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Replay games?

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It annoys me that the current possibility to review a game is now lasting just what it appears to be a single day.

I have tried to replay a match which was played slightly more than 24 hours before but it wasn't available anymore. 

Is there any chance that someone proficient in programming can implement some routine to save on some server the matches of the leagues?

Something like goblin spy was for BB2.

I would be willing to contribute to the eventual expenses of having some dedicated space on a server,  although I have no idea what space would be required nor how else can I contribute to this.

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As far as I know the Cyanide API doesn't give me the replays of matches, just the overall match information but I can look into it but no promises :P 


People at chalice discord had a system of tracking matches and replays, maybe ask them.

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So, back to this topic.
Thanks @Galentio for the feedback.
Can you point me to the "Chalice discord"? I have a bunch of BB related channels pinned, but I'm not sure if any of those is what you refer to.

Also, I noticed that the match replays are available for all tro download for approximately 1 day (maybe 24 hours, maybe less, surely not more), then they are available no more, like they are deleted from servers.
Maybe it would be possible to implement some app or bot which downloads all matches of a specific league once every 12 hours?
I remember that in some leagues I have played the competitions are just 2 teams affair whjich is set and managed by a bot which acts every 30 minutes.
Seems like a very similar implementation ...

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