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Plans for the BB3 Seeding tournament.


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To answer a bunch of questions in one place, here goes my very loose plans for this thing.


Turn Time: We are going to test the Competitive setting (2 min per turn plus a timebank of 7 min 30sec to use over the match). We will follow this up with a poll of some sort to see what you think of this.

Worth noting is that BB3 plays faster than BB2 in general.


Structure: If we get 120 coaches or less it will be 10 groups of a suitable number of people in a round robin. Winners to Championship and so on (exact league structure also to be decided). If there's more than 120 coaches I need to get creative. Possibly 20 groups, followed by a one match knockout stage. Not entirely sure yet, need to have a look at what the ingame settings allow. I'll figure something out :D


Once Season 1 proper starts we will use the usual divisions size of 10.


All races will be allowed, which will include the next release as well assuming they don't delay the release too long. If it's delayed it will be allowed as of the next season start (or step in seeding tournament, should there be more than one).

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