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Seeding phase results


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The first season will look as follows:



8 Group winners + the two best 2nd place teams


T1AB (A or B will be randomized)

The remaining 2nd place teams, all 3rd place teams and the six best 4th place teams


T2AB (A or B will be randomized)

The remaining 4th placed teams, all 5th and 6th placed teams and the two best 7th placed teams.


T3AB (A or B will be randomized)

The remaining 7th placed teams, all 8th placed teams and the 6 best 9th placed teams.



The remaining teams.



As some will re-roll to a new team everyone will shuffle up a place in the overall standings.


In a division the top 3 promote and the bottom 3 relegate (with Championship being an exception, where 6 relegate). A or B will be randomized here as well.

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