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Brawl S17 Scheduling


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13 hours ago, Tys123 said:


Not heard back from you.

I am busy Saturday and Tuesday and have another match on Monday but other that that am free every evening.


best day would be today, but that is your problem day :-)

Sunday I can do 9-14

Wednesday: I can do everything after 6pm

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I got lucky at the end. Only 3 players on the pitch but the nurgle needed to pick up the ball in the rain with 2 turns left.


1st turn they made the pick up using a reroll but tried a hand off to get SPP on a pest that failed.

Then turn 16 they failed the pickup with a reroll.


Now do I stick with the theme and take 2 heads on the troll.

Every other level has been 2 heads due to my inability to roll a double or stat.

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Finals are here!


Ratamo made there with admindice and Tys123 made it with help of Nuffle! It's gonna be real rumble!


@brocCooLi & @Leman_X_Russ if you want i can cook bronzematch for you.


Many thanks for everyone who played this season! Next season there shall be new ruleset again but more from that later!


@Tys123 when you want to play? Generally around 18 is good for me, today is booked up but otherwise free. Thus saturday im playing most of the day so if you want then just tell what time you would prefer

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