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This is a place for bedtime stories. How good it will be depends on the reader as well not just the ones who will appear week after week on the pitch and in our heart.

The cast:


Photo before the first performance:





Top scorers:


- CSÁPI (Blitzer): 1 touchdown
- András (Catcher): 1 touchdown

2.) Fearsome attackers:

Did you expect a needle.

3.) Top playmakers:

- IMP (Blitzer): 0 assists and 1 handoff

4.) Top killers:


Press a button to continue.

5.) Fan service

- CSÁPI (Blitzer): 1 crowd surf

6.) Those who really died:


Please nobody.


7.) Hall of Fame:


No fame, no gain.

8.) Our Heroes:

Will come.

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League: Orca Cola Championship
Competition: OCC Seeding Group F


- Raspel's Ainur (Elven Union)
- The Zero Heroes (Wood Elf)
- Bunch of Gamers (Shambling Undead)
- Disco Cziis (Human)
- Turf Marauders (Chaos Renegades)
- The StandRat Model (Skaven)

- Warpstone Taqueria (Underworld Denizens)
- OCC-Much ado about Gnawin (Skaven)

- Golden Hope's Legacy (Lizardmen)

The teams were picked randomly from the pool and we got a pretty interesting division with lots of possible touchdowns.

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