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Brawl S17 Scheduling


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Hey @cpervert I'm good mate. So,  yes, lets get this done :)


I'm away next week on a work trip until Friday 17/09


So I can either do, this Friday or Saturday night 20:00 UTC, Monday night at the same, or Saturday 18/09 onwards in the evening.


Do any of these work for you?




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On 9/21/2021 at 12:25 PM, Ratamo said:


And as it looks like we got one dropout so incase matches get played and i havent heard anything from thunderstruck match will be admined in Tys123 favour




Boo. I want to play matches.


@thunderstruck I am in the UK and am generally free evenings apart from Tuesday and most of the weekend.

Let me know when you are free.


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On 9/24/2021 at 9:27 PM, Nateguy75 said:

Hey @brocCooLi


Hope all is well. When do you want to do this thing? weeknight evenings generally work for me. 

How about Tuesday or Friday at 20:00 UTC next week? 




just moved and have finally put up my computer again.

friday at 20 utc sounds best, lets go for that!

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Thanks for the game mate. ‘‘Twas a comedy of dice errors at the end , which is the best kind of blood bowl ;) 


I still can’t believe I removed more of my own team than you did :P


Str + pesti? Noice! 

claw cave troll for me :)

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Okay loves! Playoffs have started !


Regular season standings:


1st Brog-Lee

2nd Ratamo

3rd Leman_X_Russ

4th Cpervert

5th Tys123

6th Nateguy75


As we took one dropout it means 1st and 2nd regular season placements will earn free wins.


So matchups are Leman_X_Russ vs Nateguy75 and Cpervert vs Tys123 !


Deadline to get matches played is 09.11.!

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