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As Pain Treatment loses one superstar, two new appear, one brand new, the other a few games ago.

First is a solid all-rounder chaos warrior. He has been with the team since the beginning. Not a very brutal warrior, he's more of a "support and annoy" kind of guy. He has the dubious honor of being the first chaos warrior with tackle of the team.


Next is the backup killer beastmen. He's been with the team from the start I think and was the second tackle (second and last until today), he started with that skill, with the goal of getting him piling on before playing Hobnail's lizards. As he was 1 SPP short of getting it in time, he went with the subtle way of mighty blow first, followed by block and piling on. His super star status now allows him to claw through orcs and chaos players as well.


Both are classic, guaranteed bang for your TV.

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That troll is unbelievable :) I opted to not have a troll at all, them being such useless gits, but with 3 of 5 skillups being double rolls, that mixes things up.. I'd wager this is likely the only blodging tackle big guy in the OCC :)

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