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MD2 - The Vampire's Shadow


Three doors appear in front of you. Only one choice can be made.  

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Endurance is for defensive players. Passing isn't something that comes naturally and passing means other player might get the glory. I wont allow that. I am Blood Bowl god. I won't use my time against mortals, so why did i ponder about claws in first place? My playstyle is unique and elegant, i shall hone my skills with vampires. Maybe they are match for me, which i highly doubt.




As i approach this legendary coaches manor i see that my low expectations aren't met. There are no greeters outside, it's all dark and whoever designed this place was fond of clichés. It feels like i have made terrible mistake when i chose this place. But i can't turn back, i've come too far. I hear whispers and mumbled screams from distance. It reminds me of my childhood. I can see pale thralls around, few are lying on the stone floor and they look to be stunned. What on earth is this?


It's lust my friend.. Hollow voice says from direction i can't tell. Lust for blood and lust for fame.. As i hear it again im getting more and more confident that the voice could belong to the one i came to see. But before i can open my mouth and ask am i right the voice just continues. I know why you are here.. But you must choose your own path.. Not take something that was told, but something you need.. First thing that pops into my head is why does he speak like that, they are like bad riddles. Just how can i know what i need if he won't tell me. Shouldn't have trusted vampires. The question needs to be asked with the understanding of what you face.. So who as teams do you face or perhaps who do you not face? With out the knowledge the answer is probably based on what you like instead of what you need... Ta ta.


The voice stops and it feels like i have another choice in front of me. I have heard that vampires do have few unique ways and as they can't help me choose i shall choose myself. I have heard that vampires have few unique techniques which could help me on my journey. I could survey their lust and see is it the reason they are so good at this game. But not as good as i am.




Or then i could see how do they hypnotize those thralls and other players. I look most of players down anyway. I could learn how to gaze with elegance and arrogance.




I could also just leave this place and sell the location to traveling Bretonnians of Lasker. They are another highborn race and there could be some things to learn.



What is the route i will take? What is the best solution for me? I'll need to properly think this trough.


So what route will Chris T.N.O. Primadonna take? You must choose on the poll! Is he lusting, gazing or betraying? You must choose what is the thing you want to see next! If you enjoyed the post and the journey thus far you can also leave upvote on this post.

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