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UnDeadly As Cuz! present their Wights for your appreciation.


Adamned Goodes is an original team member who reached Superstar in S24, MD7 and is an excellent utility player.

Nicky Grim-mar is the 3rd of his name. V1 died shortly after getting pile on, V2 only lasted a match or two. V3 reached Superstar in S24, MD3 and has got everything he needs to deal with pesky defensive skills. 


Given the amount of churn in my ghoul and mummy ranks, these guys are the core of my team.




Update: I've just realised that Adamned Goodes has played in every match since team creation, 75 as of S25, MD3. Has suffered 10 casualties, but never missed a match. Amazing.

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2 new OCC superstars :ninja: are born this season in the same team made in Italy 🇮🇹 !
2 lethal weapons for opponent ! the ultimate thrower AG5 and Leap
and a killer war dancer ...5 kills and 16 cas inflicted in only 37 games played ... very impressive 🤩
congrats :sir:coach @Silfuin
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Last in a long line of Tiger enforcers, it's time to say goodbye to Cathal Carnage! He was the engine room of the team, making space for his team mates and sending opponents to the infirmary on a regular basis, but the grueling OCC schedule finally caught up with him and a career ending injury means it's time for Cathal to put his feet up and turn his attention to his favourite hobby of cactus growing.


Cathal was quite exceptionally violent by human standards. 35 casualties, 37 KOs and 3 deaths inflicted in only 40 matches is a testiment to his single minded obsession for grievous bodily harm!

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