no re-roll included). 

6.) Next turn we tried to get closer. On the way we fouled a lineman out of play (KO) but on their turn they managed to dodge away again and delivered a perfect pass (5/6 dodge; 3/4 re-rolleable pass; 35/36 re-rollable catch).

They tried to move one of their players near our rotter.



The action needed 2 extra steps (GFI) and a dodge and utterly failed. They lost their third player on their 5th turn for this drive.

7.) Their pass play caught us a bit defenceless. We should have stayed a bit deeper in our half. I should prepare better next time because after the pass we needed 1 clear hit (beast) and a push (nurgle warrior) to obtain a free 1 dice block.


Or at least in theory. The nurgle warrior started so the beast will have a 3 dice block. After declaring the attack I realized that the elf had side step (chosen elf on the photo above). So instead of blocking right away I should have placed a player behind the elf. That way he could not have side stepped next to my player. Fortunately the 20/36 hit connected and the beast delivered the punch with 3 dice as well.

After clearing the obstacles for one rotter, we tried the risky path and gathered help from another one (re-rolled dodge and gfi) to have a 2 dice block and a two player defense line next to their player. 


As you can see, the block wasn't successful but our defense was good enough. On their 6th turn one of them tried to help the carrier so he can block his way toward our touchdown line. I mean, probably 'cause the assumed help failed the dodge at the start of the turn (4/16 failed dodge at this point).

8.) Next step was simple and well known for us. Push an elf out of the pitch (KO, fourth player down). Another good beer name I swear! Scatter was very good and gave us hope not just to avoid a touchdown but to score.


9.) After some positioning (another 2 good GFI to protect the ball on turn 6) we could pick up the ball next round with our 4th re-roll.


10.) As a last resort they tried to steal the ball with a 1 dice block, the but 2/6 chance failed. After the blitz they made their second mistake. The elf thrower stood up and tried to dodge out from his well guarded place. Injury and 5th player out.


11.) After the side step incident, which did not happen in reality just in our mind, on turn 5 (Key moments - first half 7th event) we tried to be smart. Before the blitz with the carrier we positioned our players so the evil elf could not move before us after the blitz. It wasn't perfect we lacked a player for that.



All in all it did not change anything because we rolled a two and both player blocked. Our block skill really paid off itself this half. So at the end we had to just dodge away with a 2/3 as at the start of the turn and we did just that. 1 - 0 to the home side :cool:.

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Key moments - second half:

The bloodweiser babes did not help and all their players stayed down. 7 elves started the second half.


2.) After picking up the ball. We fouled one on the line of skirmish. Expulsion but a KO as well. 6 elves stayed on the pitch.

3.) They tried to push us early. I think that should be their plan so it was okay. We could form a good defense in our turn with some extra moves and a re-roll (8/10 successful GFI).



4.) They tried to surround us. We moved forward. They tried to surround us again. In the process we lost a rotter (KO; 10 vs 6) and they burned both their re-rolls. So at the end of their 11th turn they lost their re-rolls for the second half.

5.) Our team realized that it was the time to run with a help of extra steps (10/13 successful GFI).



6.) Unfortunately they could get next to our player with 4 extra movements and a dodge. I really hoped one would fail from these 5 actions (5/6 success rate each). At this point our strategy was easy. We had to group around their players and score with a dodge.


We did just that (with a re-roll ;)).
7.) Second time the babes helped them. 3 knocked out player returned from their 4. It was their time to shine or at least try to score.  Our player returned as well (11 nice nurgle player against 9 evil elf). Both team gained a turn I was not happy.



they missed a pass (35/36 success rate).

8.) Without a re-roll, I shouted at my players to play it safe. They became misguided and thus we made our first mistake. We had to make one extra step but we managed to do that (11 / 14 GFI went well). After that we messed up.


Instead of blitzing with a rotter without any risk we sent him to the middle of the field. So we had to make a blitz with two extra steps. I do not have to say we managed to do that (13/15 GFI went well) and the result...KO it was (8 evil elfs).

9.) With their re-rolls lost somehow they tried to hit a rotter on the other side of the field and they failed it. Probably the elves should have done that as their last action. Nevertheless, we could continue our attack on the ball.

10.) We could fend off their players who protected the ball and picked it up. It was clear that this called for another run.


Here we made our second mistake. Instead of hitting with the nurgle warrior first we hit with the beast. He became really stupid :gutted:

If we did the other way around then we could move another rotter to defend our pestigor from the left upper corner. But we could managed to reach at least this point:


11.) They failed their first dodge next turn. It was clear that wi will score again. The question was which player will it be. The pestigor needed 3 SPP for his next level but we could not level any of our nurgle warrior to this point so it would have been good to score with one. Unfortunately to do so, I had to make at least one extra step. So I decided to finish all blocks (32/36 "good" results) and make the run at the last minute. We failed our last block so no nurgle warrioir touchdown :gutted:

12.) They failed their second dodge (re-rolled) again. I think it was unnecessary. After the first dodge the elf should just run away.


13.) We could have made a block with a rotter at the half line (3 dice block) but we chose to score.

For their last turn all of their KO players returned (2 return, 10 elves started) but it meant nothing. We managed to grab our greatest win so far :sir:

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S21 - Division 6B - MD3 - Summary

Okay, we had an enormous victory but let's break it down to pieces. Yeah, like we did with the elves on the pitch.

Dice luck and other statistics:



The luck log shows a grand difference but I don't think this was the key in our victory. From our numbers the +1 injury and +1 casualty would have been important but the casualty was healed by the doctors. Let's assume that my opponent would have healed his 8th turn strength injury (+1 player for the second half) because the real apo happened before that.

His block and armor dice says that 2,5 blocks and 2,5 armour breaks missing (+0,5 missing armour break because of the missing blocks). All the blocks with 1,5 armour break should have happened before the elves lost the ball, probably in the first 3 turns (10 block attempts and 5 hits without any effect) and the last armour break is missing from the last turns of the match (four hits without any effect).

Did these event make our play easier? Yes, of course but a KO/injury on a rotter would not have caused us problem in the second half because we played with a substitute, and a possible stun in the first three turns is not a big problem. The -1 elf player in the second half was a nice thing.

The concentrated dodge fails at the early turns in the first half was bad but they were compensated with the insane ball pick up later.


All in all the real problems started with the scatter for them. That was quite lucky (however by my players position and their numbers it would have been hard to get a bad scatter but it was a very good one) and continued with the re-rolled 75% (double 50%) pick up which was enabled with the +1 re-roll and the 2/3 dodge after that.

With the lead on our side the match defining moment was the number of half-time sleepyheads. 

With 7 elves defending, they needed to take risks early on and as a result they burned their re-rolls easily in the second half as well. After 2 - 0 they got extremely unlucky. They played their last turns with almost instant turnovers but the match was decided before this happened.

I think my opponent made mistakes before the frist and third touchdown but the half-time events secured his loss.

What went wrong:

Probably we could put here the MVP again. It was the third different rotter and I could gather just 6 SPP on the strength players (warriors and the beast). Next match we will play against underworld. Maybe there, I could get a level on the beast :cool:  

What went well:

The touchdowns, and we had good dice. Moreover, I think we got the thrid 6 roll on money and the team is starting to be whole.

What could be done better:

I probably missed a hit with the beast because of the 50% really stupid, and this match showed that I should really check which player has side step before declaring an attack.


- Salty Addons (Pestigor) learned to hold the ball really tight (sure hands).
- Orange Peel Infuse (Pestigor) joined the team after the match.

- Refined Pastry Touch (Rotter) left the team because of the agility bust. We still have 2 substitutes and if I'm lucky I could buy the third pestigor next week.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD4

First horrible dice game and first defeat in the season. Let's hope this was the last one. Our opponent bought a wizard for the match and Skitter as a star player so with two journey goblin they had a substitute at start.

Key moments - first half:

They won the coin toss but we could start as an attacking unit. A helpful rock stunned their troll, it started quite well. We tried to fake helping him up and fouled in the process. Unfortunately, he stayed stunned. 

2.) Their second turn wasn't that important. On our second turn we tried to foul the troll again and the result was another stun (third on him now). We finished our movements as below, and probably I should have taken more spaces between the players at the bottom part of the cage because they cast a fireball at their second turn.


The flames strucked:


First armor break and an instant KO for one rotter.

From the opening they attacked our carrier and after a re-roll they brought him down.


The scatter was OK at first, but with a dodge (8/9) and two extra steps (5/6; 5/6) they could pick up (2/3) the ball (41%).

3.) After thinking a lot, the best approach seemed to hit the goblin with the laying pestigor and surfing their blitzer out of the way.


The hit connected but we could not catch the ball (1/3). After cleaning the way to our sure hands player we attempted to grab the ball again (with the highlighted player above) and failed to do so (1/9).

The scatter was bad...


4.) They hit the guarding rotter down, picked up the ball (2/3) and dodged away (35/36). With the help of other sneaky dodges (6 in this turn and one was re-rolled automaticly) they could put up a good defensive line in our midfield.


5.) I made my first two mistakes here. I tried to rush on the carrier and did not put all my players next to those damn denizens before the action. This way they could get away from us and wasn't forced to score early. I should have just hit the rightmost linerat with my blitzer and step next to the carrier.

On our fifth turn we finally closed in with a help of a re-roll.


6.) They dodged away and meanwhile injured our new pestigor (4th connected hit including the fireball and 2nd player down), regeneration failed. This injury, -1 movement, meant that he played just one match and would be kicked out.

7.) We closed in again, using our last re-roll, and they scored on their 6th turn (instead of 4th).

8.) We tried to run for an equalizer but came the magic of the triple skull. To put it into perspective the beast has a chance of 8/216 (4%) to fail. Sometimes bad things happen too often.


9.) So they could march forward for their second touchdown and they did just that.


We tried to secure the ball. Because we lost our last re-roll on turn 6 the pick-up was out of the question. The turn started with a really stupid (1/6) for the beast. Bad time, bad things again. We tried to make their scoring hardder. I decided to blitz the goblin with the block pestigor and not the star player with the rotter in our mid-half.


Unfortuinately, as you can see we failed our last dodgfe (1/3) so our screen was not complete.

Until now I thought that it was a bad idea and I should have just secure the goblin in his original position and blitz Skitter and stay on the same spot with the rotter as above but thze start player wopuld have been one tile upper.

10.) So if I had did the star player blitz he would have to dodge two to the right (8/9; 5/6), stab the protecting rotter (~15/36 with re-roll), pick up the ball with one rotter guarding it (2/3), dodge away (5/6) and make two extra steps (5/6; 5/6). The chain has around 14% success rate.

Instead of this, my opponent stabbed the rotter (10/36); dodged with a goblin (8/9), made a re-rolled hit with his blitzer using an extra step (5/6; 15/16), picked up the ball (8/9) and with two extra step, scored (5/6; 5/6). The chain has around 12% success rate.... :gutted:
I still consider it a mistake because he could have scored with only the star player with a 17% action chain in that case as well but it is not that big as I thought (of course we missed bringing him down but we could not bring down the goblin so it does not matter).


After the second goal it was obvious that we could not win the game and even a draw would be extremely hard. Nevertheless I was releived that it was over. I could try anything without remorse.

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Key moments - second half:

The second half started with perfect defense. We rearranged ourselves so they could not get a clear hit.


The pestigor, nurgle warrior duo was there to harass the enemy ball carrier from the left. The plan was to capture them as soon as possible so we could score twice. The first part of the second half was about chasing them as well as we could.

First, they formed a defensive line and we closed in.



Then the teams repositioned themselves.


We pushed them further.


2.) On their 12th turn they finally failed their first dodge before moving other important players to position. Moreover, the linerat was removed from the pitch (first KO on their side)! 


3.) So we had a better chance now to force them to make a mistake. Unfortunately, another really stupid (1/6) stopped us from blitzing their storm vermin on the front but at least we could injure a goblin in the middle of the pitch. They lost their second player on my 12th turn.

I placed my line protecting rotters so their blitzer could harm them with expensive movement. We needed to use a re-roll for it.



4.) With the really stupid in action and a decent amount of extra steps (4) and some dodges (3 action, 5 dodge with 2 successful auto re-roll) they reached the middle of the field.


5.) Nevertheless, we could attack them with two extra steps and after the scatter had a rotter to protect the ball.




6.) Next turn they tried to close on the ball and protect it with a goblin. After that we formed a cage and blitzed the protector with our "blitzer". It was a good decision because with three dice we rolled 1-2-2 so the block skill came in handy. After that we tried to pick up the ball and used our last re-roll for the extra step. 

We used all our players for the cage so we needed to risk an 50% really stupid to push away the troll from the rotter who could run for the touchdown. We failed the really stupid but executed the dodge. 



7.) They concentrated their defense on the rotter so I gave the order for a run with the blitzer. We could clear his surroundings (2 block) and tried to run. Before that I made a mistake, and tried to activate the beast. Now I know that he needs help for the activation action as well lol



But we failed the second extra step.


8.) We really lost the oppurtunity to score when they injured our front rotter next turn. We lost but maybe next time we will turn the tides.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD4 - Summary

First loss for the team. It was a bit disappointing but we should not expect to perform great all the time.

Dice luck and other statistics:



Our main problem definitely was the missing 3 armor break and 2 injuries and the well timed dodge rolls.

In the first half our opponent made 3 turnover but all was almost last player fails so his team did not suffer from these actions and could reform their attacking and defending lines (5/20 dodge fails resulted in 3 TO). This flexibility combined with getting only one stun from blocks (and two on the troll at the first two turns from fouls) laid the path for their victory. 

Based on the block data (7/16 connected hit in the first half against 11/19 in the second) and the armor breaks (12 in the first half with the fouls and turnovers against 13 in the second) I assume that 2 armor break and 2 injury (3 stun in the first half against 3 stun and 2 KO+ in the second) was missing from the first 4 turns. 

However, we could have survived the missing armor breaks and injuries but we lost 2 players at that time and failed a critical pick up. My opponent used these opportunities well and secured a safe win in the first half.


The second half was not that important. Their dodge rolls stayed quite the same (9/28 dodge fails and 2 TO) and it had a bit better effect (1 KO).

What went wrong:


Almost everything in the first half. The MVP starting to be an issue because the forth was on a rotter as well.


The fifth will be the same...5 games five rotter MVP :wacko:


Rotter MVP possibility:

- MD1: 54,55 %
- MD2: 54,55 %
- MD3: 50 %
- MD4: 46,15 %
- MD5: 50 %

What went well:


Not too much. At least I had to kick out the new pestigor and I gathered the money for a second one. He will join our team soon but I did not want to buy him before MD5 because it would have given a wizard to my MD5 opponent.

What could be done better:


Protecting the back lines and forcing my opponent to score early if they break our defense.



- Orange Peel Infuse (Pestigor) left the team because of the movement bust.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD5

Our fifth game brought us against a necromantic team. I checked my opponent's matches and it was clear that they played like an elf team and it hurt them in their attacking drive because they tended to start their runs late enough to miss scoring. However their defensive play was usually good. Just before our match they leveled up a flesh golem to have ST5. I really was not happy with that outcome.

They could bring some bloodweiser babes (+1 to wake up rolls boooo :D) but that was all the inducements for them.

Key moments - first half:


1.) We started as an attacking unit and catched the ball in an instant with a rotter.

They rolled a quatro skull (re-rolled double skull) in their first turn. Unfortunately not at the start :P



We managed to knock out a zombie. This was our first removal after 7 successful hit with second armor break (first was a stun in the first turn). We could have tried to move in the middle but I thought my players were too far away to form a cage there so we turned to the right. Our pestigor returned the favor with a double skull so both teams burned a re-roll early.




2.) They wasted their second re-roll on a 1 dice action with the right side golem in their second turn.

Unfortunatley on my third turn I finished the cage early with the rotters so I missed an opportunity to foul their ST4 golem. At least we could stun one of their wights. We moved slowly so I had to quicken things up.

3.) They blitzed my blocker pestigor with a golem and the two 2s result gave them another turnover. They tried not to waste their last re-roll.


With a golem down we got an opportunity to run from them. Meanwhile we punched them hard and moved left.



Next turn we moved forward but could not finish the cage because of a really stupid roll so the pestigor had to dodge for it and he failed that. We used our last re-roll to finish the cage properly. 



Probably I should have left the pestigor there (and hit the zombie) to hold the golem. But I feared that the 8 movement werewolf would cut through with 1 dodge (2/3) and hit us from the back.

4.) They managed to pull of two one dice hit (2/3 not to turnover and 1/3 hit; 5/6 not to turnover and 1/2 hit).

We had to held our ground and move a bit backwards in our sixth turn. We caused an injury but the zombie regenerated it so it was just a little help for our last two turns.


5.) Their sixth turn was a disaster. They managed to deliver four clear hits and two stuns with it. At least, they used up their last re-roll.

I tried to form a cage like position and hold one of their werewolf with the beast. As I see now I should have gone with the white plan instead of what I did. It was clear that they would hit my carrier so I should have moved as far as I can and put a nurgle warrior on the back line wight because it had guard.

Side note: Now I see why I put the last nurgle warrior next to the flesh golem. I tried to stop their blitz from the bottom. They could have hit the carrier with the wight after three 2 dice push (golem vs rotter next to the carrier; zombie vs rotter under the golem and zombie vs last rotter next to the wight).



6.) With the guard they could hit our carrier with 2 dice instead of 1 (27/36 instead of 3/6 for knock down). They managed to do that. They grabbed another stun (on the carrier) so retrieving the ball seemed impossible now.

7.) The scatter was not that bad. Our last resort was to score with the front nurgle warrior but I mixed up one push and pushed the wight instead of the nurgle warrior. So I had to blitz the golem to prevent dodging with the warrior instead of blitzing the werewolf who protected the ball.

At this point I was sure that I had to punch them before trying to score. I could stun a golem (blitzed one) and injure the other (on the right side). Unfortunately our second injury was regenerated as well. My necromantic team have never ever done this :P



So we tried to score with 1,5% action chain instead of 3% (again not a big mistake but a mistake like MD4) and we failed our last dodge before the pick up. We finished the first half with a draw.

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Key moments - second half:

Their regenerated players and the knocked out zombie returned so it started with 11 vs 11. We got +1 re-roll this half. It looked good.

2.) The ball was kicked really deep. We formed a defensive line at the half-line.


They hit us really hard with a re-roll and a one dice zombie hit. It was a bit risky after using the re-roll but it did not cause them harm this time.

We pressured them in the middle of their half.



We tried to foul their guard wight at the half-line but failed to break his armor :gutted:
Meanwhile we lost a re-roll as well.


3.) They made a run on our left side so we had to form a proper defensive line there. We had to use a re-roll for it but we managed to drive them away.


4.) Nex turn we could foul the front werewolf and could injure him. Of course, he regenerated himself.



5.) They could form a cage on our left side at the middle of the pitch with a bit risky blitz (1 dice, 3/6 take down) but they could accomplish it.

We tried to get as many players next to the carrier as we could. Unfortunately, we failed two 8/9 hits and could not re-roll the second one.



6.) So they had to hit two of our players instead of three and they got a stun on the back line rotter. I was sure that we would lose the match after this turn.


7.) I had two opportunities to attack the carrier.





I chose the second one and I did not want a support player there because the hit needed 2 extra steps so I judged the support and hit combination too risky. Thus, we tried to hit the carrier with 1 dice (3/4 possibility to bring him down with a re-roll).

The result was...



funny. We used our last re-roll for the hit and the ball needed four throw-ins to move 4 tiles :huh:

Unfortunatly, we could not move there the first rotter with a dodge so they had a chance to score in their last turn.


8.) But came the double skull blitz and the blessed turnover.



However, the game ended as it started, having a beautiful frame because we rolled double skull as well.


Draw it stayed. We really should score next time.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD5 - Summary

After the last turn I was extremely happy to grab a draw here. However, after the analysis I see that during our attack drive I made some crucial mistakes.

Dice luck and other statistics:




Our dice was not good but was not that bad. We lost a block (second half somewhere between turn 12 and 14) and an armor break (stun, probably from the first half) in the game. Our problem was the regeneration and the KO wakes. From three injury (1 KO and 2 direct injury) all three was dismissed between the two halfs. We had 10/12 to have at least one opponent player to stay down. 

They were very unlucky with the injury roll. They armor break probably missing from our attacking drive (between turn 1 and 4) but they managed to cause 7 stuns (+1 from a failed dodge but that doesn't matter) so 3 KO+ (1 from the first half and two from the second half) did not happen. I think it was kind of fair in a way that they got all their players back and I did not start the second drive with less than 11 player, however I had a substitute for that kind of situation.


What went wrong:

I made some mistakes. I could have blocked with the pestigor instead of dodging (Key moments - first half 3rd event) and I mixed up the end attack in the last two turns. I should have moved a bit farer and I really should not mix up pushes next time. In my attacking drive those last stuns did not help. Please Nuffle do not do that next time :D


I just could not get an MVP on anybody who is not a rotter :gutted:

What went well:

Our first nurgle warrioir gained a level. Just with injuries! And what level that was... :cool:

Moreover, we still have uninjured players on the front after 5 games.


What could be done better:


I have to consider and plan last minute attacks better.


- Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior) became stronger than all (+1 strentgh).
- Cheesecake Feeling (Rotter) learned to kick well (god, those MVPs).

- Usual Random Hops (Pestigor) joined the team.
- Hendo (Rotter) left the team because of the too high team value.

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S21 - Division 6B - MD6

Our sixth game brought us against S19 OCC Champion. They had a guard, a mighty blow and a blodge player but lacked other interesting skills. Because of the team value difference they could brough two bloodweiser babes so I did not expect too much difference in players after the first drive or half. However, they did not have any substitutes. The plan was to defend first.

Key moments - first half:


1.) We started with defense so all went according to plan and we formed a line at the half-line.


2.) On their second turn their mighty blow player injured himself and Mad Cherry gained a level. Unfortunately, the apothecary helped to heal the elf's wounds. 

We tried to break through their lines to get to the carrier but got carried away a bit. We blitzed their right flank instead of their left.


But could reposition ourselves with some extra movements next turn (Pestigor 2 GFI, Nurgle Warrior 2 GFI with a re-roll) to held our lines.


3.) After our run we had to do another one to the other part of the field. Those damn elves move fast.


After losing a re-roll (7th action, 1/36 fail chance :gutted:), I did not want to risk the dodge with the second pestigor (I could have blitzed their carrier that way) so I blitzed out from that position to protect our left side. At least before that the re-rolled hit caused an injury so we had a sure 1 player number advantage for the second half.

4.) After their 5th turn it was clear we had to attack because they were in scoring range. So far they accomplished 13 dodge, 5 passes, 2 normal and 6 re-rollable catches without a mistake. I was really not happy about that. This was elfevil.



We could hit the carrier but missed the 75% dodge (like in the first game of the season) so We had 1 player to defend the ball.



The dodge resulted in a knock out but our warrior came back at the start of the next drive.

5.) They scored on their 6th turn. We ha 3 turns to counter it. The plan seemed hard but not impossible.

6.) It seems that we are not that good at counter strikes. We failed the last action to have a proper cage. Now they had the chance to attack our carrier. At least the elf was stunned.


7.) They pulled off 2 67% dodge for the attack (with an auto re-roll) and the one dice hit connected. Now we had to defend the ball instead of going for an equalizer.


We managed to knock out an elf with our 6th move. That was something.

8.) On their 8th turn they returned the favor and knocked out Usual Random Hops, our second, undeveleloped pestigor and attacked the carrier again so they can score at the other side of the field. The carrier was stunned but the ball scattered between a rotter and the beast. They tried to break out but the tantacles came to help.


So the score stayed at 1 - 0 for the half.

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