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I went to a tournament


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went to my first tournament yesterday.

Orktober held in Holmfirth in the UK.

Was a fun day out, I am glad that I went.

This cynanide game has made me lazy, having to play properly I was a nightmare at forgetting things like loner and disturbing presence that the game just gives you.


I considered this roster first:



as i usually play skaven but then I decided to take advantage of the fact its a resurrection format to use underworld denizens.   (also let me take a secondary skill which meant I could put block on the rat ogre)




speaking to people at the event, there is a current 'star player' meta and the current over powered underworld build includes Hakflem.    (I don't currently have that miniature anyway).


game 1,  opponent shambling undead.  draw

was first tournament for both of us, very friendly game but we were going too slow and kept getting hurried along by the ref.  final score was 2-2  with about 9 of my team in the cas box.


game 2, opponent human, draw

This chap was experienced tournament and plays lots of fmmbl so game went fast.  his team was built around griff.  griff pick up ball, cage round griff and move down to score.  I think i was lucky to get the draw.  he planned for a standard 2-1.  he let me receive, i scored quickly, he slowly pushed down pitch planning to score on t8.  (he chose not to take easy score on t7).  i managed to knock over his ball carrier on my t8 then spam a load of snotlings and goblins around the ball which meant it was 1-0 at half time.  second half he just received then took the full 8 to score.   (griff holding the ball in a strong cage the whole half).  


game3, opponent nurgle, win!

opponent gave me receive so I scored quickly then he started his slow drive down.  around t6 he left a gap where my horns blitzer managed to knock down his carrier and then by some miracle I got the ball out of a crowd of players with a hero snotling then legged it down the pitch with a goblin and managed to score again.

Second half he just took the full 8 to score once (I was very low on players by the end).  turns out this chap has a following on instagram:




Was a nice day out, was good to use my miniatures, the resurrection format was a nice change from weekly league game.

The venue was fantastic.

The new rat ogre rules with animal savagery make him a much more useful piece.  (especially with block).

if anyone is thinking of trying a tabletop tournament, I recommend it.




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Nice one. Table top as you noticed is a very different animal, but a lot of fun.


Edit to add: I know the Nurgle guy from the Twitter BB community  :D




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