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Up Yours, Nuffle!


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Well, here we are. The first match of the seeder played and done with!


We were up against @Gobas's black orks. It was quite a brutal and unlikely match, with several last-ditch attempts paying off and lots of snots and rats taking a fall from being boxed and fouled. No permanent injuries, so it was all in good fun!


I had a shot at stealing in the first half but ruined it myself by following up when I should have stayed put, thereby blocking my own chance at dodging out with the ball carrier. I want to say it was Cyanide's poor UI that caused it, but it was my own damn fault this time. I still managed to defend, so that was a good effort. I pushed for a quick score in the second half, hoping to get my KO'd rat ogre back (beer didn't revive him) and thinking I would be able to defend again. Scoring was easy enough as the orks are slow and the goblins are stupid, but a series of unfortunate events lead to most of my team being depitched. For their drive, I almost ran out of players. Even though I managed to grab the ball, the orks took it back twice despite their lack of rerolls, and finally managed to score an equaliser in the final turn, leaving the match at a boring draw. Boo!


Still, it is good to be back! :D

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