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The OCC is moving to BB3


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My fellow OCC coaches, members, followers, admins and green suits -


The time has come! The OCC is moving to BB3!


Following the recent introduction of league admin tools to BB3, we now see nothing standing in the way of starting the long awaited OCC BB3 league. Continue reading this post to find out how this is going to happen.


We start with a seeding tournament!


Just like we did with BB2, the OCC will start its journey in BB3 with a seeding tournament. The exact format of this tournament is yet to be determined, it will depend on the number of coaches who sign up for it. The seeding tournament will determine the position of all the teams in the divisions going forward into the first season.


There is a signup thread up already for the OCC3 seeding tournament, here.


What will be the rules for OCC3?


As far as community rules etc. go, everything will stay the same.


However, we have to of course accomodate the new game rules of BB3 (namely the BB2020 ruleset), as well as the technical limitations of the BB3 client (there will for example be a different procedure for matches that need to be reset). We will allow all factions that are available (free or for purchase) in the BB3 client.


Additional details will be announced later, but feel free to also ask about specific rules in the OCC BB3 discussion thread in the locker room, here.


When will the OCC3 seeding tournament start?


It will start at some point after season 33 of OCC2 finishes. Ideally we won't have more than about 3 weeks downtime between the end of OCC2 and the start of the OCC3 seeding tournament. At present, that would mean a start date of April 3 (or maybe April 10) for the seeding tournament.


Does this mean OCC2 is ending with season 33?


Possibly. When the current season of OCC2 comes to a close, we will open a post where you can declare your interest in continuing to play the OCC2 league beyond the current season. We had a similar "legacy" league for a while after the OCC moved from BB1 to BB2, it's possible that we do it again, if there is enough interest.

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