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S30 Division 1A - Replacement Needed


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We just lost a coach in division 1A and need a replacement as soon as possible.


Since the season has just started, there is possibly even an option here to get the full 9 games in against tier 1 coaches, so get in while you still can!


You can apply with one of the following options:


- If you have a team that is currently sitting out (i.e. it was the last team you played in the OCC, and you are currently not playing another team in the OCC), and that team was last placed in or close to tier 1: You can apply with that team and play the season normally, continuing with your team afterwards.

- If you have another team of similar strength to a tier 1 team, or you want to create a team that is an exact replica of the team that dropped: You can join as a temporary stand-in, playing the full season but then not being allowed to continue with that team.


Please contact one of the admins of the Championship and Tier 1, @Ratamo, @wismerhill, @SoapyTheBum or @Borke, if you are interested.

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