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Is there any league awards list anywhere?
I tried to search but couldn't find any.


Also, if I am entitled to an award how do I get it in my signature?

I ask because I saw on someone else's signature an award for stepping in as a replacement, yet I stepped in as replacement in season 18 div 4a but I don't have any award.
How does that work exactly?
Do I have to know what awards are available and let some admin know that I am meeting the requirements?


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Awards come by default! However all awards havent been here long and if i recall the star award (for stepping in and such) hasnt been here for that long (like 3-4 seasons give or take)


Awards list can be found here


Admins handle awards by tier and leaguewide are done separatetly.


Tldr; I assume that award wasnt there at that point and backtracking all possible awards is too big task by default.


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