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Signups for OCC on BB3 (seeding tournament)


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The OCC is moving to BB3. You can read all about it in this announcement.


Because of the planning needed for this move, and because we are starting our journey in BB3 with a seeding tournament, we would like to know how many coaches will be participating well in advance. That's why we are opening the signups today already.


If you sign up below, you are signing up to participate in a tournament that starts approximately April 3 or April 10, and that lasts for approximately 9 to 12 weeks (with one match per week). Your performance in the tournament will then determine where (in which tier and division) you start when the actual first season of OCC on BB3 is played.


All of the usual OCC rules will apply to this tournament and the subsequent league, including the following:


  • It is assumed you'll be able to play at what's normally considered European friendly times (so, evenings UTC+1 winter/ UTC +2 summer) and/or weekends.
  • The team needs to be a fresh one (unless you've already had a team in the competition and are returning from a break).
  • Your players will die. Repeatedly. I know mine have.


To be guaranteed a spot in the seeding tournament, you need to sign up by March 14 (14:00-ish UTC). This thread will be kept open longer but after the cut-off date you will be on the reserve list.


Further information about the seeding tournament will be posted in the announcement section of this forum at a later date.


When signing up, please use the following template:


Coach name (in BB3):

Team name:



By signing up you confirm that you've read the rules.


One more thing: This is the one time you are encouraged to edit your post, please post early and change as is necessary up until the deadline..

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Coach name (in BB3): TheSpydyr

Team name: LizOrcaMen ColaGuzzlers

Faction/race: Lizards


Absolutely...been waiting for this. The ColaGuzzlers will be back for another run at the title!


Too bad we will never see the likes of Sun Drop again. It will be fun to see what he turns into in this version though.

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