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Ratamo streams!


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Or attempts attleast


I made some test stream on CCL but totally didn't fail to click correct buttons so it would have been recorded so everyone could see my failures!


So from this day onwards i shall attempt to stream my OCC related games somewhere around here!


I'll try get my games played on thursdays around 17UTC while secondary options being wednesdays same time or saturday during morning hours. Most likely now that i say this i wont be able to stream or my games shall be scheduled other times.


I wont promise that i would be good while i would be playing, nor that i will be funny while i do it. It might be horror for everyone to listen to my "rally-english" and many "umms".

Or it might be best thing you can do while clothes are on. Or off.


First "real stream" i will try to record will happen 23.09.2021 at 17ish UTC!

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