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MD3 - The Knights who say...


Four dusty paths stand before  

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I must say all that creepy stuff is annoying.
That whole talking without seeing who I am actually talking to is also annoying. I think I could learn Gaze. But there is only one problem. To learn that gaze thing I would have to stay in this place much longer. And actually I already know how to gaze with with elegance and arrogance.
Well at least this creepy place allowed me to learn my inner strength.

Ok I do not want to stay here for even second longer. I need to meet some people not hollow voices. And those creeps should learn better.


The Knights who say...

After week of travel I found Lasker Knights.
They were standing between woods, all wearing heavy armor with squires standing between them. I see one of them is bigger and clad in black armor.


As I approached them I shouted to Black Knight: Mighty Knight. Come and speak with me. I have urgent thing to tell you! The Vampires...

Knights of Nu: Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu!
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: What are you doing?
Black Knight of Nu: We are the Knights who say..... "Nu"!
I felt strange tingling and my muscles tightened.
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna:  No! Not the Knights who say "Nu"!
Black Knight of Nu: The same.
Other Knight of Nu: Who are we?
Black Knight of Ni: We are the keepers of the sacred words: Nu, GFI, and Nu-ffle!
Other knights started humming: Nu-ffle, Nu-flle, Nu-ffle!
Black Knight of Nu: The knights who say "Nu" demand..... a sacrifice!
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: Knights of Nu, I am not simple traveller, I am Blood Bowl god and demand being heard.
Black Knight of Nu: No, and you shall not pass until you bring us..... a sacrifice!

That knight started to be annoying so I kicked him with speed of Wardancer and punch of Ogre.
Kick landed on his left arm ripping it from his body.

Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: I have won!
Black Knight of Nu: No you are not.
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: Yes I do, you are crippled.
Black Knight of Nu: It's only a flesh wound.
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: It is serious injury, you should get apothecary or you would bleed to death. Now you will listen to what I have to say?
Knights of Nu: Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu!
My muscles  tightened again, I started to see black spots and fell to the ground.
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna:No! Noooo! Aaaugh!
Black Knight of the Nu: We shall say "Nu" again to you... if you do not appease us.
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: Well what is it you want?
Black Knight of Nu: We want..... - thunder strikes in the distance -
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: A *WHAT*?
Knights of Nu: Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu! Nu!
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna
: : No! No! Please, please, no more! Let me think. I might find you a shrubbery.
Black Knight of Nu: You must return here with a shrubbery... or else you will never pass the ball... accurately.
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: O Knights of Nu, you are just and fair, and if I would return with a shrubbery,  would you teach me your ways?
Black Knight of Nu: One shrubbery that looks nice.
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: Of course! Everything I do is perfect.
Black Knight of Nu: And not *too* expensive.
Chris T.N.O.Primadonna: Ok ok I understand.

Now I wonder what should I do. I could go and find that blasted shrubbery. Then I might be able to get Knights to get rid of Vampires for not teaching me anything useful. But this might take some time so as Knights are now busy I could attack them again. It could succeed. Or I can just leave Knights and Vampires alone and go search something or someone else to teach me. As I tried all noble or mighty maybe I should learn the ways of Small.
I could find some famous Goblin - Sir Borke and his Wily Warranted Whatnots to teach me or go with less mean Coach GaryW and his Gorleston Apple Greens.

So what does Chris T.N.O. Primadonna needs to do now?
Should he obey Knights of Nu and get them Shrubbery. OR attack and tackle them in swift strike?
Or maybe screw the knights and their quest and go for lesson with Goblins or Halflings?
You can decide Chris fate up there in Pool (and can upvote post if you enjoyed this part of Chris journey)

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