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In their last game o the SEASON, Lustans Lakejer finally got their second Superstar.


It was clear from the start that Birger was a future superstar when he was consistently being the teams best player in game after game.

Since then he improved his skills even more and more often then not he´s the one open up the field for his team mates, something that unfortunately doesn't award any SPP but it does generate Wins and like the true star he is Birger's philosophy has always been Team first.

So well deserved to reach Superstar status in the third season of his career.

So far his stats are.

Games Played: 27 (same as the team)

MVP:s 3 (even though it should be many, many more)

TD´s: 11

Completions: 21

Casualties: 4

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Almost as good as one of my blitzers that has the same skills except that he has Guard instead of Fend! :P

Thankfully the Apo was paying attention when mending his broken neck today as well, as I already have three players with broken necks and a fourth was not called for! :lol:

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Nice! He's almost identical to a dark elf blitzer of mine that was killed a couple of seasons ago! He had exactly the same skills, as well as +Ag. The only difference between them is the MA and the AV, which were 7 and 8 as opposed to 8 and 7!

I could do with having him back for next season... :Gutted:

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So I'll jump on the bandwagon and introduce the 2 remaining Super Stars in Saviours of Athel Loren. Sadly, due to injuries, one Super Star thrower retired and one Super Star Catcher retired in Season 9. However, I am proud to say, Fend, keeps these Super Star Wardancers alive! Once they get to 176, Side Step is on the agenda to up their survivability.



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That might possibly be the best skink I've ever seen.

Good luck keeping him alive.

Nah. +AG beats +ST on a skink IMO. I'm still undeceded about sure feet vs sprint, though I lean heavily on the sure feet side. I think Utectz (before -AV) is better :P

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