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This little fairy has been with the Nubelettes since their first match in season 5. I challenge the OCC to find a more complete player. This guy has it all, he can slug it out with the strongest, he hits hard, and he can run like the wind. For survival, he has been blessed with luck.


Careers stats: (added BB1 and BBLE)

Matches: 41

MVP: 0 (audience, wtf???)

Touchdowns: 29

Passes: 4

Receptions: 21

Interceptions: 1

Casualties: 15

KO's: 23

Yards run: 882

Here is a turn-by-turn slide-show of how he alone beats a team of mean orcs :P


He's the little guy on the right, with a Diving Tackle Black Orc on him, who would've thought he'd score on T16 ...


First he softens the screen.


The audience punishes the stupid goblin who should've learned to sidestep.


Dauntless FTW. With a Diving Tackler on his back, dodging was no option.


Ok, so he did have some help. A loner linelf stood up just in time to stop the nearest Black Orc who failed his dodge. TD on turn 16 :lol:

And finally his all-time best blitz in the very match he took the step up to superstardom:


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OK, so let me introduce the superstars of OSPTO OCC. All 3 players are with the team since its creation (in Season 4).

In order how they become Superstars:

Player that twice won the killing statistics - most experienced in the Surgeons Trio (you will see also another one of the Trio, the 3rd one is the Ogre currently at lvl 4), Radim Pajda Knopp:


Second to be presented is our main ball-handling player with very slippery hands which usually shows up in the worst possible moments, but on the other hand a true leader of the team and great passer - Jiri Hegr:


And so far our last SuperStar that just rolled amazing 6+6 - another from the Surgeons Trio - just once won the serial killer statistic, but also once won the most violent player statistics - Ondra Hynek:


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I got a few superstars in my team:


Superstar killer. Has won many violence awards in his days and will win many more. Hopefully he will beat the record for most SPP some day if I can just find out what the record is :)

-'Block is overrated!'


Superstar thrower, has been planning to retire for so long he's almost forgotten about it.


Superstar stealer, this beast is hard to stop.


Cake warrior. Not much to say, he kill stuff :)


Another cake warrior.


And yet another one.

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This is the wrong thread for bounty requests, this is a thread for celebration and well wishing :)

I demand you edit your post to wish him luck, especially in his next game :P

You mistake my post for ill will. It is the intention of the Archons of Malice to help Scrufmulgors take his rightful place in the OCC's Tome of Excellence. It's my understanding though that he has to Retire or preferably Die before he's eligible to be immortalized in its pages.

We just want to accelerate the rate at which the OCC awards him his proper honors.

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As far as SPP records are concerned Inxi Huinxi has more points than any OCC player I know of - he's closing in on 300, I believe.

The all-time FUMBBL record is 1,145 on a Chaos Warrior.

EDIT: That record is misleading as that player only played 1vs1 matches, the real record for a player on an actual team is held by a Halfling Treeman with 1,076 SPP.

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That is the best ogre I've ever seen. No contest. I have an AG 4, strong arm ogre, but having +ST and block just means he's the perfect ball carrier. How is anybody going to take him out?

EDIT: That record is misleading as that player only played 1vs1 matches.

Hehe - 1v1 matches. Classic crazy bloodbowl!

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