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BB3 Cyanide Rules


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I could not find the new BB3 Guide to Skills etc.

I added Cyanide as I´m not sure how much it differs from TT-rules. 

So I think the General Tactics was a nice place for this. 

Feel free to move it.


Some good info regarding the skills and teams


I think and hope the other platforms are similar. 

And bonus for TV changes for skills:

  • Primary 20K TV
  • Secondary 40K TV
  • Random Primary 10K TV
  • Random Secondary 20K TV
  • +AV 10K TV
  • +MA or +PA 20K TV
  • +AG 40K TV
  • +ST 80K TV


Peace & Bowl

The old Troll Bantha :sir:

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On 2/10/2024 at 5:21 PM, Bantha said:
  • +MA or +PA 20K TV

I think plus move is just 10K, it is one of the easiest stat ups to roll.

Move is capped at 9 now though.



Never mind, it is indeed 20K, don't know why I had 10K in my head.

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correcting information
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